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8 Dec 2022: Weekly Update

Weekly update for Grand Theft Auto Online, for Thursday, 8 December 2022. Double Money, RP Bonuses, Discounts & More
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it’s Thursday and that means it’s update
day in GTA Online so let’s see where
it’s at on Thursday 8th of December
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and
I’m an old grumpy gamer well it seems
like a massive week in GTA online with
tons of discounts and double money and
RP bonuses to be had before we dive in
if you find this helpful we do lots of
Grand Theft Auto online guides tips and
tricks so if you’re new to the channel
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over to the ls car meet first and this
week’s prize ride is the Zed type to get
that one you’ll need to win a race three
days in a row which is pretty
straightforward if not a little tedious
so grab it if you can over to this
week’s test rides and we have the vector
the Sultan RS classic and the co-k d10
and with the Koke d10 topping out at 130
miles or a whopping at 208 kilometers an
hour it’s well worth taking it for a
spin around the track over to simeon’s
next where we have the drowger champion
astran Cinque Familia and the ignis with
my pick for the week being the ignis
luxury three Autos is up next where
we’ve got the Vigoro ZX and the Casita
with the Casita being the better of the
two this week in my opinion sticking
with the vehicles this week’s discounts
include the Canada which has been
discounted about 20 the corseta which is
30 off 30 off the Cinco Emilia 30 off
the Astron the Champion’s been
discounted 30 too along with the ignis
the co kd10 and the Reinhardt with
roughly 20 off the Vigoro and the Drago
rounding it out at 30 as well and
rounding out the vehicles for this week
we have the post load up for grabs at
the casino which tops out at 103 miles
an hour or about 164 K’s and typically
goes for 1.3 million it’s a bit ordinary
but yeah grab it if you can we’ve also
got a few weapons on sale this week with
the tear gas grenades pipe bombs
proximity mines sticky bombs and Jerry
cans all 50 off and 30 off the Precision
rough and rounding out the discount so
this week we have a single solitary
property with agencies at 40 off
purchases and upgrades jumping on to the
money train this week we have double
money in RP on a collection time
adversary modes Resurrection challenges
and adversary modes biker work and
challenges ulp contact missions and
bunker sales with an additional 50 on
Pay Phone hits time trials are next
starting with the regular one at tongva
Valley the RC bandito time trial for GTA
online this week is Cemetery at the time
of recording I didn’t have any
information on house time trial sorry
don’t forget to Shark cards get a
permanent 25 buff from tomorrow I think
and we’ve got the DLC coming next
Tuesday which will bring some more
quality of life improvements including a
permanent three times money for smugger
sales so that’s hangers fast travel and
the ability to do sell missions with
your terabyte and that’s it for this
week’s updates we we have a detail what
to buy a guide tomorrow where we’ll work
through all of the discounted stuff and
give an opinion on whether it’s worth it
in the meantime if you’re new to the
channel subscribe for more content like
this thanks for watching stay safe wash
your hands and we’ll see you in the next

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