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22 Dec 2022: Weekly Update

Weekly update for Grand Theft Auto Online, for Thursday, 22 December 2022. Triple Money, RP Bonuses, Discounts & More
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WM29 Pistol can now be unlocked, if participate in the shootout at Weazel Plaza; which appears to around the 20 minute-mark, of your session.

There’s also a “gooch” random event, which is Rockstar’s off-brand Grinch.

Don’t forget, if you want the new 300R, you’ll need to purchase it BEFORE the next update; otherwise you won’t be able to buy it at all.

it’s Thursday and that means it’s update
day in GTA Online so let’s see where
it’s at for Thursday 22nd of December
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and
I’m an old grumpy gamer well it’s a
pretty reasonable week in a GTA online
bit of a race week bit of a snow week
it’s going to be a lot of fun and some
decent discounts along with triple money
and RP bonuses before we dive in if you
find this helpful we do lots of Grand
Theft Auto online guides tips and tricks
so if you’re new to the channel don’t
forget to subscribe and ring the bell
for more content like this starting with
the drip feed content this week we have
wm29 pistol we haven’t got any imagery
on that one yet but we’ll have something
coming soon heading over to the ls car
meet and this week’s prize ride is the
comet S2 Cabrio to get that one you’ll
need to win a race five days in a row
which is kind of challenging but
probably worth the effort so grab it if
you can over to this week’s test rides
and we have the brutal drift Tampa the
Infernus classic and the revolter and
within furnace classic topping out at
around 118 miles that’s around and 188ks
it’s well worth taking it for a spin
around the track over to simeon’s next
where we have the Ardent click Stromberg
vagrant and the Tauros with my pick for
this week being the Ardent luxury Autos
is up next where we’ve got the 300r and
the entity Mt with the 300r being the
better of the two in my opinion sticking
with the vehicles this week’s discounts
include the Vellum five-seater that’s
discounted 30 then furnace classic is 30
off Tauros is 30 off Tailgater s has
also been discounted 30 along with the
Shafter V12 that’s the armored variant
for 30 off 30 off the strongberg and the
same again for the Granger 3600 LX and
rounding out the vehicles of this week
we have the comet Safari up for grabs at
the casino which tops out at 120 miles
or 192 K’s and typically goes for about
710 Grand it’s a bit ordinary but grab
it if you like a bit of off-roading
we’ve also got a single solitary weapon
on sale for this week too with 50 off
the Homing launcher oh and the fireworks
launcher is back in the mix too jumping
onto the money train for this week we
have triple money on Beast versus
slasher adversary modes and double money
on the buzzer meter and Racket Arena
Wars all of the stunt races all the
regular races and asset lab business
missions time trials are next starting
with the regular one that’s casino and
the RC band deto time trial for GTA
online this week is little soul Park the
wm-29 pistol can now be unlocked if you
participate in the shootout at weasel
Plaza which appears around the 20 minute
Mark once you’ve been in a session
there’s also a gooch random event which
is Rockstar’s off-brand Grinch and don’t
forget that if you want the new 300r
you’ll need to purchase it before next
Thursday otherwise you won’t be able to
buy it at all and that’s it for this
week’s updates we’ll have a detailed
what to buy guide tomorrow where we’ll
work through the discounted stuff and
give our opinion on what’s worth it in
the meantime if you’re new to the
channel subscribe for more content like
this thanks for watching stay safe wash
your hands and we’ll see you in the next

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