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20 April 2023: GTA Online Update

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Triple money, new content, and discounts! GTA Airlines offers a license plate Creator, death matches, and prize vehicles. Discounts on select items and bonuses for various missions. Check out the shopping list for price changes.

GTA Airlines Weekly Update

Get ready for the latest GTA Weekly Update for Thursday, April 20th, 2023. This week, it’s all about the green with triple money, new content, discounts, and lots of money to be made.

New Content

The new web-based license plate creator is now live, replacing the app. There’s also a whole bunch of new death matches for you to enjoy. This week’s LS Mate Prize Rider is a Dominator GTT, with the test drives including the neon Cipher and Previon. There is also a Revolter up for grabs at the casino, so make sure to try your luck.


Simeon is showcasing some impressive cars this week, including the Sultan Classic, Nebula Turbo, T20, Blister Kanja, and the Mamba. Luxury Autos is showcasing the Toy Gun Imurus, so you can step up your game.

Discounts and Bonuses

This week’s discounts include the Neon Teigen, Nebula Turbo, Green Tire Smoke, Iron Departments, and Weed Farms, along with Green Space Horosuit. There are also bonuses on some of the death matches, Lamar contact missions, community series, short trips, and RC Bandito races. You can also take advantage of double production speed on web forms and double supplies and MC businesses. You can even earn bonuses by becoming an associate or bodyguard, or by completing biker sell missions as a leader.

Time Trials

Take part in the time trials at El Burro Heights, Power Station, and East Finewood to put your skills to the test.

Price Changes

Keep an eye out for the shopping list in the next ASL as there will be some price changes coming this week.


Don’t miss out on the latest GTA Weekly Update as there are loads of new features, discounts, and bonuses to take advantage of. Whether you’re on PS4 or another platform, you won’t want to miss this week’s event. Stay tuned for new updates and new cars.

it’s all about the Green in GTA Airlines weekly update today with triple money new content
discounts and lots of going to be made so let’s see where it’s at on Thursday the 20th of April
2023 the new web-based license plate Creator is live which replaces the app and there’s a whole
bunch of new death matches the ls mate prize Rider this week is a dominator gtt and the test rides
are the neon Cipher and previon and the revolter is up for grabs at the casino Simeon is showcasing
the sultan classic nebula turbo T20 blister kanja and the Mamba and luxury Autos are showcasing the
toy gun at imurus this week’s discounts include the neon Teigen nebula turbo green Tire spoke
iron departments weed farms and the Green Space horosuit bonuses on some of the death matches
Lamar contact missions Community series short trips and RC bandito races we also have a double
production speed on web forms and double supplies and MC businesses plus bonuses if you become
an associate or a bodyguard or if you complete biker sell missions as a leader time trials at El
Borough height to power station and East finewood log in to receive a whole bunch of clothing
too price changes coming this week so keep an eye out for our shopping list in the next ASL

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