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5 Jan 2023 Discounts: What to Buy

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Get discounts on apartments and vehicles, plus a free flare gun in the GTA Online update. Recommended vehicles include the Deity, Night Shark, and Patriot Mil Spec. Don't miss out!

GTA Online Weekly Update: January 5, 2023

Get ready for the latest GTA Online update, available from Thursday, January 5, 2023. This week, players can take advantage of exclusive discounts on vehicles and properties, as well as a free Flare Gun from Ammu-Nation. To help you navigate the latest update, we’ve compiled a list of the top items you should consider purchasing.

Discounted Properties

If you’re in the market for a new property, now’s the time to buy. This week, all apartments are on sale, but we recommend going for the high-end apartment option. While the other apartments are cheaper, they don’t offer the same luxury and amenities as the high-end option.

Discounted Vehicles

Vehicle enthusiasts will be excited to know that there are several great deals on cars this week. Here are the top options to consider:

  • Deity: This sleek sports car is a must-have for any high-performance vehicle collection.
  • Night Shark: Looking for something more rugged? This armored vehicle can handle any terrain and comes equipped with machine guns.
  • Buffalo SDX: Sports car meets muscle car with this powerful option, which is perfect for both racing and cruising around town.
  • Patriot Mil Spec: Fans of military-style vehicles will love this option, which is equipped with advanced weaponry and rugged off-road capabilities.

One vehicle to skip this week is the Hydra – while it’s a classic favorite, it’s not discounted and is quite expensive.

Free Flare Gun

Don’t forget to stop by Ammu-Nation to snag your free Flare Gun this week. This versatile weapon is perfect for signaling allies, setting up distractions, and more.

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vehicle and property discounts this week plus a free flare gun here’s what to buy
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sdx and that’s a yes for that one and flipping over to the Patriot mil spec big fan so that’s
a yes oh and don’t forget to grab your free flare gun from munation don’t forget to sub
to the channel for the full breakdown and visit linktree slash old grumpygamers for our socials

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