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Quickest Money in GTA Online!

Learn how to make a lot of money in GTA 5 Online with the latest double-money event featuring "The Agency" in-game property. The Contract Double Money event offers a chance to earn up to $2 million every 90 minutes. Our video guide covers how to maximize your earnings and smoothly navigate the mission series. Join us and conquer the world of #GTAOnline together!
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Forget Cayo Perico: The Contract Double Money Event in GTA Online

GTA Online Weekly Update: The Contract Double Money

This week in GTA Online, players have the chance to earn big bucks with the latest double money event featuring The Contract mission series. In this video, we explore this week’s exciting GTA update, sharing tips and tricks on how to make the most out of this lucrative opportunity.

The GTAAgency and The Contract Mission Series

The key to earning big money this week is by owning an agency. The most economical option is the GTAAgency in Little Seoul, which will set you back just over $2 million. The agency serves as a base of operations for The Contract mission series, which can earn players a staggering $2,000,000 every 90 minutes. Our video guide will take you through every step of this mission series to help you maximize your earnings.

The Quickest Way to Make Money in GTA 5 Online

If you’re looking for the quickest way to make money in GTA 5 Online, forget about the Cayo Perico heist and focus on The Contract mission series. Our video guide will show you how to get rich on GTA 5 Online quickly and efficiently, sharing valuable insights on the best approaches to take and how to navigate the missions smoothly.

The Next GTA Update and GTA Online News

With GTA Online continuously evolving, there will always be new updates and opportunities for players to grow their wealth. Stay up to date with the latest GTA Online news and the next GTA update by subscribing to our YouTube channel and following us on social media.

Join Us in the World of GTA Online

At Old Grumpy Gamers, we’re here to help you conquer the world of GTA Online and make lots of money in the process. Join us on Discord, check out our crew, and say hi to Dan on GTA. Let’s explore all the exciting developments in GTA Online together!

