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14 April 2022: Weekly Update

14 April 2022: Well, it seems like a pretty good week in GTA Online if you’re in to Special Vehicle Work, Extraction Adversary Mode or Bunker Research; with some cracking double and triple money and RP bonuses to be had.
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Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in Lost Santos, or North Yankton? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

it’s thursday and that means it’s update
day here’s where it’s at for updates
from thursday 14th of april to wednesday
21st of april 2022
hi and welcome back my name is dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer well it looks
like a pretty good week for gta online
if you’re into special vehicle work
extraction adversary modes or bunker
research with some cracking double and
triple money and rp bonuses to be had
before we dive in if you’re new to the
channel we do how-to guides news and
giveaways so consider subscribing and
ringing the builders app today so
starting with the lost santos car mates
prize ride for this week we have the
turismo classic which is quite the
sports classic according to gta base
this one tops out at around about 95
miles per hour or roughly 52 kilometers
per hour for the standard version and
150 mile an hour or around 240
kilometers an hour for the hsw version
and retails at around 705 grand plus
upgrades to win this one you’ll need to
place first in seven separate street
races which is a cracking task so grab
it if you have the time but don’t be
disappointed if you miss out oh and this
week’s test rides are the classy granger
3600 lx the eunice deity and the dinka
rt3000 the eunice deity is an absolute
cracker so if you’ve not tried it before
i’d encourage you to take it for a spin
speaking of rides if you’re on the next
gen this week’s hsw ride is a devastate
8. this one is brutal with a top speed
of 105.6 miles per hour and that’s
around 170 kilometers per hour and with
all the hsw kit it’s worth around about
million plus upgrades over to the casino
next and we take a look at this week’s
podium vehicle which is the obey
tailgater s this one’s great if you’re
into sedans and tuna cars and according
to gta base it has a top speed of around
about 92 miles per hour or roughly 147
kilometers per hour and retails at
around about 1 million at 495 grand
while we’re on the cars let’s take a
look at the time trials the regular time
trial starts in front of the maze bank
arena at the downtown side of the map
with a part time of 1 minute and 17.8
seconds this one’s likely to be easiest
with a motorcycle but if you don’t have
one of those you can always pick
something up off the street or buy a
pegasi batty from southern san andreas
super sports for a whopping 15 grand and
with a hundred grand prize it’ll pay for
itself in one round the rc time trial
starts at the power station with a part
time of one minute 45 flat so if you’ve
got the arena workshop and have invested
in the bandito there’s another quick
100k too finally if you’re lucky enough
to have scored a next-gen console the
house special works time trial this week
is ron alternates with a part-time of
two minutes and 38 even don’t forget you
need a hsw vehicle to participate in
this one which ain’t cheap but you can
do these time trials as many times as
you like you just have to wait for the
cooldown which is one in game day or 48
real world minutes keeping the money
train rolling double cash and rp is
available on all cell missions for
special vehicle work so there’s some
serious cash to be made there especially
if you’ve been grinding and stocking up
in addition we have triple cash and
triple rp on extraction adversary modes
and double speed boost on bunker
research so that means it will take half
as long for research to happen moving on
to discounts next we have some pretty
weak discounts on special vehicle
warehouses and special cargo warehouses
at 30 off purchase and renovation
there’s also a bit of an eclectic mix of
discounts this week with 50 off biker
and bunker supplies 50 off the torino 40
off the night shark 40 off the etr one
40 percent off the sultan rs classic 40
off the weaponized tamper and 40 off the
technical aqua oh and for the login
bonus you will unlock the blackhawk and
the little logo tee for those of you
subscribing to gta plus firstly well
don’t but if you do the benefits for
this month are 500 grand delivered to
your may’s bank account the principal
devastate 8 along with complementary
house special works upgrade for it is
made available for purchase before it’s
available to the general public the auto
shop located in la mesa has an
assortment of gameplay updates the ls
car meet membership fees are waived your
owners can upgrade it to an aquarius
super yacht at no additional cost the
gissette frogtee and the broker prolapse
basketball top and shorts are
automatically added to your wardrobe the
conveyor library for the mammoth avenger
heavy apc and the tm02 kanjali are
available there’s a selection of free
paints and emblems for the auto shop
you’ll get three times cash and rp on
house special works race series and
double rep at the street race series but
again we don’t want to reward this kind
of behavior with rockstar so avoid it if
you can finally this week’s challenge is
to play two rounds of tennis which will
increase your character’s strength so
thanks for watching check out the video
at the top for this week’s business
guide or the one down the bottom for
some more old grumpy game of goodness
stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see
you in the next video

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