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“GTA Online DLC: Buffalo EVX Review & Impact”

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The Bravado Buffalo EVX, a new addition to the San Andreas mercenaries DLC, is a 2-seater muscle car with top speeds of 97 mph. Despite a hefty price tag of 2.1 million and subpar handling, the vehicle offers numerous customization options.

Buffalo EVX: A New Addition to the GTA Universe

In the bustling metropolis of Los Santos, populated by the notorious angles of crime, the bravado Buffalo EVX has made a roaring entry onto the grand stage of Grand Theft Auto Online. This GTAO DLC vehicle sits as a glimmering jewel in the crown of the online multiplayer action-adventure game as part of the weekly update.

Performance and Top Speed

Belonging to the family of muscle cars, the Buffalo EVX from the latest GTA DLC, features two seats and a top speed of 97 miles per hour (approximately 156 kilometers). Considering the affordability aspect, the Buffalo EVX commands a price tag of a whopping 2.1 million, barring any weekly GTA discounts. This price range makes it one of the most expensive cars in its category, clearly positioning it at a premium point within the competitive field of GTA Online.

The Grand Reveal

In the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC, the Buffalo EVX makes an impressive entrance. Ushered into the garage, its slender form is revealed to be replete with an array of front and rear bumpers. Each of these features adds to the unique aesthetic appeal of the vehicle, contributing to a visual panache that is instantly recognizable in the streets of Los Santos. There is also a wide range of hoods, liveries, and roofs, creating myriad customization opportunities for devoted aficionados of the GTA series.

Driving Impressions

Despite providing an engaging and fun driving experience across the terrain of San Andreas, the Buffalo EVX does have its drawbacks in terms of handling and breaking, due to its hefty weight. Further dampening the excitement is the sound, resembling more an overgrown sewing machine than the roaring beast that one would expect. Even with the GTA discounts offered this week, it remains uncertain whether the high-ticket price would provide commensurate value for Grand Theft Auto V players.

A Sigh of Relief

On one hand, the launch of the Buffalo EVX as a part of the project overthrow offers new thrills and chills to Grand Theft Auto Online players. On the other hand, the less than ideal performance aspects leave players yearning for more. Nevertheless, this new GTA online DLC is still a worthwhile addition for those seeking to add to their collection of high-end vehicles in their GTA 5 online gameplay. In the end, the Buffalo EVX is a testament to the continued excitement and thrill that the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas universe has to offer with each GTA weekly update.

we’ve got some new drip feed content for the San Andreas mercenaries DLC so let’s
take a quick look the bravado Buffalo evx is a two-seater muscle car that tops out at 97
miles an hour or around 156 K’s and typically goes for just over 2.1 million when it’s not
on special so let’s get it into the garage yeah good number of front bumpers and quite a lot of
rear bumpers a good number of hoods some really nice liveries there and a good number of them
too a few roofs and a quick respray and a new set of rims now at the time of recording there
was very little information on the vehicle’s handling braking and overall performance but
at 2.14 million the Buffalo is one of the most expensive in its class from our road test so
it’s a lot of fun but it’s heavy and it handles like it sadly it still sounds like an overgrown
sewing machine probably not worth the cash at this point but I’m happy to be correct it

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