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6 April 2023: GTA Weekly Discounts

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Get 30% off on bunkers and armored vehicle Night Shark this week in GTA Online. The Mobile Operation Center is worth owning, while the Furious falls short compared to new vehicle Virtue. Stay tuned for more updates.

GTA Weekly Update: Top Discounts and Deals This Week

Are you ready for the latest GTA Online weekly update? Here’s everything you need to know about the best discounts and deals offered in the latest update.

Properties on Discount

This week, you’ll be able to take advantage of a 30% discount on bunkers. These properties are versatile and can unlock a variety of features that will enhance your GTA Online experience, so don’t hesitate to grab one while they’re on sale.

New Vehicles: To Buy or Not to Buy?

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you might be pleased to know that the Mobile Operation Center is worth the investment. Though you’ll need to own a bunker to unlock it, this unit offers tank missiles and other convenient features that make it useful in various scenarios.

The Night Shark is another armored vehicle that’s absolutely worth the investment. It’s one of the best armored vehicles you can own in the game, and you’ll appreciate the protection it offers while exploring the game world.

As for the Furious, it’s a pass this week. With the release of Virtue, it’s not worth the investment.

10 Million Cash Challenge Series

If you’re looking to make quick cash, don’t miss the 10 Million Cash Challenge Series offered by this week’s update. The series shows you the fastest way to go from $0 to $10 million GTA online solo in just two weekends. This is an excellent opportunity to beef up your bank account and make the most of the double money event this week.

Weekly Time Trial and Event

Remember to complete this week’s Time Trial and Event for a chance to make some money and earn RP points. This week’s Time Trial is End to End, which starts in Tongva Valley and ends at the Pacific Bluffs. The event for the week is King of the Hill, which will feature the Vespucci Beach and the Grand Senora Desert.


Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for the full breakdown and visit our social media platforms for more updates. With today’s GTA weekly update, there are plenty of new options to elevate your GTA Online gaming experience. Take advantage of these new deals, and enjoy exploring the game’s exciting world!

some vehicle and property discounts this week so let’s take a look at what’s actually worth
grabbing from the updates released Thursday the 6th of April 2023 don’t forget our 10 million
cash Challenge Series where we show you the fastest way to go from 0 to 10 million GTA
online solo in just two weekends properties first starting with bunkers at 30 off these
are pretty versatile little properties and unlock a bunch of stuff so absolutely grab
this one and onto Vehicles starting with the mobile Operation Center or the Moc you need
to own a bunker to unlock this one but it’s worth the effort absolutely tanked missiles
and is super handy well worth grabbing looking at the island solid machine so that’s a yes for this
unit moving on to the night shark honestly one of the best armored vehicles in the game so that’s a
solid yes too looking at the Furious honestly I’d normally say yes to this but with virtue out this
week it’s a no for this vehicle The Virtue is out now on the legendary no discounts or
anything just available for sale and finally the 300r is making another appearance massive
thanks to Tes 2 and GTA Online Reddit mods for pulling this information together don’t forget
to sub to the channel for the full breakdown and visit linktree slash all grumpy Gamers social

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