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20 April 2023: GTA Online Update

GTA Online's weekly update includes triple money, new content, and discounts on vehicles, properties, and more. Complete missions and races to earn rewards.
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20 April 2023 GTA Online Weekly Update: Triple Money, RP Bonuses & Discounts!

GTA Weekly Update: Triple Money, New Content Discounts, and More

GTA Online’s weekly update on April 20, 2023, features some exciting new content, triple money and RP events, and plenty of discounts to save you some coin. Let’s dive into the details.

New Content

The web-based license plate Creator is the latest addition to GTA Online, replacing the app. It’s easier than ever to customize your vehicle’s plates. The update also includes a variety of new death matches, which we’ll review over the next few days.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for upcoming price changes, which will be announced soon.

L.S. Car Meet

The Dominator GTT is this week’s prize ride in the LS car meet. To win it, you’ll need to win an LS car meet Series race three days in a row. It’s worth the effort if you’re up for the challenge.

Test Rides

This week’s test rides include the Neon Cipher, Previa, and Revolter at the casino. The Mamba is the top pick, thanks to its fantastic engine note.

Luxury Autos

This week’s vehicles at Luxury Autos include the Tigon and Emiris, with the latter being the better choice. Don’t forget about the discounts on the Neon Tigon, Nebula Turbo, and Green Tire Smoke.


Speaking of discounts, there’s 30% off high-end apartments and weed farms. You can also save 50% on the Space Horosuit. For anyone looking to add some color, there’s a discount on Green Tire Smoke.

Money Train

The triple money and RP events of the week include Shake Up and Top Marks Death Matches, Lamar Contact Missions, and Community Series Missions. You can also double your money and RP during Short Trips and RC Bandito Races. If you complete a Bike Like a Cell Mission or become an associate or bodyguard for a friend, you’ll receive the Sprunk Varsity Jacket or Sprunk Cap.

Weed farms have double production speed, and all MC Business runs have double suppliers this week.

Time Trials

Test your skills and earn rewards with time trials. This week’s regular time trial is in El Burro Heights, while Next Gen players can participate in the East Vinewood house time trial.

Log In to Claim Rewards

Don’t forget to log in to receive your rewards, which include the High Flyer Shoot Bag, Pastel Green Smoking Jacket, Sprunk Shoot Bag, 420 Smoking Jacket, and 420 Smoking Plants.

That’s all for this week’s updates. Check out our detailed what-to-buy guide later today to learn more about the discounts and deals of the week. If you’re new to the channel, be sure to subscribe for more content like this. Stay safe and wash your hands, and we’ll see you in the next video!

it’s all about the Green in GTA online’s weekly update today with the triple money new content
discounts and lots of coin to be made so let’s see where it’s at on Thursday the 20th of April 2023.
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer starting with the new content we have
the new web-based license plate Creator which replaces the app and a whole bunch of new death
matches we’ll have a detailed review of each of these over the next few days and while we’re on
platform updates price changes are coming next week so keep an eye out for the shopping list
in the next day or so heading over to the ls car meet and this week’s prize ride is the Dominator
gtt to get that one you’ll need to win an LS car meet Series race three days in a row which
is reasonably challenging but probably worth the effort so grab it if you can over to this week’s
test rides and we have the neon Cipher and the Previa with the previan topping out at around 115
miles that’s around 184 K’s it’s well worth taking it for a spin around the track the revolter is up
for grabs at the casino which tops out at 115 miles per hour or around 184 K’s and typically
goes for a little over one six this one’s a bit ordinary but grab it if you can over to
it means next where we have the salt and classic nebula turbo T20 blister kanjo and the Mamba with
my pick for this week being the Mamba mainly because of that engine note luxury Autos is up
next where we’ve got the tigon and the emiris with the mirrors being the better of the two this week
in my opinion sticking with the vehicles and this week’s discounts include 30 off the neon tigon
nebula turbo and green Tire smoke and while we’re talking about Green there’s also 50 off the space
horosuit and rounding out the GTA online discounts for this week we have a couple of properties with
30 off high-end apartments and weed Farms jumping on the money train for this week and
we have triple money and RP on shake up and top marks death matches Lamar contact missions and
Community series missions we have double money and RP on short trips and RC bandito races and we also
have double production speed on weed farms and double suppliers on all MC business runs plus if
you complete any bike like a cell Mission you’ll receive the sprung varsity jacket and if you help
out a mate by becoming an associate or a bodyguard you receive the sprunk cap time trials are next
starting with the regular one El burro Heights the RC Bandido time trial for GTA online this
week is power station and for next-gen players the house time trial is East Vinewood login
to receive the high flyer shoot bag pastel green smoking jacket sprunk shoot bag 420 smoking jacket
and 420 smoking plants and that’s it for this week’s updates we’ll have a detailed what to buy
guide later today we’ll work through all of the discount and stuff and give an opinion on whether
or not it’s worth it in the meantime if you’re new to the channel subscribe for more content
like this thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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