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15 Dec 2022: Weekly Update

This week in GTA Online's DLC, new vehicles are rolling out, including the Brocade 6x6 and Freakshop. Money and RP are given for completing DLC content. Time trials include Lefwa To Blanca.
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GTA Online Weekly Update December 15, 2022

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fans, it’s that time of the week again! The highly anticipated GTA Online Weekly Update for December 15, 2022, is finally here. As usual, our rockstar developers have introduced some thrilling new vehicles and bonus opportunities.

Drip Feed Content

The biggest news this week is the arrival of the Brocade 6×6 and the Acid Lab, which are now available to players. Additionally, the Freakshop is also available to work from. In the upcoming few weeks, players can expect exciting new vehicles, such as the Taxi, Boar Eudora, Pottinger Evron, Essie Rally, Virtue Panther Classic, and the Power Search. Stay tuned for our detailed reviews of each of these vehicles as they come out.

LSCar Meet

This week’s prize ride is the Windsor Drop. To win it, you need to secure a spot in the top three for three consecutive days at the LS Car Meet. So, get ready to grind and claim your prize!

Test Rides

The Dominator ASP, Growler, and Sterling GT are this week’s test rides. The Growler is an impressive ride that goes up to 121 mph or approximately 194 km/h. So, make the best of the opportunity and take it for a spin around the track.

Dealerships and Discounts

This week only has two discounts, with the Italy GTB and Vestra vehicles having a 30% discount on their rates. Furthermore, the Journey 2 is available at the Casino for approximately 790 Grand, but it’s not a desirable vehicle as it goes on only up to 74mph or 118 km/h.

Double Money, RP, and Completion Bonus

As expected, Rockstar Games is offering double money and RP on the new DLC content, and there’s news in the air of a 250 Grand completion bonus when you finish the DLC, but we’re not sure whether it’s a permanent or temporary bonus.

Time Trials

Finally, this week’s regular time trial is Coast to Coast, and the RC Bandito time trial is Lefwa to Blanca, which will undoubtedly keep the players engaged and entertained.

That’s all for this week’s updates. Don’t forget to check out our video guide for a detailed buyer’s review, tips, and tricks. Stay tuned for more gta5 money, weekly updates, gta dlc, gta easy money, gta get rich, gta free money, and rockstar updates. Until then, happy gaming and stay safe!

it’s Thursday and that normally means it’s update day in GTA
Online so let’s see where it’s at for Thursday 15th of December 2022.
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer well it’s DLC week in GTA Online
which means our update was released on Tuesday we don’t have much in the way of changes since
then but we do have a few Corrections and some new images of the upcoming Vehicles before we
dive in if you find this helpful we do lots of Grand Theft Auto online guides tips and tricks
so if you’re new to the channel don’t forget to subscribe and ring the bell for more content
like this starting with the drip feed content the brocade 6×6 that’s the acid lab is now unlocked
and available from warsock once you’ve started the new DLC the freakshop is now also available
to work from coming up over the next few weeks we have the taxi the boar Eudora pottering Evron
Essie rally virtue Panther classic and the power search we’ll have a detailed review of
each of these as they come out while we’re on the DLC content the anus 300r entity Mt Surfer
custom and the Journey 2 are now available to put we’ve done a full buyer’s guide which you
can find in the description below heading over to the ls car meet and this week’s prize ride
is the Windsor drop to get that one you’ll need to place top three three days in a row which is
pretty straightforward if not a little tedious so grab it if you can over to this week’s test rides
and we have the Dominator ASP Growler and the Sterling GT and with The Growler topping out at
about 121 miles an hour that’s around 194 K’s it’s well worth taking for a spin around the track over
to simeon’s next and we have the Krieger everon Journey 2 Surfer custom and the Italy GTB with my
pick for the week being the Krieger luxury Autos is up next where we’ve got the new entity Mt and
the Italy GTB with the Italy GTB being the better of the two this week in my opinion sticking with
the vehicles only two discounts this week with 30 off the Italy GTB and the vestra being 30 off
to and rounding out the vehicles for this week we have the Journey 2 up for grabs at the casino now
we don’t know too much about this one yet but the original Journey tops out at 74 miles an
hour about 118ks but this one goes for about 790 Grand it’s a bit rubbish as far as the drive goes
but you know grab it if you can Jumping On the Money Train this week we have double money and
RP on the new DLC content there also looks to be a 250 Grand completion bonus when you finish the
DLC but I’m not sure if that’s special this week or a permanent thing time trials are next starting
with the regular one coast to coast and the RC bandito time trial for GTA online this week is
lefwa to Blanca and that’s it for this week’s updates check out the video top right for a
detailed buyer’s guide where we work through all of the discounted stuff and give our opinion on
whether it’s worth it in the meantime if you’re new to the channel subscribe for more content
like this thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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