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9 June 2022: Weekly Update

This week in GTA Online, players can receive double cash and RP bonuses on all pursuit series race missions and casino missions. Discounts include 50% off the Specter, JB 700, and more. Speculation suggests a possible movie or cinema-related DLC featuring Michael De Santa.
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GTA 5 Weekly Update: Double Money and RP Bonuses Galore

GTA 5 Online has been updated once again, and it’s been a pretty good week in the game, particularly for those who enjoy casino missions. Numerous double money and RP bonuses are up for grabs throughout the week, making it a great time to dive into the game.

Los Santos Car Meet

The prize ride for the week at the Los Santos Car Meet is the Spectre, an impressive sports car with a top speed of about 121 miles per hour. To win this car, players must place in the top five of pursuit series races for three days in a row.

The Kuran Sultan Classic, Overflood Author, and Overflood Entity XF are the test rides for the week, so players should give them a spin if they haven’t already.

High-Speed Week

If you have a next-gen console, the Coil Cyclone 2 is the HSW ride of the week, with a top speed of 141 miles per hour. Players can also earn a quick 100K by completing the RC time trial on Construction Site 2 if they own an arena workshop and have invested in the Bandido.

Casino Bonuses

The Entity XF is the podium vehicle for the week at the casino, offering players the chance to win this impressive supercar by spinning the prize wheel. Double cash and RP bonuses are available for casino missions and vehicle vendettas, and four times cash and RP are up for grabs in the Double Down adversary mode.


There are a number of discounts available this week, including:

  • 30% off casino bar and party hub upgrades
  • 30% off high-end property purchases
  • 50% off the Inspector
  • 50% off the Inspector Custom
  • 50% off the Exemplar
  • 50% off the JB 700
  • 50% off the Masako
  • 50% off the Masako Race
  • 50% off the Rapid GT Coupe
  • 30% off the Ordner
  • 30% off the Entity XF
  • 30% off the Tyrant
  • 30% off the Champion
  • 30% off the Morgan
  • 30% off the Rapid GT Classic
  • 30% off the Wagner

For those subscribed to GTA Plus, there are several bonuses on offer, including a free Phantom Custom, liveries for various vehicles, and a 50% discount on bunker supplies for the month of June.

New Content Speculation

Data miners have reportedly uncovered a new spawn point in the latest update of the next-gen version of GTA Online. This, coupled with some info from tests, suggests that a new movie or cinema related content could be on the way. Voice of Michael De Santa, Ned Luke, has also tweeted about the speculation, hinting at possible new content.

Stat Challenge

The stat challenge for the week is to complete a round at the shooting range, which will increase your character’s shooting.

That’s it for this week’s GTA 5 Weekly Update! Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more news, how-to guides, and giveaways, as well as more old grumpy gamer goodness.

hi it’s thursday and that means it’s update day here’s where
it’s at for updates from thursday the 9th of june to the 16th of june 2022
hi and welcome back my name is dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer well it seems like a pretty good week
in gta online if you’re into casino missions with some double money and rp bonuses to be had but
before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides news and giveaways so consider
subscribing and ringing the bell to stay up to date so starting with the los santos car meets
prize ride for the week we have the spectre which is quite the sports car according to gta base this
one tops out at about 121 miles per hour or around 195 k’s and retails at 599 grand plus upgrades to
win this one you will need to place top five in pursuit series races for three days in a row which
will take a little bit of dedication but grab it if you have the time oh and this week’s test rides
are the karen sultan classic the overflood author and the overflood entity xf the alltark is an
absolute cracker so if you’ve not tried it before i’d encourage you to take it for a spin speaking
of rides if you have a next-gen this week’s hsw ride is the coil cyclone 2. this one is brutal
with a top speed of 141 miles per hour that’s around 227 k’s with all the hsw kit and is worth
2.25 million plus upgrades over to the casino next to take a look at this week’s podium vehicle which
is the entity xf this one’s great if you’re into supercars and tops out at 121 mile an hour or
around 195k and retails at 795 grand plus upgrades while we’re on the cars let’s take a look at the
time trials the regular time trial starts at the power station with a part-time of 126 and 60. so
grab a sports car and earn yourself a quick and reasonably easy 100k this week’s rc time trial is
construction site 2 with a part time of 1 minute and 12 even so if you’ve got an arena workshop
and have invested in the bandido there’s a quick 100k there too finally if you’re lucky enough to
have scored a next-gen console the howes special works time trial this week is hsw ron alternates
with a part time of one minute and 47 even you’ll need a hsw vehicle for this one which ain’t cheap
but you can do these time trials as many times as you like you just need to wait for the cool down
which is one in game day or 48 real world minutes keeping the money train rolling double cash and rp
is available on all pursuit series race missions so there’s some serious cash to be made there in
addition we have four times cash in rp on the double down adversary mode double cash and rp
on casino missions and double cash and rp on vehicle vendetta moving on to discounts next it’s
a pretty weak 30 off the casino bar and party hub upgrades and 30 off high-end property purchases
but we also have 50 discount on the inspector 50 on the inspector custom 50 on the exemplar
50 on the jb 700 if you’re a james bond fan 50 discount on the masako and the masako race
50 discount on the rapid gt coupe 30 discount on the order 30 on the entity xf 30 on the tyrant
30 off the champion 30 discount off the morgan 30 off the rapid gt classic and finally 30 on
the wagner for those of you subscribing to gta plus firstly stop just unsubscribe it’s just bad
for everyone but if you’re going to insist on subbing you’ll get a free phantom custom some
liveries for your chernebog barrage your v65 molotok and the corridor a few free clothing
items double cash and rp on double down modes 50 more cash in rp on bunker sell missions and
a 50 discount on bunker supplies for the month of june but again we do not want to reward this
kind of behavior with rockstar so avoid it if you can right now on to a bit of speculation
which is something i don’t typically indulge in but thought it was worth a mention according to
vg 247’s conor mccar a data miner roll shoe 2 2 2 has discovered a new spawn point in the latest
update of the next gen version of gta online that is where you can tell your character to
spawn in when you log into the game or switch server the new yet to be released spawn point
discovery coupled with some additional information from test2 suggests a new movie or cinema related
content might be on the way now in an unto itself i’d normally completely dismiss this article as
people regularly clickbank the gaming community and gaming journalism is often not super reliable
however then luke the voice of michael de santa in story mode tweeted this the day after the article
was released well presumably he was questioned about the article by social media pundits to
tweet this little shrug and directly promote the article by linking to it is an unusual move after
the twitter verse exploded luke fired a couple of weird follow-up tweets seeming to kind of
warp back the cryptic initial tweet this is kind of unexpected ned luke has previously called out
media outlets youtubers and streamers by name for sprouting bs about gta 6 but in this case
he’s not directly confirmed or denied the article look it’s early and in no way official but this
could maybe mean we’re going to see a movie studio focused set of missions and possibly even a full
dlc that would feature michael de center it’s certainly not out of the realms of possibility
with both trevor and franklin being featured in gta online now and even having franklin as a
playable character so who knows stranger things have happened and i for one would welcome the
opportunity to kick it with michael to santa again finally this week’s stat challenge is to complete
a round at the shooting range which will increase your character’s shooting and thanks for watching
check out the video at the top for a guide on this week’s business or one down the bottom for some
more old grumpy gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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