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7 July 2022: Weekly Update

Rockstar catches up with a week and a bit of Diamond Casino heist bonuses, including double cash and RP on open-wheel races, and triple cash and RP on free mode casino work. Discounts of up to 50% are available on several items, including arcade purchases and casino penthouse renovations. The DLC is expected to drop the week after next.
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GTA Online Weekly Update: July 7 – July 18

GTA Online players, it’s time for the weekly update! This week we have a bonus week for the Diamond Casino Heist while we wait for the upcoming DLC. This means we can expect the DLC to drop on Tuesday next week. In the meantime, Rockstar has kept us updated with everything that’s happening this week.

GTA Online Event Week

The Los Santos Car Meet has introduced the Zion Classic as the Prize Ride of the week. This sports classic can reach speeds of 113 miles per hour and costs 812K plus upgrades. To get your hands on it, all you need to do is place in the top five of three LS Car Meet races. Also, this week we have the Visa Neo, Trafad Thrax, and Project Immure as test rides. The Emurus is a fantastic ride so make sure to take it out for a spin.

Next, we have the Dinka Sigoi as this week’s podium vehicle at the Diamond Resort & Casino. It is worth 1.224 million and can be upgraded to satisfy your needs. We also have a regular time trial starting at Galileo Park which offers a prize money of 100k. Cyprus Flats is offering an RC time trial starting with a prize money of 100k as well. If you’ve invested in a Bandito, now is the time to use it! Additionally, those who have next-gen consoles can do the HSW East Vinewood race for a prize of 100k.

GTA Online Double Money and Triple Money

There is a lot of opportunity to earn money this week. Open-wheel races can earn you double cash and RP, while Free Mode Casino Work offers triple money and RP. Overtime Shootout and Gerald’s Last Play missions can make you double money and RP too. If you’re into time trials, there is double cash on standard time trials and four times the cash and RP on the Data Leaks mission.

GTA Online Discounts

You can buy several items with their corresponding discounts in GTA Online this week. Utility vest upgrades and fitted suit jacket upgrades are available for a 50% discount. Arcade purchases and Casino Penthouse renovations are 40% off. Also, there are a lot of vehicle discounts: the Emirates, Trafad Thrax, Shakara, Helion, Commodore, Nebula Turbo, Visa Neo, Outlaw, regular GTS, and Vagrant are all available for a 30% discount. To get the most out of your discounted purchases, make sure to read the GTA 5 money guide to know which discounts are the best. The Arcade and Casino Penthouse renovations are among the most reasonable this week.

GTA Plus Benefits

If you subscribe to GTA Plus Benefits, you will instantly receive 500k as cash, an Ocelot Locust vehicle, and crash pad penthouse. Penthouse diamonds are also available every time and you will get discounted crew in the Diamond Casino Heist. Other perks include 40% discount on penthouse decorations, triple daily chip claims, free clothing, free liveries for the Oppressor Mark II, Half-Track, and REVOLT, and double cash on standard time trials.

This week’s stat challenge demands players to take a motorcycle lap around the map to improve the character’s driving skill. Lastly, it will be the last Thursday update video for Grumpy Gamer for a while. Business guides are still available on Saturdays so stay tuned!

it’s thursday and that means it’s update
day here’s where it’s at for updates
from thursday the 7th of july to monday
the 18th of july
hi and welcome back my name’s dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer well you may
have noticed the dates were a little
different this time around and that
normally means the dlc is on its way and
will likely drop tuesday the week after
next in the meantime it looks like
rockstar wants to catch us up with a
week and a bit of diamond casino heist
bonuses but before we dive in if you’re
new to the channel we do how-to guides
news and giveaways so consider
subscribing and ring the bell to stay up
to date so starting with the los santos
car meets prize ride for the week we
have the zion classic which is quite the
sports classic according to gta base
this one tops out at about 113 miles per
hour or around 183ks
and retails at 812 grand plus upgrades
to win this one you’ll need to place a
top five in an ls car meet race for
three days in a row which should be
reasonably straightforward so grab it if
you have the time oh and this week’s
test rides are the visa neo the trafad
thrax and the project immuris the emerus
is an absolute cracker so if you’ve not
tried it before i’d encourage you to
take it for a spin over to the casino
next and we take a look at this week’s
podium vehicle which is in fact
different to last week’s we have the
dinka sigoi this one’s great if you’re
into sports cars or compacts and tops
out at around 119 mile an hour or around
about 191ks and retails at
1.224 million plus upgrades while we’re
on cars let’s take a look at this week’s
time trials the regular time trial
starts at galileo park with a part-time
of two minutes and five even so grab an
off-roader and earn yourself a quick and
reasonably easy hundred grand the rc
time trial starts at cypress flats with
a part time of one minute 30 even so if
you’ve got the arena workshop and have
invested in the bandito there’s a quick
100k there too finally if you’re lucky
enough to have scored a next-gen console
the howes special works time trial this
week is the hsw east vinewood with a
part time of one minute and 28 even
you’ll need a hsw vehicle for this one
which ain’t cheap but you can do this
time trial as many times as you like you
just have to wait for the cooldown which
is one in game day or 48 real world
minutes keeping the money trainer
rolling it’s double cash and rp on all
open wheel races so there’s some serious
cash to be made there in addition we
have triple cash and rp on all free mode
casino work double cash and rp on
overtime shootout and double cash and rp
on gerald’s last play moving on to
discounts next we have a whopping 50 off
casino heist update utility vest
upgrades 50 off the fitted suit jacket
upgrades and uh pretty reasonable 40 off
the arcade purchases and the casino
penthouse renovations as well as 30
percent on the emirates 30 off the thrax
30 off the shakara 30 off the helion 30
off the commodore 30 on the nebula turbo
30 on the neo 30 on the outlaw 30 off
the regular gts and 30 off the vagrant
for those of you subscribing to gta plus
firstly don’t but if you do benefits for
this month are 500 grand cash a free
ocelot locust a crash pad penthouse
diamonds every time and discounted crew
in the diamond casino heist 40 discount
on penthouse decorations triple daily
chip claims some free clothing some free
liveries for your oppressor mark ii your
half track or your revolt double cash on
standard time trials and four times cash
and rp on the data leaks but again we
don’t want to reward this kind of
behavior with rockstar so please avoid
it if you can one additional bit to note
as well is that the diamonds are back in
the casino you won’t get them every draw
but you should get them a reasonable
portion of the time and that will help
you earn some extra cash for the week
after next all-important dlc also this
week’s stat challenge is to do a lazy
lap of the map on a motorcycle which
will increase your character’s driving
oh and one more thing before you go this
will be our last thursday update video
for a while we will of course still have
our guides coming out on saturday but
we’re taking a break from the thursdays
for a minute so thanks for watching
check out the video up the top for this
week’s business guide or the one down
the bottom for some more old grumpy
gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands
and we’ll see you in the next video

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