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30 June 2022: Weekly Update

This week in GTA Online, players can enjoy triple rewards on running back remix and business battles missions, plus discounts on vehicles and properties. Subscribers to GTA Plus get double cash and RP, but we don't encourage this behavior. Complete the stat challenge to boost tuner stats.
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GTA Online Weekly Update: June 30 – July 7

In this week’s GTA Online update, players can look forward to Triple Money and RP bonuses, the Bravado Gauntlet Classic prize ride, discounts and bonuses for GTA Plus subscribers, and much more.

Los Santos Car Meet Prize Ride

This week’s prize ride is the Bravado Gauntlet Classic, a top-performing muscle car that hits a top speed of 109.75 MPH or roughly 176.63 KPH. To win this ride, players must rank in the top 5 of Street Race Series races for three consecutive days.

Podium Vehicle

The Dinka RT 3000 is this week’s podium vehicle and is worth over 1.7 million GTA dollars (plus upgrades).

Time Trials

There are three time trials available this week, with rewards ranging from 100K to 300K GTA dollars.


Players can enjoy great discounts on Independence Day content, vehicles, weapons, and more. The facilities purchase and renovation discount is not too impressive at 40%, but the discounts on the Liberator (50%), Ignis (40%), MLC (30%), Tempesta (30%), and Tug (30%) are nothing to sneeze at.

GTA Plus Benefits

GTA Plus subscribers can look forward to a range of bonuses this month, including double cash and RP on Double Down mode, 50% more cash and RP on bunker sale missions, and 50% off bunker supplies. Additionally, subscribers will receive a Phantom Custom vehicle, free liveries for the HVY Shernabog, HVY Barrage, and V-65 Molotok, and more.

Stat Challenge

This week’s stat challenge invites players to drive their personal car into LS Karmic, which will increase their character’s tuner stats.

Don’t miss out on this week’s GTA 5 Online Event Week! With Double Money, Triple Money, and great discounts, it’s the perfect time to up your GTA money game.

it’s thursday and that means it’s update
day here’s words ad for updates from
thursday 30th of june to 7th of july
hi and welcome back my name is yanyan
due to some technical difficulties dan
can do the voice over today so i’ll
cover up for him oh and just a heads up
at the time of recording we didn’t have
any information on june’s tta plus
benefits but we’ll update the
description below once we have the
details now right back at it well it
seems like a pretty great week in gta
online if you’re into running back remix
with some triple money and rp bonuses to
be had but before we dive in if you’re
new to the channel we do how-to guides
news and giveaways so consider
subscribing and ringing the bell to stay
up to date so starting with the los
santos car meets prize ride for this
week we have the bravado gauntlet
classic which is quite the muscle
according to gta base this one tops out
109.75 miles per hour or around
176.63 kilometers per hour and retails
at 615
plus upgrades to win this one you’ll
need to place top 5 in street race
series races for three days in a row
which will require some dedication but
grab it if you have the time oh and this
week’s test rides are the picassi
tempesta pegasus and torno and pigassi
ignus the pagassi ignas is an absolute
cracker so if you’ve not tried it before
i’d encourage you to take it for a spin
speaking of rights if you’re on next-gen
this week’s hsw ride is the imponte
arbitra gt this one is absolutely brutal
with a top speed of
141.25 miles per hour that’s around
227.32 kilometers per hour with all the
hsw kit and is worth a million and five
hundred eighty thousand plus upgrades
over to the casino next to take a look
at this week’s podium vehicle which is
the dinka rt 3000. this one’s great if
you’re into sports cars this one tops
out at around 119.25
miles or around 191.91
case and retails at a million and 715
000 plus upgrades while we’re on cars
let’s take a look at the time trials the
regular time troll starts at elysium
island with a power time of 54 minutes
and 20 seconds so grab a sports car and
earn yourself a quick and reasonably
easy 100k the rc time trial starts at
construction site 1 with a part time of
1 hour and 50 minutes so if you’ve got
the arena workshop and have invested in
the bandito there’s a quick 100k there
too finally if you’re lucky enough to
have scored a next-gen console the how
special works time trial this week is
hsw north shumash with a part-time of 3
hours and 49 minutes you’ll need a hsw
vehicle for this one which ain’t cheap
but you can do this time trials as many
times as you like you just need to wait
for the cooldown with just one in-game
day or 48 real world minutes keeping the
money train rolling triple cash and rp
is available on all business battles
missions for the battle so there’s some
serious cash to be made there in
addition we have for each contact
mission type or free roam event type
triple cash independence day land races
triple cash and triple rp on business
battles triple cash and triple rp on
running back remix and double cash and
double rp on leicester contact missions
moving on to discounts next for each
real estate or property or business type
a pretty reasonable fifty percent of
independence day content purchases such
as clothes makeup weapon tints etc and a
pretty weak forty percent of facilities
purchase and renovations as well as for
each vehicle and weapon discount 50
percent off discount on liberator 50
of discount ons internal 40 off discount
on ignis 30 off discount on mlc 30
off discount on tempesta and a 30
on the tug for those of you subscribing
to gta plus firstly don’t please stop
but if you do the benefits for this
month are june 2022’s benefits free
vehicle phantom custom free liveries the
stars delivery for the hvy shernabog the
hvy barrage and the v65 molotok the
conveyor livery for the hvy barrage the
war camo livery for the picassi toriador
clothing items such as blue blown
necklace loose stitch emissive mask and
a free building as well as bonuses such
as double cash and rp on double down
mode 50 more cash and rp on bunker sale
missions and 50 percent of bunker
supplies but again we don’t want to
reward this kind of behavior with
rockstar so avoid it if you can finally
this week’s stat challenge is to drive
your personal car into ls karmic which
will increase your character’s tuner
stats and that’s it thanks for watching
check out the video at the top for a
guide on this week’s business or the one
down the bottom for some more old grumpy
gaming goodness stay safe wash your
hands and we’ll see you in the next

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