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29 Dec 2022: Weekly Update

This week's GTA Online update includes double money and RP on hanger cell missions, Smuggler activity bonuses, and discounts on multiple vehicles and upgrades. Don't miss out on the sign-in bonus, too! Read on for a breakdown of the discounts and more.
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Weekly Update for Grand Theft Auto Online

Welcome to the latest weekly update in Grand Theft Auto Online for the week of December 29, 2022. This week’s update offers a range of exciting new features, including new vehicles, double money and RP bonuses, significant discounts, and more.

New Drip Feed Content and LS Car Meet Prize Ride

This week’s drip feed content includes the power surge electric motorcycle, which players can unlock and ride after completing certain in-game objectives. In addition, the latest prize ride at the LS Car Meet is the Gauntlet Hellfire, which players can obtain by placing in the top three in a race for three consecutive days. While this can be a bit tedious, the rewards are well worth the effort.

Test Rides, Discounts, and Upgrades

The Previn Dominator GTX and the Ramus are this week’s test rides and are well worth a spin around the track. The discounts this week include 30% off purchases and upgrades for the hangers, and 30% off several vehicles such as the Howard NX, the GP1, the Stinger, the Volatile, the Pyro Rogue Aqua Blazer, Dubsta 6×6, Futo GTX, Dominator GTX, Comancho, Trophy Truck, and the Adder. With discounts like these, it’s a great time to beef up your GTA 5 garage with some exceptional vehicles while saving money.

Time Trials, Sign-in Bonus, and Double Money Bonuses

This week’s time trial is at Davis Quartz, while the sign-in bonus includes various items, such as snacks, armor, sunglasses, fireworks launcher, beer hat, and throwable weapons, which can be a great addition to your arsenal. Moreover, players can obtain double money and RP bonuses for all hanger cell missions, smuggler-related missions, and drop zone adversary modes. This offers a great opportunity to get rich quick and level up fast in GTA Online.


This week’s update offers something for every player in Grand Theft Auto Online, and with these discounts and bonuses, it is an excellent opportunity to make some easy money in the game, whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting with ample opportunity to build your gaming account. Keep an eye out for further updates from Rockstar Games in the future, as they continue to offer frequent updates, both big and small, to keep players engaged and entertained.

it’s Thursday and that means it’s update day in GTA online and it looks like a massive one for the
hangar and Smuggler activities so let’s see where it’s at for Thursday the 29th of December 2022.
hi and welcome back my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer well it seems like a
pretty decent week in GTA online with quite a few discounts and double money and RP bonuses
to be had before we dive in if you find this helpful we do lots of Grand Theft Auto online
guides tips and tricks so if you’re new to the channel don’t forget to subscribe and ring the
bell for more content like this starting with the drip feed content we have the power surge electric
motorcycle and we’ll have a detailed review of that one in the next day or so heading over to
the ls car meet and this week’s prize ride is the gauntlet Hellfire to get that one you’ll need to
place top three in a race three days in a row which is pretty straightforward if not a little
tedious so grab it if you can over to this week’s test rides and we have the previan dominated GTX
and the ramus and with the previan topping out at around 115 miles that’s around 184 K’s it’s
well worth taking it for a spin around the track over to simeon’s next where we have the camancho
Futo GTX brawler dubsta 6×6 and the outlaw with my pick for this week being the outlaw luxury
Autos is up next where we have the gp1 and the power surge with the gp1 being the better of the
two in my opinion sticking with the vehicles this week’s discounts include 30 off the Howard NX 25
30 off the gp1 the Stinger the volatile the Pyro Rogue Aqua Blazer dubsta 6×6 Futo GTX Dominator
GTX comancho and the trophy truck and rounding out the vehicles for this week we have the adder
up for grabs at the casino which tops out at 124 miles an hour or around 199ks it typically
goes for about a million dollars it’s not a bad unit so grab it if you can and rounding out the
discounts this week we have 30 off purchases and upgrades of the hangers jumping onto the
money train this week we have double money and RP on all hanger cell missions Smuggler related
missions and drop zone adversary modes time trials next starting with the Reg regular one
Route 68 and the RC bandito time trial for this week in GTA Online is at Davis quartz we also
have a sign-in bonus this week some sunglasses a beer hat the fireworks launcher armor snacks
and a bunch of throwable weapons and that’s it for this week’s updates we’ll have a detail what
to buy guide a bit later on where we’ll work through all of the discounted stuff and give
our opinion on what’s worth it in the meantime if you’re new to the Channel Please Subscribe for
more content like this stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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