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29 Dec 2022 Discounts: What to Buy

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Taking a bit more of a deep dive into what's worth purchasing, from the Vehicle, property, and even weapon discounts, this week (Thursday, 29 December 2022) in #gtaonline

what’s actually worth grabbing from the
updates released Thursday 29 December
2022 properties first starting with the
hangers if you want to store some
aircraft otherwise don’t waste your
money onto Vehicles this week’s drip
feed is the power surge electric bike
and that’s a really nice bike so yes on
that one too the Howard NX 25 and that’s
a maybe on that one looking at the gp1
and that’s a solid maybe on that one too
over to the stinger and that’s in no
flipping over to the volatile for me
that’s a no on that one let’s have a
look at the Pyro that’s a yes on that
one jumping over to the Rogue a solid
maybe next up we have the aqua Blazer
and that’s a solid no on this unit it’s
a complete waste of money next up we
have the dubsta 6×6 and that’s a solid
yes for that vehicle looking at the Futo
GTX and that’s a yes on this unit too
and of course the Dominator GTX and
that’s a yes for that unit over to the
comancho and that’s a resounding heck
yeah on that one one of the best 4x4s in
the game flipping over to the trophy
truck and that’s a yes for me too don’t
forget to sub to the channel for the
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