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16 March 2023: Weekly Updates

GTA Online's latest update includes new vehicles, missions, and discounts. The Willard Eudora is now available for all, while Ocelot Virtue is free for GTA Plus subscribers. Complete three races to get the Brawler as your prize ride. Triple money and double RP are available for select adversary modes. Don't miss 50% off Sea Sparrow, Rustin, and Beta Jukes.
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GTA Online Weekly Update for March 16, 2023

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another weekly update in the world of Grand Theft Auto 5’s online mode. This week’s update features a range of new content and events that are sure to keep players engaged and rewarded. Let’s dive in and see what’s new.

Drip Feed Content

One of the highlights of this week’s update is the Willard Eudora, a new vehicle that’s available through drip feed content. This vehicle is available to everyone, while the Ocelot Virtue is free to Dirty GTA Plus subscribers this week. A detailed review of the Eudora is already up, while the review of the Virtue will be available when it’s released for everyone else.

New Missions and Prize Rides

In addition to new vehicles, this week’s update brings new content in the form of “last dose” missions with Dax heading over to the LS Carmate. There’s also a new prize ride up for grabs, the Brawler, which can be obtained by placing in the top three in a race three days in a row. This might be a little tedious, but it’s definitely worth it for those who want to get their hands on this awesome vehicle.

Test Rods, Casino Prize, and Simeon Deals

This week’s test rods include the Taipan, Beetlejuice, and Penumbra, but it’s the Taipan that steals the show with its top speed of 126 miles per hour. The Infernus Classic is also up for grabs at the casino, topping out at 118 miles per hour. While it may not be the most exciting vehicle available, it’s still worth grabbing if you can. Simeon is also offering deals on the Rustin Co KD10 Taurus Bullet and the Eudora, with the coke hey luxury Autos offering the X80 Proto and the Tyrant.

Vehicle and Weapon Discounts

This week’s discounts include 50% off the Sea Sparrow, Rustin, and Beta Jukes, as well as 30% off the Brocade 6×6 (though you might want to try and get it for free instead). There are also discounts on the Miljet, Tyrant, weaponized tamper, and Taipan. Plus, if you’re looking for new weapons, throwables like grenades, pipe bombs, and the Jerry can are all 30% off, as are body armor upgrades.

Triple Money and Double RP

This week’s update features a range of events that will reward players with triple money and double RP on overtime rumble and Sumo remix adversary modes, as well as some of the community stunt races, death matches, and last team standings. These events are a great way to earn some extra cash and build up your character’s profile.

Time Trials

The time trials for this week are Grove Street and the RC Bandito, while the Vespucci Beach race is currently available. These challenges are a great way to test your skills and earn some extra cash, so make sure you take advantage of them while they’re available.

Get Rich Fast with GTA5 Money Glitches

We know that players are always on the lookout for ways to earn more money and level up quickly, which is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to get rich fast in GTA5. From double and triple money events to money glitches and RP exploits, there are plenty of ways to boost your bank account and build up your character’s stats.

Overall, this week’s update offers a range of new content and events that will keep players engaged and rewarded for their efforts. Whether you’re a veteran of GTA Online or just getting started, there’s something here for everyone, so be sure to log on and start playing today!

it’s Thursday and that means it’s update day
in GTA Online so let’s see where it’s at on Thursday the 16th of March 2023
starting with the drip feed content we have the Willard Eudora which is available to everyone
in the ocelot virtue which is free this week to dirty GTA plus subscribers in a detailed review
of the Eudora is already up we will have one for the virtue when it’s available for the rest of us
oh and we also have new first dose missions last dose I should say with Dax heading over to the ls
carmate and this week’s prize ride is the brawler to get one of these you’ll need to place top three
in a race three days in a row which is pretty straightforward if not a little tedious so grab it
if you can and over to this week’s test rods and we have the taipan Beetlejuice and the penumbra
and with the taipan topping out at 126 miles or so that’s around 202ks it’s well worth taking it
for a spin and rounding out the vehicles so this week we have the Infernus classic up for grabs at
the casino which tops out at 118 miles per hour or around 188ks and typically goes through just
shy of a million this one’s a bit ordinary but grab it if you can over to simeon’s next where
we have the Rustin Co kd10 Taurus bullet and the Eudora with my pick for this week being the coke
hey luxury Autos is up next where we’ve got the x80 Proto and the Tyrant with the Tyrant being
the better of the two this week in my opinion sticking with vehicles at this week’s discounts
include 50 off the sea Sparrow the Rustin and the beta Jukes 30 off the brocade 6×6 although you
really shouldn’t be buying this one because you will get it free by doing the first dose missions
and 25 off the miljet Tyrant weaponized tamper and the taipan we’ve also got a few weapons on
sale this week too with 30 off throwables so that’s grenades pipe bombs and the Jerry can
Plus discounts on body armor jumping on the money train for this week and we have a triple money
and double RP on overtime Rumble adversary modes the Sumo remix adversary modes and some of the
community stunt races death matches and last team standings time trials are next starting
with the regular one Grove Street and the RC bandito time trial for GTA online this week
is Vespucci Beach and that’s it for updates we’ll have a detailed what to buy guide a bit
later today where we’ll work through all of the discounted stuff and give an opinion on what’s
actually worth it in the meantime if you’re new to the channel subscribe for more content
like this thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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