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GTA Online Weekly Update Today 1 June 2023 (Grand Theft Auto)

Welcome to our GTA Online Weekly Update for 1 June 2023. If you're a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, you know that every week brings exciting new updates and deals to the world of GTA Online. This week is no different and we're here to guide you through all the latest gta online promotions and gta online deals that have been rolled out. #gtaweeklyupdate #gtaonline
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GTA Online Weekly Update Today 1 June 2023 (Grand Theft Auto)

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Login to claim the unreleased Pink & Green Camo livery for the Mammoth Avenger

First, let’s talk about the LS Car Meet. This week’s prize ride is the Weevil. Winning a pursuit series race for three days in a row can be a challenge, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Also on offer for test rides are the Sentinel Classic, Calico GTF, and Specter. With the Calico GTF topping out around 121 miles, or around 194 K’s, it’s definitely worth a spin. #gta5online #gtacars #gtaoonline #gtavonline

Over at Simeon’s, we have the Baller ST, Gang Burrito, Chimera, Virgo Classic, and the Banshee. The Banshee is my pick for the week, but with deals on gta 5 online this good, you can’t go wrong with any choice. Speaking of deals, let’s not forget the Luxury Auto’s update, where the Adder and the Ignus are available. The Ignus is the better of the two this week, in my opinion. #gtafive #grandtheftauto

Now, let’s look at the discounts. The gta weekly update has brought us a 35% discount on the X80 Proto, and a 30% discount on the Volatol, Nimbus, Specter, Adder, and 10F. There’s also a 20% discount on the Pyro. Also, there’s a 20% discount on Hangars purchases and upgrades. This gta 5 weekly update really has it all. #gtaweeklyupdate #gtadeals

For the fans of the gta criminal enterprise update, this week brings double money and RP on Flight School, Time Trials, Junk Energy Skydives, Freemode Challenges and Events, Stockpile, and The Contract: Dr. Dre The Data Leaks Missions. Login to claim the unreleased Pink & Green Camo livery for the Mammoth Avenger. Time trials information will be available on the screen. #gtacars #gtaonline

We’re not the only ones excited about the new gta update. Other prominent content creators in the space, such as The Professional, Ghillie Master, DatSaintsFam, DarkviperAU, Tylarious, TGG, GTA Series Videos, and LazerBeam, will likely also have coverage of the gta online weekly update today. Be sure to check them out for a diverse range of views on the gta v weekly update. #gtavonline #gtafive

To wrap things up, we’ll be releasing a detailed guide later today on what to buy, a quick money guide, and probably some time trial stuff before the weekend’s out. Stay tuned for more content like this, and if you’re new to the channel, don’t forget to subscribe. Stay safe, wash your hands, and we’ll see you in the next gta 5 new update. Remember to always keep an eye out for the latest gta 5 online update and the gta v update as they roll out. With every new gta update, the world of Grand Theft Auto becomes even more thrilling. #gtathisweek #gtaupdate

Every gta online weekly update today brings a new opportunity for excitement and challenges. The gta update today is no different. It’s a great day to immerse yourself in the intricate world of GTA Online. #gtaweeklyupdate

We can’t wait to see you in Los Santos. #gta5online #gtavonline #gtaonline #gtacars #weeklyupdate #gtaoonline #gtaweeklyupdate #gtadeals

it’s hang a week in GTA 5 online wait again sorter maybe I don’t know it’s a
weird one anyway it’s Thursday and that means it’s update day
in GTA Online so let’s see where it’s at for Thursday the 1st of June 2023.
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer heading over to the ls car meet and
this week’s prize ride is the Weevil to get that one you’ll need to win a Pursuit Series race for
three days in a row which is reasonably charging but probably worth the effort so grab it if you
can over to this week’s test rides and we have the Sentinel classic Calico gtf and the Specter
and with the Calico gtf topping out around 121 miles an hour that’s about 194 K’s it’s well worth
taking it for a spin around the track over to the casino and this week’s Podium vehicle is the drift
Tampa which tops out at 114 miles per hour or around 182 K’s and typically goes for 995 Grand
now this one’s a bit ordinary but it’s still worth it so grab it if you can over to simeon’s where
we have the bowler St the gang burrito the chimra or the Chimera depending on where you’re from the
Virgo classic and the Banshee with my pick for this week being the Banshee luxury Autos is up
next where we’ve got the adder and the ignis with the Ignus being the better of the two this week in
my opinion sticking with the vehicles this week’s discounts include 35 off the x80 Proto 30 off the
volatile Nimbus Specter adder and the 10f and 20 off the Pyro and rounding out the discounts this
week we have 20 off hanger purchases and upgrades jumping on the money train for this week we have
double money and RP on flight school and there are some links to full guides below time trials
junk energy skydives free mode challenges and events stockpile stockpile this is a weird one
anyway stockpile and the contract Dr Dre data League missions and links are also available
below cool and you can log in to claim the pink and green camo Livery on the mammoth Avenger this
week too time trial information was a bit thin at the time of recording this voiceover so they’re on
screen now sorry about that and that’s it for this week’s updates we’ll have a detailed what to buy
guide later today and a quick money guide later on and we’ll probably fire off some time trial
stuff before the weekend’s out in the meantime if you’re new to the channel subscribe for more
content like this thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands we’ll see you in the next video

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