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6 April 2023: Weekly Update

GTA Online update features new vehicles, including the Virtue and 300R, double money on Bunker modes, and time trials. Discounts on bunkers and vehicles available. Full guide coming soon.
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GTA Weekly Update: Thursday, April 6th, 2023

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for the weekly update on GTA Online, and this week brings some exciting new content for players to enjoy. Starting with the drip-feed content, the Virtue can now be purchased from Legendary Motorsport for $2,980, or a trade price of just over $2.2 million. It’s a sleek and stylish car that’s quick and handles like it’s on rails.

If you’re looking for a free option, completing the last Doomsday mission will grant you access to the Virtue as well. Additionally, the 300R is making another appearance this week and can be purchased for just over $2 million. It’s a neat car, but otherwise unremarkable, though Armani Tech is handy for those who do choose to buy it.

Those looking for a challenge can participate in the 10 million dollar cash challenge series, which takes players from a brand new rank zero account to a standing cash balance of $10 million in GTA Online in just two weekends. The series offers a chance to win a PC account, and details can be found below.

New Cars and Time Trials

As always, there are a couple of new cars up for grabs this week, including the Comet Safari, which can be earned by placing in the top three of an LS carmate series for three consecutive days. It’s a bit tedious but well worth the effort. Players can also test drive the Ardent Comet S2 and the Dominator ASP, with the Comet S2 topping out at around 123 miles per hour.

The Casco is available at the casino and tops out at 120 miles per hour, making it a bit ordinary, but it’s also free, so players may as well pick it up if they can. Simeon’s has some new vehicles available as well, including the Night Shark, Dominator GTX, Virtue GB200, and Sylvester. Our pick for this week is the GB200.

Discounts and Event Details

Luxury Autos has updated its discounts for the week, with 30% off the Mobile Operations Center (MOC), Ardent, Night Shark, and Furia. Additionally, bunker purchases and upgrades are 30% off this week. That’s not all, as players can earn double money and RP on bunker adversary modes and Power Mad adversary modes. Bunker stock production is 50% faster too, making it a triple money event when accounting for the 50% increase in the reward for selling bunker stock.

The time trials for the week are Elysian Island 2 and the RC Bandito time trial. Next-gen players can participate in the Pacific Bluffs house time trial as well. Thanks go to Tes 2 Audio GG, the GTA Wiki, GTA Base, and the GTA Online Reddit mod for compiling information.

New Update and Conclusion

All in all, it’s a great week to be a GTA Online player, with new cars, discounts, and events to take advantage of. Be sure to check out the detailed “what to buy” guide that will be coming out later today for more information on discounted items and whether or not they’re worth it. If you’re new to the channel, be sure to subscribe for more content like this. Stay safe, wash your hands, and we’ll see you in the next video.

it’s Thursday and that means it’s update day
in GTA Online so let’s see where it’s at on Thursday the 6th of April 2023.
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer starting with the drip feed content
we have the virtue which can now be purchased from legendary motorsport for 2980 Grand or a
trade price of just over two two need a little Armani Tech ready super it’s quick handles like
it’s on Rails but you also get it free if you complete the last dose missions and the 300r is
making another appearance for a week or so that one’s available for purchase in Grand Theft Auto
online from legendary Motorsport 4 a touch over 2 million it’s neat but otherwise unremarkable that
said Armani Tech is Handy full reviews are below quick reminder about our 10 million dollar cash
Challenge Series where we go from a brand new rank zero account to a standing cash balance of
10 mil in GTA Online in two weekends we think we found the fastest way to go from Rags to
Riches Solo in GTA Online so check it out oh and we’re giving away the PC account for that
one too details are below heading over to the this car made and this week’s prize ride is the
comet Safari to get that one you’ll need to place top three in an LS carmate series for three days
in a row which is pretty straightforward if not a little tedious so grab it if you get over to this
week’s test rods we have the Ardent Comet S2 and the Dominator ASP and with the comet S2 topping
out at around 123 miles it’s around 196 K’s it’s well worth taking it for a spin around the track
the Casco is up for grabs at the casino which tops out at 120 mile an hour around about 192
K’s and typically goes for just shy of a million this one’s a bit ordinary but it’s free so grab
it if you can over to simeon’s where we have the night shark Dominator GTX virtue gb200 and the
Sylvester with my pick for this week being the gb200 luxury Autos is up next and we’ve got the
Furia and the Stromberg with the Furia being the better of the two performance wise in my
opinion sticking with the vehicles in this week’s discounts include 30 off the mobile operations
center or the amount OC the Ardent night shark and the Furia and rounding out the discounts for
this week we have 30 off bunker purchases and upgrades jumping onto the money train and we
have double money NRP on Bunker adversary modes and power mad adversary modes and an additional
50 money on Bunker cell missions Bunker’s stock production is 50 faster too making it sort of a
triple money thing when you account for the 50 increase in the reward for selling bunker stock
you know sort of time trials are next starting with the regular one Elysian Island 2 and the
RC bandito time trial for this week in GTA Online is construction site too and for next-gen players
house time trial is Pacific Bluffs massive thanks to Tes 2 audio GG the GTA Wiki GTA base GTA series
gtaweb.eu and the GTA Online Reddit mod for pulling this information together and that’s
it for this week’s updates we’ll have a detailed what to buy guide a little later today we’ll work
through all of the discounted stuff and give you an opinion on whether or not it’s worth it
in the meantime if you are new to the channel subscribe for more content like
this thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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