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26 Jan 2023 Discounts: What to Buy

Taking a bit more of a deep dive into what's worth purchasing, from the Vehicle, property, and even weapon discounts, this week (Thursday, 26 January 2023) in #gtaonline
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well it looks like a pretty damn
ordinary week in GTA online with quite
honestly bugger all discounts so let’s
take a look at what’s actually worth
grabbing from the updates released
Thursday the 26th of January 2023
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and
I’m an old grumpy gamer well it seems
like a pretty ordinary week in GTA
online with some vehicle and property
discounts but not much else but before
we dive in if you find this helpful we
do lots of Grand Theft Auto online
guides tips and tricks so if you’re new
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this starting with the property this
week and we have 40 of the Arena
Workshop purchases and upgrades if
you’re mad for the RC bandito or really
want an arena Wars car like the
imperator or a custom Sasquatch then
yeah I guess it’s okay honestly though
even at this price it’s still pretty
rubbish you can still access the arena
Wars game mode without it and the only
real benefits are some additional garage
space and the ability to custom your RC
bandito look grab it if you can and we
have a guide on what to expect Linked In
the description below but if you don’t
have an agency or a cassette yet and
you’re on a budget then grab one of
those first on to vehicles starting with
the devasty 8 which is normally one
million it’s 795
000 but is on sale this week at 30 off
bringing it down to one million
256.5 the devasty eight is a two-seater
rear wheel drive six-speed Supercar that
tops out around 131 miles per hour or
just about 210ks this thing is fast like
really fast and it pulls hard the
handling on the devastate is pretty damn
good at making this a dream Drive should
you grab it though well yeah actually
without a doubt it’s a good unit and
chances are it will be a lot of fun
definitely worth investing in over to
the it’s Harley GTO which is normally
one million nine hundred and sixty five
thousand dollars but is on sale this
week at 30 off bringing it down to one
million at
375.5 the GTO is a two-seater all-wheel
drive six-speed sport that tops out at
127 miles per hour or about 204 case and
this thing is 5 fast and it pulls hard
the handling on the Italy GTO is quite
reasonable too but it is quite Lively
should you grab it actually yeah without
a doubt it is a good unit and chances
are you’ll need it at some point so yeah
definitely worth spending the money the
Zen torno is next which is normally 725
000 but is on sale this week at 40 off
bringing it down to 435 even the
zentornos are another two-seater
all-wheel drive six-speed super that
tops out at 122 miles per hour or just
over 195ks this thing’s fast and it
pulls pretty hard and the handling is
quite reasonable but again very Lively
is it worth it though actually yeah it
is a good unit so if you like hyper cars
or supercars then you could do a lot
worse and we’re reserving judgment on
the SC rally for now but we’ll come back
once we’ve done a complete review now
while I have you and this is super
important the new overflow exploit on
the PC version of GTA online has not
been fixed yet so that means if you’re
on PC you should not play GTA online
this week at all that means if you play
GTA online before brockstar applies a
patch you’re risking models sending you
to the bad sport Lobby for three years
getting boosted stats or money which can
lead to a ban or having your entire GTA
online account completely and
irreversibly corrupted not to mention
actually putting your whole PC at risk
from malware as some analysts have
suggested malicious actors could
actually execute arbitrary code on your
machine not just in game but the machine
itself now we’ve not had much in the way
of info on this yet but similar overflow
hacks have resulted in PCS being
infected with malware ransomware key
loggers and all sorts of nasty doodads
that can compromise your real world data
files and finances so if you’re on PC
GTA online’s a no-go that said Rockstar
has announced they are aware of the
issue and are actively working on a
patch there’s also been a bunch of new
job listings on rockstars LinkedIn for
security Specialists and software
engineers so I’d say we’ll get this one
sorted sooner rather than later Rockstar
have also added a new section to their
support Pages which allows you to report
users for cheating glitching or modding
which you can find at
support.rockstargames.com this is a
while changing direction for Rockstar so
there’s been at least some good coming
from this whole Fiasco with the ability
to now report a mod menu a mod Dev and
even individual players so he’s hoping
that doesn’t get abused further if
you’re so inclined you can also report
account sellers item boost and Recovery
sellers that’s where you say buy an
account with a billion dollars on it
money lobbies glitches and other
exploits now I’m of the mind that if
someone’s modding but they’re not being
a nuisance they should be left alone but
at least this provides some Avenue for
reporting those clowns that like utterly
destroying public lobbies god mode cargo
griefing locking you in cages and
generally acting like tools anyway
that’s it for this week’s discounts
check out the link top right for this
week’s GTA online updates all the one
down the bottom for a bit of a money
guide in the meantime if you’re new to
the channel subscribe for more content
like this thanks for watching stay safe
wash your hands and we’ll see you in the
next video

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