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5 Jan 2023 Discounts: What to Buy

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Taking a bit more of a deep dive into what's worth purchasing, from the Vehicle, property, and even weapon discounts, this week (Thursday, 5 January 2023) in #gtaonline

vehicle and property discounts this week plus a free flare gun here’s what to buy
for the GTA Online update from Thursday the 5th of January 2023 high in apartment first
and that’s a yes all the other apartments are on sale too but they’re rubbish so skip
them onto Vehicles starting with the deity and that’s yes the night shark is next and that’s
a yes too moving on to the Hydra and that’s a big old note there next we have the Buffalo
sdx and that’s a yes for that one and flipping over to the Patriot mil spec big fan so that’s
a yes oh and don’t forget to grab your free flare gun from munation don’t forget to sub
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