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27 Apr 2023: GTA Online Discounts Guide

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GTA Airlines has some great deals on vehicles and properties this week. Take advantage of the discounts on the Armored Kuruma, Tulip, and Entity MT. However, the Issy Rally isn't worth the investment. Check the profile for more discounts.

GTA V Weekly Update – April 27, 2023

Rockstar Games has released their latest GTA V online weekly update on Thursday, April 27, 2023. This update includes several vehicle and property discounts, as well as weekly bonuses for players.

Discounted Properties

The 50 car garage is currently 30% off, which may be a good option for players who are short on space. However, if you already have enough space, it may not be worth the investment.

Discounted Vehicles

Among the discounted vehicles, the Armored Kuruma and the Tulips are highly recommended. The Entity MT is also a good option for players looking for a fast and powerful car. However, the Issy Rally may not be worth it for some players due to its lively nature.

Weekly Bonuses and Sales

Players should always be on the lookout for the weekly bonuses and sales in GTA V online. These include cash bonuses, discounts on vehicles and properties, and other rewards. The best way to stay informed about these bonuses is to visit the official Rockstar Newswire or TGG’s social media profiles.

When Does the Update Take Place?

The Thursday update typically takes place in the morning hours, Pacific Standard Time. This is when players can expect the new discounts and bonuses to be available in the game.


The weekly update is always an exciting time for GTA V online players, and this week’s update includes some great discounts and bonuses. Players should take advantage of these offers while they last, and always be on the lookout for future updates from Rockstar Games.

some vehicle and property discounts this
week in GTA Airlines so let’s take a
look at what’s actually worth grabbing
it from the updates released Thursday
the 27th of April 2023 properties first
starting with 30 off the 50 car garage
if you’re short on space then yeah sure
why not otherwise don’t bother on
vehicles and starting with the armored
kuruma and that’s a yes for this unit
jumping over to the Tulips a solid yes
for that one next up we have the entity
Mt definite yes there too finally the
issy rally is making a return for next
week honestly it’s too Lively I’m not a
fan so that’s a no don’t waste your
money click on my profile for this
week’s discounts and bonus money and
don’t forget to sub to the channel for
the full breakdown visit linktree slash
old grumpy games for our social

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