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6 April 2023: GTA Weekly Discounts

This week's GTA Online discounts feature 30% off on bunkers, Night Shark, and Ardent, and Furia is available for 30% off. Check out the full review for more info.
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The GTA weekly update for April 6th, 2023 offers some decent discounts and deals to players. In this video, Old Grumpy Gamer, Dan, provides a rundown of the properties and vehicles that are worth grabbing this week. He also reminds viewers about the ongoing $10 million cash challenge series, in which he and his team are attempting to go from a rank zero account to a cash balance of 10 mil in two weekends.

Discounted Properties

This week, bunkers are discounted at 30% off. Bunkers are versatile properties that offer a range of benefits, including research for unlocking Mark II weapons and vehicle mods, the ability to purchase an MOC for additional game modes, and a nightclub warehouse for earning cash. Bunkers also set players up with a gunrunning business, making it a solid investment for anyone.

Discounted Vehicles

The mobile operation center (MOC) is available at 30% off this week, bringing it down to 857.5k. The MOC can be purchased from Warstock and allows players to transport smaller vehicles and upgrade their Insurgent to an Insurgent custom – a handy vehicle for VIP work in free mode.

The Ardent, a two-seater rear-wheel-drive five-speed Sports Classic, is also discounted at 30% off, bringing its price down to 805k. With a top speed of 117 miles per hour and quick acceleration, the Ardent is a solid investment for anyone looking for a stylish and speedy ride.

The Night Shark, a four-seater all-wheel-drive six-speed armored off-roader, is priced at 1.245 million but is available at 30% off this week, bringing it down to 871.5k. With a top speed of 104 miles an hour, this vehicle is fairly quick and considered one of the best armored vehicles in the game.

The Furia, a two-seater all-wheel-drive supercar, is available at 30% off and is priced just shy of 2 million dollars. While it boasts a top speed of 122 miles per hour and impressive handling, it doesn’t serve much of a purpose in the game, making it an optional purchase.

The latest addition to the game is the Virtue, an electric vehicle manufactured by Ocelot. It can be purchased from Legendary Motorsports for 2.98 million or unlocked for free by completing certain missions.

Other Updates

In addition to the discounts and deals, the video also covers the 300R, a sleek sports car manufactured by Anis and available for purchase from Legendary Motorsports for 2.075 million. It boasts solid speed and handling and is considered a reliable option for racing enthusiasts.

Finally, Dan thanks various sources for providing the information, including GTA Wiki, GTA Series, and GTA Online Reddit mods, amongst others. He reminds viewers to check out his website for more tips on how to earn money in GTA online.

well it looks like a pretty reasonable
week in GT Adeline with a few decent
discounts so let’s take a look at what’s
actually worth grabbing from the GTA
weekly updates released Thursday the 6th
of April 2023
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and
I’m an old grumpy gamer first up quick
reminder about our 10 million dollar
cash Challenge Series where we go from a
brand new rank zero account to a
standing cash balance of 10 mil in GTA
Online in two weekends we think we found
the fastest way to go from Rags to
Riches Solo in GTA so check it out oh
and we’re giving away the PC account for
that one too details are linked below
starting with the properties for GTA
online discounts today and we have
bunkers at 30 off these are pretty
versatile little properties and unlock a
bunch of stuff which you’ll need as you
rank up including research that unlocks
things like Mark II weapons and vehicle
mods the ability to purchase an Moc
which unlocks additional game modes and
an additional nightclub Warehouse
products Sporting Goods plus it’ll set
you up with a gun running business which
allows you to earn some pretty solid
cash so yeah absolutely grab this one if
you’re able to Chances Are you’ll have
to at some point anyway so you might as
well save some cash onto vehicles and
starting with the mobile operation
senate or the Moc which can be purchased
from Warstock after you’ve unlocked it
for about 1 million 225 Grand but it’s
on sale this week at 30 off bringing it
down to 857.5 you’ll need to own a
bunker to unlock this one but it’s worth
the effort this allows you to transport
smaller vehicles and most importantly
upgrade your Insurgent to an Insurgent
custom which is one of the handiest
vehicles in the game if you’re into
haulage free mode VIP work this can be
super handy too as it allows you to
almost go God mode fit the driving work
looking at the Ardent next it’s a
two-seater rear-wheel drive five-speed
Sports classic rust at one million one
hundred and fifty Grand but for this
week is on sale at 30 off bring it down
to 805. the Ardent can reach top speeds
of about 117 miles an hour around 188 KS
and with quick acceleration at
reasonable handling for its class it’s
definitely a solid investment for anyone
looking for a stylish and Speedy ride in
the game moving on to the night shark a
four-seater all-wheel drive six-speed
armored off-roader priced at 1 million
at 245 but for this week is on sale at
871.5 with a top speed of 104 mile or
167 K’s the night shark is fairly quick
but does have sluggish acceleration its
handling could be better but it’s
manageable despite its flaws the night
shark is a solid off-roader and honestly
one of the best armored vehicles in the
game and the discounted price makes it a
great investment so don’t miss out
finally for Discount Vehicles the Furia
a two-seater all-wheel drive six-speed
super normally priced at two million at
740 thou but this week is on sale at 30
off bring it down to a Touch under two
mil Swan Boats a top speed of 122 mile
an hour or 195 case and is undeniably
fast it has really impressive handling
too but despite its performance it
doesn’t really serve much of a purpose
in the game it’s just an ordinary ride
you may want to save your money and pass
on this one though The Virtue in my
opinion is a better vehicle and you can
get it for free oh and The Virtue can be
purchased now as well the latest
addition to the Grand Theft Auto online
superclass it’s manufactured by ocelot
and this electric vehicle can be
equipped with a money Tech and is
available for purchase from legendary
2980 thou or if you complete first and
last those missions you can unlock a
trade price of
2235 but you also get one for free this
bad boy is inspired by the Lotus evasia
and with a top speed of 99 miles an hour
or about 160 K’s this one’s not quite as
quick as it looks but it handles like
it’s on Rails so there’s a full review
below and the 300r is making another
appearance for the next week or so so
the 300r is a Sleek Sports class vehicle
manufactured by Anis and is available
for purchase from legendary for 2
million and seventy five thousand it’s
inspired by the 2023 Nissan
z34 I believe and it boasts a top speed
of 94 miles an hour or around about 151
case it’s an excellent choice of racing
enthusiasts and while this car’s nothing
special as a sports car it does make up
for it with solid speed really nice
handling and is Armani Tech ready so
that means Jammers and all sorts of
little toys that can help you out in
high pressure situations overall the
300r is a solid addition to the sports
class and a great choice for those
looking for a reliable Speedy little
vehicle Again full review linked below
massive thanks to Tes 2 audio GG the GTA
Wiki GTA base GTA series
gtaweb.eu and the GTA Online Reddit mods
for pulling this information together
and that’s it for this week’s discounts
check out the link top right for this
week’s online updates or the one down
the bottom for a bit of a money guide in
the meantime if you’re new to the
channel subscribe for more content like
this thanks for watching stay safe wash
your hands and we’ll see you in the next

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