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1 Dec 2022: Weekly Update

This week in GTA, there are triple money and RP on Pursuit races and double down adversary modes, plus discounts on properties, weapons, and cars. The ls car meet features the gb200 as the prize ride. Don't miss out!
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Weekly GTA Online Update: Triple Money and Discounts

Get ready to triple your money this weekend in Grand Theft Auto Online with the latest update for Thursday, December 1st, 2022. This week’s LS Car Meet features the GB200 as the prize ride. And if you’re looking to upgrade your vehicles, Benny’s upgrades are available at a 50% discount. Another highlight of this week’s update is the opportunity to win the Windsor Drop at the casino.

Discounts on Vehicles and Weapons

The weekly discounts also cover several popular vehicles, such as the Gauntlet Classic, Yosemite, Nero Shinobi, Riva Jubilee, Zeno Patriot, and Yuga Classic. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your properties either, as weed farm purchases and upgrades are available at a discounted rate.

This week’s weapon discounts include the Compact Rifle, Double Barrel Shotgun, Machete, and Machine Pistol. Take advantage of these deals while they last.

Triple Money and RP on Various Missions

The update also includes opportunities for triple money and RP on Pursuit Races, Lamar Missions, and double down adversary modes. Short trips and biker sell missions also offer double money and RP, while nightclub production is running at double the normal speed.

Time Trials and RC Bandito

For those looking to earn even more rewards, time trials are available at Maze Bank Arena (regular) and Cypress Flats (RC Bandito).

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