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GTA Time Trial & Easy Money

Accelerate through three time trials in Grand Theft Auto Online and earn up to 300k without glitches or heists. Navigate the storm drain, Vespucci canals, and North Chumash with tips on speed and precision. Upgrade your vehicles and watch out for traffic and terrain changes.
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GTA Time Trials: Easy Money Guide

If you’re looking for an easy way to make some quick cash in GTA Online, look no further than the game’s time trials. With no need for glitches, heists, or any special skills, these time trials offer a simple and lucrative way to make up to 300K in just a few minutes of gameplay.

Storm Drain Time Trial

The storm drain time trial is a quick drag race through an urban maze. The key to success is finding the right balance between speed and control. Take any vehicle of your choice and follow our guide to cut corners and find the fastest route. For this challenge, we recommend the batty 801, the cheapest Superbike in the game.

Vespucci Canals Time Trial

The Vespucci Canals time trial is a bit more challenging, as it involves navigating a miniature RC Bandito through the tight alleys and bridges of the Canals. Precision is key, and our guide will show you how to avoid traffic, take corners, and maintain traction. We recommend upgrading your Bandito for the best results.

North Chumash Time Trial

The North Chumash time trial is the most difficult of the three, but also offers the highest reward: up to 300K if you complete it in time. In this challenge, you’ll need to avoid traffic, navigate tricky hills and curves, and take a few shortcuts to bypass the final turn. We recommend a fast Superbike like the Pikachu for this challenge.

How to Make Easy Money in GTA Online

By completing these time trials, you can earn anywhere from 100K to 300K in just a few minutes of gameplay. This makes them the perfect solution for players looking to make some quick cash without having to grind through missions or heists. Simply follow our guides, choose the right vehicle, and you’ll be on your way to becoming rich in GTA Online.

Upgrade Your Vehicle

To maximize your earnings in the time trials, we recommend upgrading your vehicle as much as possible. This will improve its speed, handling, and acceleration, making it easier to win the challenges and earn more money.

Take the Shortcuts

In each of the time trials, we’ll show you where to find shortcuts that will save you time and help you beat your opponents. These shortcuts can be risky, so be sure to practice them a few times before trying them in a live race.

Choose the Right Vehicle

Each time trial requires a different type of vehicle, so be sure to choose the right one for the challenge. Superbikes like the batty 801 are great for straight-line speed, while compact cars like the RC Bandito are ideal for navigating tight spaces.

Keep Trying

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t win the time trials on your first few tries. These challenges require practice and skill, so keep trying until you find the right rhythm and win the race. With a bit of practice, you’ll be making easy money in no time.


If you’re looking for an easy way to make some fast cash in GTA Online, look no further than the game’s time trials. By following our guides and choosing the right vehicle, you can earn up to 300K in just a few minutes of gameplay. With no need for glitches or heists, these challenges offer a fun and simple way to become rich in Los Santos.

