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“GTA Online: Inductor Vehicle Analysis”

The new Inductor in GTA Online tops out at 46 miles per hour, costs approx. $50,000 and offers no customization. Unsure yet if this is permanent content.
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The Inductor: The Latest Release in GTA Online

Continuing its tradition of releasing drip feed content, Rockstar Games has unveiled the Inductor in GTA Online. Part of the ongoing San Andreas Mercenaries DLC, the debut of this vehicle has left fans wondering whether it’s another feather in the cap for the perennial Los Santos Angels champions or merely a strategic move to increase their infamous Shark Card grab.

Dan’s Review: The Old Grumpy Gamer Weighs In

The seasoned reviewer, fondly known as an old grumpy gamer, Dan, takes a deep dive into this recent addition. The standout feature for him is none other than the Junk Energy Inductor. Echoing its name, this vehicle exudes the brash energy of the junkyard but fused with a futuristic twist.

Lone Racer: Inductor as a Single Seater Pushy

Adding to the vehicular repertoire in GTA online, the Inductor is a single seater pushy. The vehicle offers exhilarating experiences at a top speed of 46 mph (or about 75 kph). Despite initial doubts about its speed, verification from the game files puts these concerns to rest.

Inductor Top Speed and Buying Considerations

The Inductor’s top speed and current price tag of $50,000 can influence buying decisions among players. For instance, buying the Inductor in GTA during its special period may fetch the vehicle at a lesser price.

No Customisation? No Problem

Deviation from the norm, however, comes in the form of no customisation available for the Inductor or the Junk Energy variant. An unprecedented phenomenon as one would expect to visit the LS Customs and personalize the vehicle. Sadly, no modifications can be applied, hinting at Rockstar’s departure from their usual practice.

Murder 10K and Inductor: A Potential Combo?

Recommendation-wise, there’s intrigue surrounding potential collaborations between different elements in the game, such as the highly anticipated combination of the real Murder 10K and Inductor. Fans have expressed curiosity whether Murder 10K would wield the Inductor to raise the stakes in the game.

Batty 801 vs Inductor: Which One to Choose?

Comparison with the reliable Batty 801 brings into focus the true value of the Inductor. Given the absence of customisation, one could arguably opt for a Batty 801 instead when considering your next vehicle purchase in Los Santos.

Permanent Fixture GTA or Inductor Leaving Soon

The Inductor’s future in GTA remains ambiguous at present. Not known if it will become a permanent fixture in the GTA landscape, or if Rockstar might retire it after just a week. Thus, prompt action is advised for those considering adding the Inductor to their collection.

Concluding Thoughts on the Inductor

Rockstar Games continues to keep fans on their toes with surprise additions like the Inductor. While its permanent status is yet to be confirmed and there’s limited opportunity for customisation, this new vehicle adds a unique dynamic to the gameplay in Los Santos, and its high price contributes to the ongoing debate about Rockstar’s shark card inductor strategy.

the inductor has been released in GTA Online as drip fee content so let’s take a look at
whether the San Andreas mercenaries DLC has delivered on this one and whether it’s a win
for the Los Santos Angels or just another cheap shark card grab by Rockstar Games
my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer the inductor and it started up cousin the junk
energy inductor is a single seater pushy that tops out around 46 miles an hour or about 75ks
wait what that can’t be right yep nope that’s what the game files say anyway and typically
goes for fifty thousand dollars when it’s not on special now at this point we’d normally head to
LS customs and start dressing it up a touch but we can’t there are zero customizations for this
unit or the junk energy variant so recommendation wise I mean I’m Keen to see what the real murder
10K does with it but that’s about it just get a battery instead finally at the time of recording
we have no idea if this is a permanent fixture or Rockstar’s just going to leave it in for this
week only either way if you’re gonna grab it you might as well jump in fairly quickly and
thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video
thank you

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