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GTA Online: Buffalo EVX Review & Analysis

Review of the Buffalo evx in GTA Online: A 2-seater muscle car with top speeds of 97 mph, priced at 2.1 million. Offers a variety of customizations but disappoints in handling.
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GTA Online: Buffalo EVX Review & Analysis

Introduction to Buffalo EVX in GTA Online

The much-anticipated Buffalo EVX has finally been introduced as part of the GTA weekly update. This grand addition to the GTA Online DLC repertoire is part of the drip feed content, enticing players with a fresh and remarkable gameplay experience. The Buffalo EVX, catered to by the grand auto theft online, is a charm for the Los Santos Angels, an indigenous group in the virtual city. The question looms: is this a genuine upgrade for grand theft auto 5 enthusiasts or merely a crafty technique for Rockstar Games to make more money from shark cards?

Buffalo EVX Characteristics and Features

The Buffalo EVX, a core component of the GTA Online DLC, is an impressive muscle car brought to life in the chaotic, fun-filled world of Grand Theft Auto V. This grand auto theft automobile accommodates two occupants and can reach a top speed of approximately 97 mph (nearly 156 km/h). The car’s purchase price typically hovers just north of 2.1 million, putting it among the most expensive vehicles in its class, even amidst the GTA weekly discounts.

The Look: From Garage to Street

Diving into the world of GTA 5 online gameplay, the Buffalo EVX offers a variety of customization options to better complement the player’s style and preference. The car boasts a good number of front and rear bumpers options, alongside an extensive array of hoods. Additionally, it flaunts multiple splendid liveries, and an abundant number of different roofs. It isn’t complete without a respray and a fresh set of rims to finalize its street-ready appearance in the chaos of Los Santos and San Andreas Mercenaries DLC.

Buffalo EVX Performance

On the topic of the Buffalo EVX’s performance, details remain sparse at the time of the latest GTA update. As for initial impressions from road tests, the Buffalo EVX is entertaining to drive but can feel heavy, which affects its handling. Its engine sound falls short of expectation with a less than completely pleasing sound coming out of it. At a price tag of 2.14 million, the value for money prospect of this GTA DLC vehicle remains questionable.


Regardless of the initial thoughts, it’s apparent that the Buffalo EVX is a significant part of the GTA online San Andreas mercenaries DLC. However, it remains unclear whether this car will be a permanent fixture in the game or if it’s a part of temporary GTA weekly discounts. Either way, fans who are keen to acquire it should be prompt to avoid eventual disappointment. The final verdict on the Buffalo EVX is subject to player experience and is worth keeping an eye on in future in GTA updates. Ultimately, Grand Theft Auto offers yet another exciting addition that fuels the narrative of Project Overthrow in the heart of San Andreas.

the Buffalo evx has been released in GTA Online as drip feed content so let’s take a look at
whether the San Andreas mercenaries DLC has delivered on this one and whether it’s a win
for the Los Santos Angels or just another cheap shark card grab by Rockstar Games
my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer the bravado Buffalo evx is a two-seater muscle car
that tops out at 97 miles an hour or around 156 K’s and typically goes for just over 2.1 million
when it’s not on special so let’s get it into the garage yeah good number of front bumpers and quite
a lot of rear bumpers a good number of hoods some really nice liveries there and a good number of
them too a few roofs and a quick respray and a new set of rims now at the time of recording there was
very little information on the vehicle’s handling braking and overall performance but at 2.14
million the Buffalo is one of the most expensive in its class from our road test so it’s a lot of
fun but it’s heavy and it handles like it sadly it still sounds like an overgrown sewing machine
probably not worth the cash at this point but I’m happy to be corrected finally at the time of
recording we have no idea if this is a permanent fixture or Rockstar’s just going to leave it in
for this week only either way if you’re gonna grab it you might as well will jump in fairly
quickly and thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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