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27 Apr 2023: GTA Online Update

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Double your GTA Online money this week! Discounts on vehicles like the armored kuruma and the Chula enter TMT. Test new cars and win big at the casino.

GTA V Weekly Update: Double Money and Bonuses

Fans of GTA V’s online multiplayer gameplay mode will be excited to hear about the latest GTA Online weekly update. For the week of Thursday, April 27th, 2023, players can expect double money rewards and exciting new bonuses.

Thursday Update and Weekly DLC

As always, the Thursday update brings new content and DLC to GTA Online. This week, players can participate in the ECU rally and check out the LS car meet. The Entity XF is the price ride of the week, and players have the chance to win the Tulip kenjo SJ, Peyote gasa, and the Links at the casino.

Timmy showcases several vehicles this week, including the Tulip Stafford, Ahmed kuruma, Kokay d10, and the UC Rally. Luxury orders include the Entity XXR and the Entity MT. Additionally, the Armored Kuruma, Chula enter TMT, and the 50-car garage are all discounted.

GTA Online Weekly Bonuses and Sales

The GTA Online weekly update offers a variety of bonuses and sales to players. This week, players can earn bonus money and NRP by acquiring targets, competing in versus mode, and completing the last dose missions on Hut. Bonus money is also available on the money train.

Additionally, there are discounts on various items across GTA Online. Players can take advantage of sales on GTA Online vehicles, including the Entity XF, as well as other price changes. For the full list of weekly bonuses and sales, visit the Rockstar newswire.

Time Traveling in GTA Online

As part of the GTA V weekly update, players can time travel to Del Pero Pier construction site 1 and Del Potro Beach. These new locations offer exciting opportunities to explore and discover hidden gems within the game.

Stay Up-to-Date with TGG

To stay informed on the latest GTA Online weekly updates, be sure to subscribe to the TGG channel and visit their social media links for more information. With new content and features regularly added to GTA V, there’s always something new to discover in the game.

double money this week in GTA Online here’s the updates for Thursday the 27th of April 2023
first up the ECU rally is back for this week check out my profile for our review from the
last time around the ls car meet price ride this week is the Entity XF and this week’s test runs
of the Tulip kenjo SJ and the Peyote gasa and the links is up for grabs at the casino Timmy
is showcasing the Tulip Stafford Ahmed kuruma Kokay d10 and the UC rally luxury orders are
showcasing The Entity XXR and the entity Mt and we have discounts on the armored kuruma the Chula
enter TMT and the 50 car garage onto the money train with bonus money NRP on acquire targets
versus mode and completing the last dose missions on Hut which also unlocks a bunch of clothing
time travels to Del pero Pier construction site 1 and del Potro Beach don’t forget to
sub to the channel for full updates and visit linktree slash old grumpy game is rare social

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