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23 Feb 2023: Weekly Update

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This week in GTA Online, players can win the Weevil in the LS car meet, earn double money and RP in adversary modes, and enjoy discounts on select vehicles and nightclubs. Plus, there's double points on nightclub popularity missions and increased production rates for nightclub goods.

GTA Weekly Update: New Cars, Discounts, and More!

Get ready for a wild weekend in GTA Online with the latest weekly update! We’ve got new cars, discounts, and exciting double money opportunities to enjoy. Let’s take a look at all the updates for Thursday, February 23, 2023.

New Cars

First off, the LS car meet is back with a bang. This week’s Prize Ride is the Weevil, and we’ve also got the Chino Komodo, Blister Kanjo, and Previan up for grabs at the casino. Simeon’s is featuring The Hermes, ETR1, Tahoma Coupe, FMJ, and Yosemite, while Luxury Autos are showcasing the Paragon R and the Emirates. These new cars are sure to turn heads and make your opponents jealous.


Looking to add to your collection without breaking the bank? This week’s discounts include the Yosemite, Amiris, ETR1, FMJ, Komoda, Tahoma Coop, Surfer Custom, and Nightclubs at 35% off. These deals won’t last forever, so make sure to take advantage of them while you can!

Double Money Opportunities

This week’s double money opportunities are not to be missed. Get ready to earn double Goods on Nightclub Supply Theft missions, double points on Nightclub Popularity missions, and a 50% increase in the production rate of Nightclub Goods. In addition, there’s double money and RP on Offense and Defense adversary modes. These opportunities are a great way to rack up cash and experience points.

Buyer’s Guide and More

Want to know which cars are worth your time and money? We’ll have a buyer’s guide coming out soon to help you make the most of your gaming experience. In the meantime, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more weekly updates like this. We’ll keep you informed about all the latest news, discounts, and double money opportunities in GTA Online.

That’s it for this week’s update. Be sure to log in and take advantage of all these exciting new additions before they’re gone!

it’s nightclub weekend GTA online here’s the updates for Thursday the 23rd of February
2023. LS car meet the prize ride is the Weevil and we also have the Chino Komodo
and blister kanjo and the previan’s up for grabs at the casino simeon’s is featuring The Hermes
etr1 Tahoma Coupe FMJ and the Yosemite and luxury Autos are showcasing the Paragon R
and the Emirates this week’s discounts include the Yosemite amiris etr1 FMJ komoda Tahoma Coop Surfer
custom and nightclubs are 35 off we have double money in RP on offense and defense adversary
modes double Goods on nightclub Supply theft missions double points on nightclub popularity
missions and 50 increase on the production rate of nightclub Goods we’ll have a buyer’s guide
coming out soon but in the meantime don’t forget to sub to the channel for more updates like this

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