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26 Jan 2023: Weekly Update

PC users should avoid playing GTA Online this week due to an overflow exploit. Rockstar is aware of the issue and working on a patch. The LS Car Meet's prize ride is the Winky, and the Issey Rally is now available. Double money and RP is available in various modes.
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GTA Online Weekly Update for January 26th, 2023

Every Thursday, Rockstar updates GTA Online with new content, discounts, and bonuses. In this week’s update, there are some exciting features, including a new car, double money and RP boosts, and more.

New Overflow Exploit in GTA Online PC Version

Unfortunately, PC players should not play GTA Online this week as there is a new overflow exploit that has not yet been patched. If you play on PC, you’re risking modders sending you to the bad sport lobby, getting boosted stats or money, which can lead to a ban, or having your entire GTA Online account completely corrupted. The exploit might also put your PC at risk of being infected with malware, ransomware, keyloggers, and other malicious software. Rockstar is aware of the issue and is working on a fix, but it’s best to avoid playing until then to ensure your account and computer are safe.

New Section for Reporting Cheating, Glitching, and Modding

Rockstar has introduced a new section on their support pages that allows players to report other players who are cheating, glitching, or modding. This is a step in the right direction for Rockstar, and it provides a way for players to report any issues they encounter. Players can also report account sellers, item boost and recovery sellers, and more.

Drip Feed Content

The Iseey rally is the new car in this week’s update, and players can expect a detailed review of the car in the next few days. The ls car meet also has a new prize ride, the Winky, which players can unlock by winning a race three days in a row. There are also new test rides available, including the Italy GTO, the Remus, and the tailgater s.

Casino and Property Discounts

This week’s update includes a discount on the Zentorno and Devastate vehicles, with 40% off the Zentorno and 30% off the Devastate and Italy GTO. The only discounted property is the Maze Bank Arena Workshop, with 40% off purchases and upgrades.

Double Money and RP Bonuses

This week, players can earn double money and RP on Motor Wars adversary modes and Arena Wars game modes, making it a big arena week. Players can also pick up an extra $188,888 for signing in this week.

Time Trials and Glitches Patched

This week’s regular and RC bandito time trials take place at Power Station. Rockstar has also patched several glitches, including the auto shop car to service car dupe, the arena dupe, gun van god mode, and more.


Overall, this week’s update in GTA Online is a bit lackluster in terms of discounts, but it offers some exciting double money and RP opportunities for players. While the new overflow exploit is concerning, Rockstar is working on a patch, and there’s a new way to report cheaters and modders. Make sure to check back in for our detailed “what to buy” guide for this week’s discounts and whether they are worth it to you.

it’s Thursday and that means it’s update
day in GTA Online so let’s see where
it’s at on Thursday the 26th of January
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and
I’m an old grumpy gamer well it seems
like a pretty damn ordinary week in GTA
online with quite honestly bugger all
discounts but double money NRP bonuses
to be had before we dive in if you find
this helpful we do lots of Grand Theft
Auto online guides tips and tricks so if
you’re new to the channel don’t forget
to subscribe and ring the bell for more
content like this first up and most
importantly the new overflow exploit on
the PC version of GTA online has not
been fixed yet so that means if you’re
on PC you should not play GTA online
this week at all that means if you play
GTA online on PC before Rockstar applies
a patch you’re risking modders sending
you to the bad sport Lobby for three
years getting boosted stats or money
which can lead to a ban or having your
entire GTA online account completely and
irreversibly corrupted not to mention
actually putting your PC at risk from
malware as some security analysts have
alleged malicious actors could actually
execute arbitrary code on your machine
not just in-game but on the machine
itself we’ve not had much in the way of
info on this yet but similar overflow
hacks have resulted in PCS being
infected with malware ransomware key
loggers and all sorts of other nasty
doodads which can compromise your real
world data files and finances so if
you’re on PC GTA online is a no-go for
you that said Rockstar has announced
they are aware of the issue and are
working on a patch there’s also been a
bunch of new job listings on Rockstar’s
LinkedIn for security Specialists and
software Engineers so I’d say this one
will get sorted sooner rather than later
Rockstar have also introduced a new
section to their support Pages which
allows you to report users for cheating
glitching or modding which you can find
at support.rockstar.com so this is a
while changing direction for Rockstar so
there’s at least been some good coming
from this whole Fiasco with the ability
to narrow Porter mod menu a mod Dev and
even individual players so he’s hoping
that doesn’t get abused further if
you’re so inclined you can also report
account sellers item boost and Recovery
sellers that’s where you can buy an
account with say a billion dollars on it
money lobbies glitches and other
exploits now I’m of the mind that if
someone’s modding but not being a
nuisance they should be left alone but
at least this provides some Avenue for
reporting those clowns that like utterly
destroying public lobbies god mode cargo
griefing locking you in cages and
generally acting like tools anyway
starting with the drip feed content we
have the Issey rally not sure about this
one but we’ll have a detailed review of
that one in the next few days heading
over to the ls car meet and this week’s
prize ride is the winky so to get that
one you’ll need to win a race three days
in a row which is reasonably challenging
but probably worth the effort so grab it
if you can over to this week’s test
rides and we have the Italy GTO the
Remus and the tailgater s and with the
GTO topping out at around 127 miles
that’s 204 K’s it’s well worth taking it
for a spin around the track and up for
grabs at the casino this week we have
the Pariah which tops out at 136 miles
per hour or around 217 case typically
goes for about 1.4 million this one’s
not a bad unit so grab it if you can
over to simeon’s next where we have the
Zentorno the schlagen GT vamos deviate
and the Impaler for the supernatural
fans out there with my pick for this
week being the schlagen GT luxury Autos
is up next where we’ve got the issue
rally and the devast8 with the devastate
being the better of the two this week in
my opinion sticking with the vehicles
and this week’s discount includes 40 off
the Zentorno and 30 off the devastate
and the Italy GTO and rounding out the
discounts for this week we have a single
solitary property with 40 off the Maze
Bank Arena Workshop purchases and
upgrades Jumping On the Money Train this
week we have double money and RP on
motor Wars adversary modes Arena Wars
game modes making it a big arena week
this week which I suspect is a result of
the introduction of the new taxi you can
also pick up an extra 188
888 dollars for signing in this week or
at least I did on PC time trials are
next starting with the regular one which
is power station and the RC bandito time
trial is also Power Station this week we
also have some additional glitches
patched the auto shop car to service car
dupe the arena dupe gun van god mode and
a few other bugs have been fixed and a
massive thanks to Tes 2 for spotting
those and that’s it for this week’s
updates we’ll have a detailed what to
buy guide a bit later on where we’ll
work through the discounted stuff and
give our opinion on whether it’s worth
it in the meantime if you’re new to the
channel subscribe for more content like
this thanks for watching stay safe wash
your hands and we’ll see you in the next

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