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23 June 2022: Weekly Update

23 June 2022: Well, it seems like a pretty decent week in GTA Online if you’re in to JDM or Tuners work; with some cracking triple money and RP bonuses to be had.
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* Prize Ride Challenge * Top 3 In Pursuit Series Race For 5 Days In A Row

Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in Lost Santos, or North Yankton? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

it’s thursday and that means it’s update
day here’s where it’s at for updates
from thursday the 23rd of june to the
30th of june
hi and welcome back my name’s dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer well it seems
like a pretty decent week in gta online
if you’re into jdm or tuners work with
some cracking triple money and rp
bonuses to be had before we dive in if
you’re new to the channel we do how-to
guides news and giveaways so consider
subscribing and ringing the bell to stay
up today so starting with the los santos
car meets prize ride for the week we
have the fmj which is quite a supercar
according to gta base this one tops out
at about 125 miles an hour or around 201
kilometers per hour and retails at 1.75
mil plus upgrades to win this one you’ll
need to place top three in a pursuit
series race for five days in a row which
will require some solid dedication but
grab it if you have the time oh and this
week’s test rides are the obey tailgater
s the anus zeta 350 and the karen calico
gtf the calico is an absolute cracker so
if you’ve not tried it before i’d
encourage you to take it for a spin
speaking of rides if you’re on next gen
this week’s hsw ride is the arbiter gt
this one is brutal with a top speed of
141 mile an hour that’s around 227 k’s
with all the hsw kit and is worth 1.58
mil plus upgrades over to the casino
next we’ll take a look at this week’s
podium vehicle which is the dinka rt
3000 which is based on the honda s2000
this one is great if you’re into sports
cars or jdm again and tops out at 119
miles an hour or around 191ks and
typically retails for
1.715 million plus upgrades and while
we’re on the cars let’s take a look at
the time trials the regular time trial
this week is down chiliad with a part
time of 54.2 seconds so grab an
off-roader and earn yourself a quick and
reasonably easy 100k the rc time trial
starts at power station with a part time
of 1 minute and 45 even so if you’ve got
the arena workshop and have invested in
the bandito there’s a quick 100k there
too finally if you’re lucky enough to
have scored a next-gen console the how’s
special works time trial this week is
hsw pacific bluffs with a part-time of
three minutes 31 even you’ll need a hsw
vehicle for this one which ain’t cheap
but you can do these time trials as many
times as you like you just need to wait
for the cooldown which is one in game
day or 48 real world minutes keeping the
money train rolling double cash and rp
is available on all stunt race missions
this week so there’s some serious cash
to be made there in addition we have
triple cash and rp on auto shop customer
deliveries double cash and rp on stunt
races double cash and rp on trevor’s
contact missions double cash and rp on
tuner contracts double cash and rp on
exotic exports and triple rp on tuner
activities moving on to discounts next
with a whopping 50
of purchases of the ls car meet
membership and a pretty reasonable 30
off auto shop purchases and renovations
as well as 40 percent off the calico gtf
40 off the comet s2 40 off the euros 40
off the jester rr 30 off the cipher 30
off the futo gtx 30 off the growler 30
off the vector and 30 off the zr350 for
those of you subscribing to gta plus
firstly don’t just unsubscribe please
but if you do this month you’ll get a
free phantom custom some free liveries
for your chernabog barrage molotov or
torador a few free clothing items double
cash and rp on double down mode 50 extra
cash in rp on bunker sell missions and
50 discount on bunker supplies but again
we do not want to reward this kind of
behaviour with rockstar so please avoid
it if you can and finally this week’s
stat challenge is to steal a helicopter
and then fly it from one end of the map
to the other this will increase your
character’s flying ability and thanks
for watching check out the video at the
top for this week’s business guide or
the one down the bottom for some more
old grumpy game of goodness stay safe
wash your hands and we’ll see you in the
next video

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