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7 July 2022: Weekly Update

7 July 2022: Well, you may have noticed the dates are a little different this time round, and that normally means the DLC is on the way, and will likely drop Tuesday week after next.
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In the meantime, it looks like Rockstar want to cash us up, with a week and a bit of Diamond Casino Heist bonuses!

Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in Lost Santos, or North Yankton? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

it’s thursday and that means it’s update day here’s where it’s at for updates from thursday
the 7th of july to monday the 18th of july so starting with the los santos car meet we have
the zion classic which is quite the sports classic to win this one you’ll need to place the top five
in an ls car meet race for three days in a row and this week’s test rides are the vasa neo the trafad
thrax and the project immuris over to the casino next we have the dinka segoy
the regular time trial starts at galileo park with a part-time of two minutes and five even
the rc time trial starts at cypress flats with a par time of one minute 30 as well as 30 on
the emiras 30 off the thrax 30 off the shakara 30 off the helion 30 off the commodore 30
on the nebula turbo 30 on the neo 30 on the outlaw 30 off the regular gts and
30 off the vagrant also this week’s stat challenge is to do a lazy lap of the map on a motorcycle

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