sweet merciful crap Rockstar really don’t want to sell any GTA online
shirt cards this week let’s take a look at how you can snag a whopping
two million dollars every 90 minutes in Grand Theft Auto online this week
hi and welcome back my name is Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer so this week’s updates we have double
money for the Dr Dre the contract series and what that means is we’re back on coyo Panther money
for the week completely solo so for this you’ll need to own an agency if you don’t just grab the
absolute cheapest one uh little soul which will set you back a touch over two mil and don’t worry
it’ll pay for itself don’t buy any accessories or upgrades either wholly unnecessary at this
point in just a moment we’re going to go through the precise method you can use to Blitz through
the mission series and properly maximize your earnings in Grand Theft Auto online this week
if you’ve done the Dr Dre Mission series before it will take around 80 to 90 minutes and net you
a whopping two million dollars a throw if this is your first time to the agency it will take a
little longer first time round about four or five hours or so but you should collect a pretty cool
3.4 mil for your first round then it’s back to two million dollars every 90 minutes on also not
bad right for this guide let’s assume it’s been a while since you’ve worked with Franklin Amani
Dre chop and Lamar so we’ll go through each step of the mission Series in a bit of detail covering
the best approaches oh and if this is your first wiring to the agency you’ll need to set up the
main mission set by doing a security contract links to a guide are in the description below oh
and if you’ve already done the contract at least once you can go straight to your PC no need to
leave and re-enter the agency right so register is a VIP MC president or a CEO head to the agency and
sit down at the PC with that done head out of the building and await a call from Franklin then head
to the golf course and walk into the corona to start after quite honestly an amusing cutscene
hey you two [__] can’t wait for the legend to shoot his shot jump in a cart then Ram the pompous
wankers in the other cart the second one might take a minute so don’t worry give the filler a
bit of what for and then job’s done right now we can dive into the contracts story proper for the
first time around this takes between three and five hours depending on skill and with the first
time bonuses we’re looking at around 1.7 mil for that time however on the replays we can skip a lot
of the intro Gaff and the delays between missions this brings a play time down to around 90 minutes
for most players less again if you’ve come from another FPS so we’re on to the data Lake set up
next exit the building and wait for a call from Franklin then head back to the agency upstairs and
onto your PC if you need to pop back out and top up an ammunition too oh and if you don’t have a
parachute Now’s the Time to buy one back to the PC in the agency for a quick briefing then head out
to the marker Oh and before I forget your agency comes with the free Chopper this is categorically
the fastest way around the map so don’t forget to use it at every opportunity right wait for
Franklin to finish banging on it then head to the market at the top of the FIB building drop in and
this is just a cutscene but drop in wait for a money to finish talking and blow the door at the
back of the room either a pipe bomb sticky or a grenade they will do the job go to the computer
in the front and use the button prompt to install the USB drive then head to the back corner of the
room and hang tight the guards can’t hit you here so it’s the safest spot once the hacking tool has
done its thing you’ll get another marker for a hard drive in the server it’s just a few feet to
your left right take a breath and head out to The Fray take out any guards you can and make
your way to the marker which will drop you into the world run to the end of the balcony and jump
off call in your car if you haven’t already jump in and lose the cops after that you can make your
way back to the agency grab some steaks from upstairs head out to ammunition then back to
the agency again after Franklin’s giving you a call up to the office and then start The
Nightlife lead head out using the chopper and to the nightclub now I’ve tried dozens of different
approaches and it more or less always ends up as a firefight so let’s just do that go in loud and
take out everyone head upstairs grab the tapes back out and back to the agency and on to the
marina investigation next so you know the routine by now Stacks I mean Asian await Franklin’s call
back to the agency and up to the PC after a quick brief we can start the marina investigation exit
the agency via the chopper and head to the marina land next to the boardwalk if possible find the
boat jump in and sit in the driver’s seat for a moment then exit and take out any aggressive
rental cops jump back into the chopper and head out to the search area now the yacht we’re heading
to has counter measures that will blow us up if we get too close and something that prevents us from
bailing out so close so you can either get some altitude and Hilo jump out parachuting in or you
can ditch the chopper when you get in close and swim either way you’ll be in the drink eventually
so swim to the back of the yacht jump up and start blasting head to the marker which is a
red herring this time then upstairs to the bridge and you will eat resistance here go to both the
left and right consoles to unlock the doors and disable the air defenses then back downstairs and
do a thorough search until you see a poster quick happy snap then back out onto the Yachts Chopper
and get the heck out of Dodge and on to the first mini finale make sure you’re fully stocked with
ammo body armor and snacks we’re going to need it back to the PC to start the mission then into
a vehicle and head to the casino it’s very much a case of following the bouncing ball for this
one into the garage up to the party attack the DJ then start blasting there’s no real finesse
here just use cover as much as possible and don’t be afraid of using grenades and tune everything
you can oh and watch out for this fella as you head into the lift though it’s super cheeky into
the nightclub and just well lighted up I guess shoot everything and keep on with those grenades
onto the country club investigation next so same deal snacks ammunition PC start Mission this was
recorded during the in-game night cycle but if I’m honest doing this during the day is a butt
load easier exit the agency via the chopper and head to the country club on the west coast we’re
going in hot so pack the keypad and this is just a simple puzzle then get into the hallway make sure
you have your grenade launcher set as your heavy weapon and your pipe bomb as you throw then grab
any fire firearm and shoot the door once and pop anyone standing behind it lob some pipe bombs into
the area immediately in front of you then move to the right sneak around the door and drop one more
pipe bomb off to the left and back the heck out of there head to the back of the workspace and hack
one of the terminals then hang tight for Armani to do her thing once Franklin gives you the wood
head back out into the chopper and into the search area which is a question mark on the map and we’re
looking for a limo once you spot it descend fast like dump the chopper and pile out as quickly as
you can we’ve only got a few seconds to blow this up if you miss jump back in the chopper and wait
for the limo to get caught in traffic then blow that thing up with your compact grenade launcher
Frisk the driver to grab his wallet then take it back to the agency guess this next so snacks
exit phone call ammo agency PC start oh and we’ve unlocked the heavy sniper too so let’s grab that
