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“GTA Online: Inductor Review & Comparison”

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Discover the new drip-feed content for the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC - the Junk Energy Inductor. A single-seater vehicle with no customizations, it maxes out at 46 mph.

Introducing the New Content in GTA Online

Rockstar has showered GTA Online with its new drip feed content for the San Andreas DLC. The titan among these updates is the induction of a new vehicle to the game, the inductor, much to the delight of GTA enthusiasts.

Grumpy Gamer Review: The Inductor

In this beloved segment of the Grumpy Gamer videos, we delve into our inductor review, exploring the highs and lows that this vehicle brings to the every-expanding Online content. Notably, the Inductor, particularly the Junk Energy variant, stands as one of the latest GTA vehicles that has made its grand entry into the streets of Los Santos.

Inductor Speed and Price

The junk energy inductor is presented as a single-seater pushy that impressively tops out around 46 miles an hour or about 75 kilometers per hour. However, this speed tends to generate disbelief, leading to frequent speed tests to confirm the inductor speed. Peculiarly, this speed echoes the information available in the game files. This sultry speedster is priced at $50,000, an inductor price that is rather lucrative when there isn’t a Rockstar shark card event or weekly updates that feature discounts or specials.

Inductor Gameplay and LS Customs Experience

A key feature in the inductor gameplay is the inability to customize this vehicle at LS Customs. Often, LS Customs is the chief destination after acquiring a new vehicle in GTA Online, where the vehicle undergoes significant transformations to enhance its performance and aesthetics. However, there are zero customizations available for the Inductor or its Junk Energy variant in LS Customs, rather intriguing for permanent fixtures in the game.

Inductor vs Batty 801: A Vehicle Comparison

Amongst the recommended vehicles in the game, the Batty 801, contrary to the new Inductor, stands as a fan favorite. The anticipation of Real Murder 10K’s incorporation of the Inductor in the gameplay, however, is seen as a hopeful sign. Vehicle recommendations often come with a slew of comparisons, with the inability to dress up the Inductor prompting gamers to consider alternatives like the Batty 801. The Batty 801 recommendation surfaces frequently amidst debates, due to its amicable performance, customization options and price range.

Final Remarks

In conclusion, the GTA online content updates remain a source of excitement for gamers around the globe. Albeit peculiar in several respects, the Inductor’s introduction expands the pool of vehicles players can experiment with, while also pushing boundaries on typical expectations of what vehicles can and cannot do. Be it the inductor speed, quirky gameplay, or lack of customizations; the Inductor makes its mark among the Los Santos Angels.

we’ve got some new drip feed content for the San Andreas mercenaries DLC so let’s take a quick look
the inductor and it started up cousin the junk energy inductor is a single-seater pushy that
tops out around 46 miles an hour or about 75ks wait what that can’t be right no that’s what the
game files say anyway and typically goes for fifty thousand dollars when it’s not on special now at
this point we’d normally head to LS customs and start dressing it up a touch but we can’t there
are zero customizations for this unit or the junk energy variant so recommendation wise I mean I’m
Keen to see what the real murder 10K does with it but that’s about it just get a battery instead

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