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2 Mar 2023: Weekly Update

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Double your money in GTA Online this week with bonuses on agency purchases and upgrades. Discounts on classic vehicles, and more! Check it out.

GTA Online Weekly Update: Double Money, Discounts, and New Cars

It’s time for the weekly update on GTA Online, and this week is especially exciting as players can expect double money. From March 2nd, players will be able to make double the amount of cash in various modes and races.

New Cars

The garage in GTA5 is one of the most important aspects of the game, and this week there are new cars for players to get their hands on. The Omnis EGT is up for grabs at the casino, and Simeon has showcased the Visiris Ellie, Atari GTB, Comet Safari, and the 770. Meanwhile, Luxury Autos has the Locust and a Morgan, both of which are perfect for customizing and using in races.


There are also many discounts to take advantage of this week, with discounts on agency purchases and upgrades. Players can get discounts on classic cars such as Visiris Ellie, Futo GTX, Locust, and the Patriot mil-spec. These discounts are available for a limited time, so don’t miss out.


In addition to the double money, players can also get bonuses on the agencies Dr. Dre series, Security Contracts, and pay phone hits. There are also discounts on some of the community versus modes, stunt races, death matches, and last team standing modes. Time trials are also available in Stab City and Little Soul Park.

Fixes and Improvements

The GTA5 team has also been busy fixing bugs and improving security. The chernobog, kunjali, and RCV modification bugs have all been fixed, and the prologue bug has been resolved as well. General security improvements have been made to the console version of the game.

Get the West Coast Classic Tee

If you log into the game this week, you can unlock a West Coast Classic Tee. So don’t forget to do that as well!

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Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to GTA V, this week’s update offers something for everyone. With exciting new cars, bonuses, and discounts, players can look forward to a busy week of gaming and customizing their favorite cars. So, get ready to hit the streets and make some cash!

double money this week in GTA Online here’s the updates for Thursday the 2nd of March
2023 our last car meet and the prize ride is the omnis and we’re showcasing the cocaine Blackfin
Futo GTX and Jester and the omnis EGT is up for grabs at the casino Simeon is showcasing
the visiris Ellie Atari GTB Comet Safari and the 770. luxury Autos has the Locust
and a Morgan this week’s discounts include the agency purchases and upgrades for just
a classic visiris Ellie Futo GTX Locust and the Patriot mil-spec and on the money train
we have bonuses on the agencies Dr Dre series the contract Security Contracts and pay phone
hits and some of the community versus modes stunt races death matches and last team standing modes
time trials are stab City and little soul Park we also have some fixes the chernobog kunjali
RCV modification bugs have all been fixed the prologue bug has been fixed and some General
Security improvements on console and unlock a West Coast Classic tee by logging in don’t forget
to sub to the channel for full updates and visit linktree slash old grumpy Gamers for our socials

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