head to the lawyer’s place but stop short and look for a high Vantage coin in this case and
it can change but in this case the best vantage point was the lawyer’s own roof so that’s where
we’re Landing pick off as many guards as you can with the sniper and the auto then jump down and
take out any trailers be sure to avoid using grenades or shooting anyone in colored clothes
suits only once you have the all clear switch to the taser and zap the lawyer then pick him up now
don’t make the mistake of Simply jumping in the car next we’re going to get some resistance here
so take out anyone who turns up immediately then jump in and head off in most cases you’ll simply
be able to out drive your attackers and with that it’s time for the next mini finale so snacks exit
communication agency PC start drive to the mansion open the gate and pull up then hop the fence and
walk past the DJ booth up the stairs up the Hedge and the balustrad and then onto the roof and be
sure to stay unarmed here once you’re on the roof head for this flat section once you get
prompted kick off the proceedings with a few well-placed launch grenades feel free to drop
some proximity miles down the back here too so you don’t get flanked then start taking out guards as
opportunities arise once you’ve done enough damage our Target will run now if you’re good with the
grenade launcher or you’ve grabbed the Homing missiles from ammunition you might might get
lucky with the chopper sadly RPGs aren’t available to us for another 90 levels or so so let’s assume
you’ve missed the Choppers take out any stragglers jump down the back over the fence and call in the
dod follow the chopper to Fort Zancudo and jump off the bridge with one of these conveniently
placed ramps then out to the bluff onto a jet ski and onto the back of the yacht you’ll meet some
resistance here make your way to the bow of the yacht and then pop the billionaire who’s hiding
in the front entrance to the main cabin grab the phone and if the chopper survived the assault grab
it and head off now Rockstar clearly doesn’t want us out running the mercs with the super
villito so after about 60 seconds the chopper will mysteriously self-destruct when you start hearing
warning alarms bailout take out any immediate threats call your vehicle in then make your way
back to the agency rightio next up we’re heading back to Franklin’s old stomping grounds so you
know the drill Stacks exit ammo phone call agency PC briefing collect Vernon then head to Grove
Street where it will have already kicked off pull up on an angle driver’s side facing away from the
action and jump out and make sure you have your launcher ready then start lighting up cars as they
approach after that just light up everything you can see doesn’t matter we need to hold ground for
just a few moments once you get a prompt to follow Vernon jump back in a vehicle if there’s one about
and go find him then immediately make your way to the garage at the end of the alley and wait for
the game to catch up wait for the interrogation to finish there’s no way to skip it sadly then
get rolling once you’re out of the area job’s done one more open world investigation before the big
final push so snacks exit ammunition phone call agency PC briefing start exit again go and click
Vernon again and I’m not sure why he prefers the car to the company Chopper but it is what it is
drive to the marker jump out take some cover and start lobbing grenades then take out anyone layer
standing once we’re clear jump into the white van and start driving doesn’t matter where just drive
and be sure not to get boxed in corners of your enemy too oh and if you’re using a controller
pull up your interaction menu down to inventory and snacks and just leave that up it’s a pain on
keyboard but super handy on controller and after we’ve cleared the bikers and a wanted level if
we’ve caught one it’s back to the locker oh and if you’re having trouble shaking the cops
and it’s getting a bit out of hand you can also give yourself two minutes of police free time by
bringing up your interaction menu going to sakuro serve VIP abilities and bribe authorities it’s not
cheap but it’s super handy in a bind just be sure not to commit a crime or all bets are off okay on
to the last of the mini finales the South Central league so snacks exit alienation phone call agency
PC briefing start jump in a car and I like to use the Duke of death if I can armor and Pace comes
in handy later then follow the prompts to the first Waypoint where we’ll catch up with Vernon
and P fun follow them at the vagos street party quick cut scene and we’re dropped in behind cover
honestly there’s not a lot of finesse or technique this one just start shooting anyone you can see
using the auto don’t be afraid to change positions too there’s dumpsters to the right and a couple of
other cars for cover the sniper rifle is your friend for some of the more well-hidden vagos
and once we’ve cleared the Vargas from the street party there’s another quick cut scene jump back in
the Juke and Chase down the yellow low rider now if you can pop the driver on the Fly great just
grab the car and you’re good to go if you miss like I did on this run through he’ll eventually
Park up so not to worry just take out his goons and Liberate the vehicle from the warehouse yard
back to the shop and we’re done now the next mission will take a while to become available
so we’ll do a quick security contract while we wait no sense in idle time and by the time we’ve
completed that Franklin will have pinged us a new message so make sure you load it up with
snacks armor and ammo then head to the office to start the mission jump in the champion head
to the market and park up behind these buildings on the right then use the building is covered to
pick off as many of the mercs as possible you may need to reposition regularly to sort these guys
and it may take a few minutes first time around once you’ve picked off the last one head into
the studio slowly and I mean slowly work your way around through every Corridor of the building no
these guys hide in closets and hallways they’ll spawn in behind you they avoid explosions where
they shouldn’t and tear gas really doesn’t do much so it’s a case of being cautious retreating where
needed and keeping the snacks up also grenades I use a lot of grenades and with that done it will
be treated to a seven minute or so cut scene featuring some original work from Ray which
was a world premiere at the time the DLC dropped right on to the last missions of the series which
comes with a hefty payout and mercifully the last mission of the day so usual routine here
snacks exit ammunition phone call agency start jump into the Juke and follow the GPS when it
says you’re getting close just drive into the train yard to trigger the first scene so spray
and pray is the main technique here watch out for people trying to flank your right side that can be
quite bad and hit any cars with the launch of the second they pull up that will save you having to
deal with the occupants what’s your higher side too if anyone gets on the roof they have a plum
shot grenades can help you with stragglers too after the hanger next and be careful of the hole
and use containers for cover as you make your way around to the right oh and you can only go around
to the right Rockstar patch the shortcut in the last DLC watch out for mercs hiding in the back of
the cargo plane a couple of well-placed proximity mines can help you and with everyone cleared pop
Johnny guns from as far away as possible climb the platform and grab him watch the cutscene
with Dre then drop him off at the Country Club and with that you’ll collect a cool two million
dollars for hopefully around 90 minutes of work or 3.4 mil for five hours if this is your first
time so thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video [Music]
thank you

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