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26 Jan 2023 Discounts: What to Buy

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Taking a bit more of a deep dive into what's worth purchasing, from the Vehicle, property, and even weapon discounts, this week (Thursday, 26 January 2023) in #gtaonline

vehicle and property discounts this week so let’s take a look at what’s actually worth
grabbing from the updates released Thursday 26th of January 2023 properties first and the
arena Workshop Honestly though even at this price it’s still pretty rubbish don’t bother
on the vehicles and starting with the devasty eight and that’s a yes for this one over to
the Italian GTO yes for this one too and jumping over to the Zentorno absolutely stonking machine
so yes to that one too if you’ve not heard you should not be playing GTA online on PC for the
next little bit while we await some security patches from Rockstar don’t forget to sub to
the channel for the full breakdown and visit linktree slash old grumpy Gamers for our social

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