right time for a quick 300 Grand in Grand Theft Auto online no GTA money glitch no sweat
no Heist just easy money and at least 100 Grand if it’s Noob friendly
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer alright players gear up
today we are going to accelerate through three thrilling time trials in Grand Theft Auto
online and no we’re not just talking about racing we’re talking about cashing in on a
not quite GTA 5 online money glitch that we all love and adore first off we’re diving
into the storm drain a time trial where you can rev up in any vehicle of your choice this
challenge is all about finding the right Rhythm between speed and control right in the heart
of the urban jungle we’re going to navigate the not so complex Maze of storm drains showing
you the fastest route and Corners to cut next we’ll zip through the Vespucci canals time
trial equipped with our fully upgraded RC bandito here Precision is the key and the
joy of miniature Mayhem is just a bonus don’t be fooled even though it’s small the bandito
can still pack a punch in your quest on how to make easy money in GTA 5 online and finally
we’ll Dash through the scenic North Chumash time troll for the hsw run this challenge
offers a beautiful but treacherous track so if you’ve ever wondered about how to get free
money in GTA Online this is where we Unearthed that secret right starting with the regular
time trial storm drain no real gotchas to this one it’s just a straight drag so let’s
Dive Right In and we’re on the batty 801 this time the cheapest Superbike in the game you
can purchase one of these for 15K or find them on the street pretty readily this one’s
been upgraded but it’s still a good budget option for noobs and off we go squeezing the
accelerator instead of jamming it on gives us a good start then leaning back on the bike
will give us a few extra miles dip the front while cornering then lean back once we’re
[Music] all right
sneak across the Apex but be careful here and a quick shortcut as we ramp up
and squeaked it in with less than a quarter of a second to spare next up the RC bandito
time trial Vespucci canals and a few gotchas on this one there can be traffic on the roads
so we need to keep an eye out for that Bridges pose a bit of a risk and it’s pretty easy
to lose control as you ramp off we need to keep an eye out for traction as we head over
curbs especially while cornering this corner with the curb up a hill and a bit of a grassy
knoll can prove particularly challenging and there are PEDs in a few places so we need
to be mindful of them too okay let’s do the whole run as always a fully upgraded bandito
is better you’ll need an arena workshop for that and there’s a full guide in the description
below and here we go
straight on the accelerator as soon as we’re green we’ve got a good straight run here but
NPCs will get in your way off the gas for the corner no need for brakes then back on
it as you straighten up
first Bridge jump and we’ll need to keep our wits about us here then off the gas for the
corner again no brakes but watch your grip then flat out through the car park
ease off for the exit then around to the left
for the next left then flat strap for the next little bit
and this is what I mean with the ramping super easy to come on stock and back on track
right this little lighter slightly downhill so let’s grip over a curb onto the grass this
could probably be done quicker but we’re still good remember to steer into the roll for your
recovery pedestrians and a rolling risk and the surface is pretty uneven through the back
alleys the bandito can get a little bit floaty ease often stick to the left this one’s a
bit narrow and there’s a few tight turns here so just give the accelerator a squirt between
flat out off the bridge
ease off as we go through the park then feather the accelerator as we follow the path up watch
your pads too be careful cutting corners and you can get a bit of air back on it
and ease off as there’s a bit of a dip around the corner so you will lose grip for a moment
nice wide line then try to place yourself between the other cars take it easy around
the last corner and back on the moment you hit the Apex and through with a good five
seconds to spare finally the hsw time trial North Chumash as always a few glitches on
this one we have a bit of a lively start on the dirt we have to keep an eye on traffic
on the highways we’ll need to take it pretty easy when taking the shortcut off the highway
and there’s potential issues with grip and trees over the hills while taking said shortcut
we’re also going to avoid the final turn by going cross-country but it’s um hairy okay
let’s do the whole run I recommend a Superbike for this one and we’re on the Pikachu How
Could you um thanks 11 labs and off we go bit of over revving here this is super Lively
so take it really easy on the dirt the undulating surface means the bike is really bright
just ease off a touch as we head on to the tarmac there’s a bit of a ridge which can
loosen up the tail then absolutely flat strap and we want to start smoothing out the lines
as much as we can so where traffic permits crossover make use of the clearways and medium
lines and big sweeping turns so we can keep that pace up
is off as we change Road surfaces and round the right-hander then back on it and ease
off again as we head towards the Apex here as we hit the crest the bike’s grip will loosen
a bit as gravity works against us dial it back for the right-hander then gently squeeze
the throttle as we come out of the corner keeping an eye on traffic
again easing off just before the Apex then back on it and as we work our way through
the next few sweeping bends feather the accelerator to keep up the pace without going too hard
over to the right ready for the big left-hander then ease off a bit as we turn in use as much
of the road as practical and don’t be afraid to hit the brakes then snap the throttle as
soon as you come out of the corner
and as we head towards the city traffic is going to start getting pretty heavy so keep
an eye on that Horizon so you have as much warning as possible don’t forget the NPCs
can be a bit erratic behind the wheel
keep that thread all locked on full all the way through these gentle bends no need to
ease off at all and there’s the wind farm billboard so over to the two right lanes
and ease off over to the crest will get a bit floaty might even need to tap the brakes
into the left-hander as we hit the on-ramp and squeeze it back on as you get upright
back onto the highway and flat strap
okay there’s the overpass so our first shortcut is coming up hit the brakes and we’re off
to the right watch these trees and Terrain swing to the right a bit then over the crest
we’ll get airborne so keep your wits about you and we want to avoid that Gully on the
right back onto this arm back and on it again
now for the Harriet hit the brakes and turn off to the right onto the dirt we’re back
onto an undulating surface and that means constant grip changes ease right off then
put the bite between the barriers over and absolutely drounce that one with a stonking
30 seconds to spare and thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands we’ll see you in
the next video

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