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GTA Online Streamer 216 Review

The Mammoth Streamer 216, a four-seater plane in GTA Online, offers a variety of bombs and liveries, but lags in speed and handling.
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A Comprehensive Review of the Streamer 216 in GTA Online

The digital expansion of the GTA universe has taken an intriguing turn with the recent introduction of the Streamer 216, a new addition to the robust list of assets available in GTA Online. Swept in as a part of the latest DLC, specifically under the epithet San Andreas Mercenaries, this four-seater plane adds an extra dimension to the high octane GTA online mod menu pc.

The Streamer 216: First Impressions and Options

The Streamer 216, available for purchase in the game, offers unabridged access to airborne adventures. Typically priced at $238,000, it gives players a swarm of features and customization opportunities. Apart from a large variety of liveries, players can outfit this assembly with an extensive selection of bombs, providing a marked advantage during aerial combat in the iconic Los Santos or while indulging in some GTA 5 roleplay. However, this new asset, which has consequently popped into the mod menu GTA 5 PC, inexplicably can’t be stashed into the hangar.

Performance Evaluation: Speed and Acceleration

While the price and the associated features may raise the expectations, a preliminary review of the Streamer 216’s performance may invite second thoughts. It tops out at about 171 miles per hour or 276 km/h, which is a touch slower than the average for its class. Moreover, the acceleration is a bit sluggish and leaves a lot to be desired. These aspects may well make players think twice before giving into this latest addition to the GTA 5 Online DLC.

Handling and Cost Evaluation

Handling is a pivotal aspect when it comes to the GTA 5 vehicles’ performance, and unfortunately, the Streamer 216 somewhat disappoints on that front too. Despite being a part of the supposedly exhilarating GTA update, the air brakes and handling of the Streamer 216 are challenging at best. Also, at $238,000, it makes for a rather expensive asset in it’s class. Given the underwhelming performance attributes, it might be viewed as a pricey option for many players focused on their GTA 5 online tips and tricks.

Is the Streamer 216 Worth the Investment?

When evaluated against the backdrop of the GTA 5 online gameplay, the Streamer 216 appears as a mixed bag. On one hand, it offers an opportunity for the players to engage with Los Santos Angeles from a novel perspective, it is brought down by certain limitations on the other. The uncertainties surrounding its permanency in the GTA V game, and the related teething issues, could push players to approach this new GTA online update with caution.


The Streamer 216 is indeed an intriguing addition to the Grand Theft Auto V online platform. It offers a new way of exploring the city of Los Santos, taken straight from GTA San Andreas. However, its steep price and average performance attributes might leave many players sticking with their trusted Nought GTA 5. Upon thorough review, it seems that the Streamer 216 is not a major game-changer and might only appeal to a niche group of players looking for something new within GTA V’s dynamic and fast-paced world.

the streamer 216 has been released in GTA Online as drip feed content so let’s take a
look at whether the San Andreas mercenaries DLC has delivered on this one and whether
it’s a win for the Los Santos Angels or just another cheap shark card grab by Rockstar Games
my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer the mammoth streamer is a four-seater plane that
typically goes for 238 000 when it’s not on sale now we couldn’t get this thing into the
hangar so we’ve used a mob to check out the options so quite a lot of bombs and a large
variety of liveries the 216 tops out at about 171 miles an hour or 276k so it’s a bit slower
than average for its class the acceleration on the streamer is a bit sluggish for what it is
and the air brakes and the handling are abysmal and at 2 238 Grand the 216 is a bit pricey for
its class not much of a fan of this one so I don’t think I’ll be grabbing it finally at the time of
recording we have no idea if this is a permanent fixture or Rockstar’s just going to leave it in
for this week only either way if you’re going to grab it you might as well jump in fairly
quickly and thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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