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Quick Cash Guide for GTA 5

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Get a quick $100K in GTA 5 online by raiding three stash houses. Find the purple crate on the map, take out five clowns, find the Post-It note and open the safe. Outdrive the chasers to collect your reward.

Easy Money in GTA 5 Online

Are you in need of some quick cash in Grand Theft Auto 5 online? Well, this week might be your lucky week, as there is double the reward for Stash House raids – an easy way to make some extra cash.

GTA Double Money

This week, Rockstar Games have introduced a new bonus for Stash House rates. Simply raid three of them to collect a quick 100K. On top of this, you can also receive the regular rewards. This promotion is only available for this week. So be sure to check it out and don’t miss this chance to bulk up your GTA 5 Online bank account.

New Car in GTA Online

In addition to the double rewards, Rockstar has also introduced a new car into GTA Online. The Ocelot XA-21 is now available for purchase from Legendary Motorsport. It’s sleek and sporty design, combined with its impressive speed makes it a great addition to your in-game garage.

GTA Online Promotions and Deals

Check out the weekly update in GTA V Online for more promotions and deals available this week only. As per usual, we recommend keeping an eye out for any discounted high-end vehicles as they may not be reduced often.

GTA Weekly Update

Stay tuned for the latest GTA V online weekly updates to learn about new promotions, bonuses and deals.

New GTA Update

Looking for the latest GTA V update? This week’s update is packed full of bonuses, including the Stash House rates promotion, which combined with the double money offer, allows for some serious GTA 5 Online money-making opportunities. As always, be sure to regularly check for updates to be sure that you don’t miss any bonuses or promotions.

GTA 5 Online Weekly Update

The GTA 5 online weekly update is a great resource to use for all promotions and deals available to players. Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned player, the weekly update has something for everyone. Make sure to take full advantage of all the bonuses and promotions available, and have fun exploring the vast world of GTA V Online.

well it’s a pretty rubbish week in GTA 5 online as far as bonuses are concerned but there is
one Shining Light on the horizon there’s 100K in about five minutes now so for this week and this
week only Rockstar Games have created a new bonus for Stash House rates all you need to
do is raid three of them to collect a quick 100K plus the regular rewards of course you
could find a stash house once per real-time day in free mode they’re marked on the map
with one of these little purple crate thingos head in and I find dropping a pipe bomb to be
particularly effective but head in and take out the five clowns then find the
yellow Post-It note open the safe head back up and get the heck out of Dodge you’ll get
chased but honestly you can outdrive them pretty easily click on the link in our profile for the
weekly bonuses discounts and updates and visit linktree slash old grumpy games for our social

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