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May 2023 GTA Online Weekly Update

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LS car make prize ride: Verlia. Discounts on Torreira, XO Tahoma Coop, and more. Bonuses on Deadline and supply missions. Time trials available.

GTA Online weekly update for May 11, 2023

The latest weekly update for GTA Online is here. While it may not be the flashiest one we’ve seen, there’s still plenty of exciting content to look forward to. Let’s dive into the details.

LS Car Meet prizes and test rides

This week’s LS Car Meet prize ride is the Verlierer. You can also take the Entity MT, Jester Classic, and GB200 for a test ride. If you’re feeling lucky, head to the casino for a chance to win the GB200 on the podium.

Simeon’s list and Luxury Autos

Simeon’s list this week includes the Homo Coupe, Virgo Classic, Faction Moonbeam, and the Locust. Meanwhile, Luxury Autos is showcasing the Virtue and the Champion.

GTA Online discounts

This week’s discounts include the Torreira, XO Tahoma, Coop Draga, and the Locust. Unfortunately, there are no property or weapon discounts this week.

Bonus events and money/RP rewards

If you’re looking to earn some extra money and RP, this week’s bonus events are perfect for you. You can earn bonuses on Deadline, Acid Lab Sell Missions, and double supplies when doing steal missions for the Acid Lab. The Last Dose hard mode event is also still on for this week.

Time trials

This week’s time trials include the Great Ocean Highway, Little Soil Park, and Textile City. Be sure to click on the link in our profile for the full update or the buyer’s guide when it’s released.

That’s it for this week’s GTA Online update. Don’t forget to check out our social profiles for more gaming content.

oh bit of a lean one this week guys all right not a flash one but here’s where it’s
at for Thursday the 11th of May 2023 LS car make prize ride for this week is the verlia
and the test rides are the ncmt vstr and the jester classic and the gb200 is up for grabs
at the casino simeon’s is showcasing that’s a homo Coupe Virgo classic faction Moonbeam and
the Locust again luxury Autos is showcasing The Virtue and the champion again and this
week’s discounts include the torreira XO Tahoma Coop draga and the Locust no property or weapon
discount sadly jumping on the money training we have bonuses on Deadline the acid lab cell
missions double supplies when doing steel missions for the acid lab and the last dose
hard mode event is still on for this week time trials of the great ocean Highway little soil
Park and textile City click on the link in our profile for the full long form update or
the buyer’s guide when it’s released and visit linktree slash old grumpy games for our social

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