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8 Dec 2022: Weekly Update

Double money & RP on various modes in GTA Online. LS Car Meet prize Zed Type & discounts on properties, weapons, & vehicles. Visit the casino for Post Loot. Check out Time Trials & upcoming DLC features. Join Old Grumpy Gamers for more updates.
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GTA Online: Double Money, Property Discounts, and More in Latest Weekly Update

Gamers playing GTA 5, or Grand Theft Auto V, are in for a treat this week as Rockstar Games brings new updates to the game’s online version, GTA Online. The latest weekly update for the game, released on Thursday, the 8th of December 2022, features double money for a range of tasks in the game, along with discounts on properties, weapons, and vehicles.

LS Car Meet and Prize Ride Zed Type

This week’s prize ride in the LS Car Meet is the Zed Type. In addition, players can enjoy discounts on vehicles, including the Canada Casita, Cinquamela, Astron Champion, Ignis, Co kd10, Reinhardt Vigoro ZX, and the Dragger.

Post Loot, Weapons Discounts, and Properties Discounts

The Casino is back with post loot up for grabs; players can also enjoy discounts on weapons, including tear gas, grenades, pipe bombs, proximity mines, sticky bombs, Jerry cans, and the precision rifle. Additionally, players can avail discounts on agency purchases and upgrades for properties.

Double Money and RP on Select Tasks

Players can earn double money and RP on collection times, adversary modes, resurrection challenges, biker work challenges, ERP contact missions, bunker sales, and pay phone hits. Plus, there is an additional 50% bonus on pay phone hits.

Time Trials and DLC

This week’s time trials start with Tonga Valley as the regular and the RC Bandido as the DLC. Players can access fast travel for Smuggler sales, with a permanent 3x multiplier for the same.

Get Rich in GTA Online

Rockstar Games has been providing weekly updates to the game, featuring new challenges, property, weapon, and vehicle discounts, and double or triple money for select tasks, with an additional 50% bonus on some. These weekly updates are part of the GTA Online weekly DLC, which helps players get rich quickly while playing their favorite game.

Stay Tuned for More Rockstar Game Updates

Gamers can stay updated with the latest GTA5 online game releases by subscribing to the Old Grumpy Gamers channel or visiting their linktree to access social media accounts. Rockstar Games keeps releasing new updates and has become a popular game that has managed to keep gamers hooked for years.

double money this week in GTA Online here’s the updates for Thursday 8th of December 2022
LS car meet first this week’s prize ride is the Zed type this week’s discounts include
the Canada Casita cinquamela Astron Champion ignis Co kd10 Reinhardt Vigoro ZX and the
dragger and the post loot is up for grabs at the casino weapons discount include tear gas
the grenades pipe bombs proximity mines sticky bombs Jerry cans and the precision rifle and
for properties we have discounts on agency purchases and upgrades double money in RP on
collection time adversary modes Resurrection challenges biker work challenges Erp contact
missions and bunker sales with an additional 50 on Pay Phone hits too time trials are next
starting with Tonga Valley as the regular and the RC Bandido one is Cemetery with
the DLC we will be getting fast travel a permanent 3x on Smuggler sales don’t forget
to sub to the channel for full updates and visit linktree slash old grumpy Gamers for our social

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