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5 May 2022: Weekly Update

This week in GTA Online, players can earn serious cash with triple cash and RP on all business battles, double cash and RP on Bandito races, and double cash in RP on Ron's contact missions and RC time trials. Discounts are available for nightclub storage and renovations, festival bus, Comet, and more.
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TRIPLE MONEY & RP | GTA Online Weekly Update for 5 May 2022

GTA 5 Weekly Update: May 5-12, 2022

Welcome back to another GTA 5 weekly update! This week, there are plenty of opportunities to earn some serious cash in GTA Online, as well as some great discounts on various vehicles and properties. Let’s dive in!

GTA Online Event Week

This week in GTA Online, it’s all about business battles and RON’s contact missions. Players can earn double money and RP on Bandito races, double money and double RP on RON’s contact missions, and double money and RP on RC time trials. Plus, all business battles offer triple cash and RP rewards!

GTA 5 Vehicle Showcase

Every week, the Los Santos Car Meet features a new vehicle as the prize ride. This week, players have a chance to win the Atari GTB, a supercar with a top speed of 126.5 miles per hour. Additionally, the Pegasi Infernus, the Trauffade Adder, and the Pegasi Reaper are available for test rides. On next-gen consoles, the Grotti Brioso RA is the weekly HSW ride, with a top speed of 124 miles per hour.

The weekly podium vehicle at the Diamond Casino & Resort is the Fister Comet Safari, a sports car with a top speed of 120 miles per hour. This vehicle is available for purchase at 710 grand plus upgrades.

GTA 5 Time Trials

There are three time trials available this week in GTA Online. The regular time trial starts at the casino with a part time of one minute. The RC time trial starts near the cemetery with a part time of one minute and 20 seconds. For next-gen console players, the How’s Special Works time trial takes place in North Chumash, with a part time of three minutes and 49 seconds. All time trials offer cash rewards for beating the part time.

GTA 5 Discounts

This week, the discounts are pretty weak, but there are still some good deals to be had. The nightclub storage and garage space disposals are 30% off purchase and renovations. Other discounts include:

  • 50% off the festival bus
  • 40% off the Avenger, Comet, Comet Retro Custom, and Night Shark
  • 40% off the RC Bandito
  • 30% off the GP1 and 996 Laser

GTA 5 Stat Challenge

This week’s stat challenge is to drive into oncoming traffic in a car, which will increase your character’s driving skill.

GTA Online Plus

GTA Online Plus members can enjoy a free Grotti Brioso RA with HSW upgrades and deliveries, as well as various discounts and bonuses. However, we advise against subscribing to GTA Online Plus as a way to express disapproval of Rockstar’s business practices.

GTA 5 Money Guide

If you want to earn money quickly in GTA 5, focus on completing business battles, Bandito races, and RC time trials. Additionally, make use of any double or triple money and RP events. For discounts, keep an eye out for deals on vehicle upgrades and property renovations.

That’s all for this week’s GTA 5 update! Keep playing, and stay safe out there!

it’s thursday and that means it’s update day here’s where it’s at
for updates from thursday the 5th of may to thursday the 12th of may 2022
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer well it seems like a pretty good week
in gta online if you’re into business battles or ron’s contact missions with some cracking double
and triple money and rp bonuses to be had but before we dive in if you’re new to the channel
we do how-to guides news and giveaways so consider subscribing and ring the bell to start today so
starting with the los santos car meets prize ride for the week we have the atari
gtb which is quite the supercar according to gta base this one tops out at around 126.5
miles per hour or around 203 kilometers per hour for the standard version and 157 miles per hour
or 250 k’s for the hsw version and retails at 1 million 189 grand plus upgrades to win this
one you’ll need to place first in a street race series for five days in a row which is
a bit of an ask if i’m honest but if you have the time and the skill by all means grab it
oh and this week’s test rides are the pegasi in furnace the trafford adder and the pegasi reaper
and the reaper is an absolute cracker so if you’ve not tried it before i’d encourage you to take it
for a spin speaking of rides if you’re on next-gen this week’s hsw ride is the grotty brioso ra this
one’s brutal with a top speed of 124 miles per hour that’s around 200k with all of the hsw kit
and is worth about 155 grand plus upgrades over to the casino next and we’ll take a look at this
week’s podium vehicle which is the fister comet safari this one’s great if you’re into sports cars
according to gta base this one has a top speed of about 120 miles per hour or roughly 190 kilometers
per hour and retails at 710 grand plus upgrades while we’re on the cars let’s take a look at
the time trials the regular time trial starts at the casino in the center of the map with a part
time of one minute even this one’s likely to be easiest with a motorcycle but if you don’t have
one of those you can always pick something up off the street or buy a pegasi baddie from southern
san andreas super sports for a whopping 15 grand and with a 100k prize it’ll pay for itself in one
round the rc time trial starts near the cemetery with a part time of a minute 20 even so if you’ve
got the arena workshop and have invested in the bandito there’s a quick 100k to be made there too
finally if you’re lucky enough to have scored a next gen console the how’s special works time
trial this week is north chumash with a part time of three minutes and 49. don’t forget you’ll need
a hsw vehicle to participate in this one which ain’t cheap but you can do these time trials as
many times as you like you just need to wait for the cooldown which is one in game day or 48 real
world minutes keeping the money train rolling we have triple cash and rp on all business battles
this week so there’s some serious cash to be made there in addition we have double cash and rp on
bandito races we have double cash and double rp on ron’s contact missions and double cash in rp on
rc time trials moving on to discounts next we have some pretty weak discounts on the nightclub
storage and garage space disposal 30 off purchase and renovations there’s also an eclectic mix of
discounts this week with 50 off the festival bus 40 percent on the avenger 40 off the comet
40 percent off the comet retro custom 40 on the night shark 40 on the rc bandito
30 on the gp1 and 30 on the 996 laser for those of you subscribing to gta plus firstly don’t but
if you’re going to the benefits are a free grotty brio so with some hsw upgrades and deliveries some
upgrades and unlocks for your agency some closing accessories a free livery for you or cipher double
cash and rp on security contracts and cart races and one and a half times cash and rp on nightclub
warehouse sell missions but again we don’t want to reward this kind of behavior with rockstar so
avoid it if you can finally this week’s stat challenge is to drive into oncoming traffic
in a car which will increase your character’s driving skill and thanks for watching check out
the video up the top for this week’s business guide or the one down the bottom for some
more old grumpy game of goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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