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Security Patch for PC!! Meh… Discounts + Cash: 2 Feb Weekly Update

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PC has been "fixed" (sort of). Weekly update for Grand Theft Auto Online, for Thursday, 2 February 2023. Double Money, RP Bonuses, Discounts & More in #gtaonline #gtav #gta #gta5

* Modders can’t spoof their names, as of the time of recording

In this week’s GTA Online update, we’ve got a lot of great new content for you to enjoy!

First up, we’ve got a new Double Money, Discounts & More event going on now! This event offers plenty of great opportunities for you to make money and get discounts on items in the game. Don’t miss out on these chance to get some serious discounts!

We’ve also got a new Weekly Update for you this week, with plenty of new content to check out. So be sure to check it out and enjoy all the new features and updates that have been added!

Starting today, you can take advantage of a range of exciting new discounts and bonuses on the popular game. Plus, we’ve got some updates to share about the ongoing war between the Los Santos Families. Check out this video to find out more!

In this video, we’re hosting a special GTA Online update for Thursday, 2 Feb 2023. This week, we have a lot of great new content for you, including discounts, bonus money, and more!

Make sure to check out this update for all the latest news and updates about GTA Online. We have lots of great things in store for you, so be sure to Subscribe to our channel and tune in every Thursday for the latest news and updates!

double money in RP this week in GTA Online here’s the updates for Thursday the 2nd of
February 2023 LS Carmen the prize Riders The Lifeguard SUV and we’re showcasing
The Sentinel Classic Monroe and the tropos rally and the Stinger GT is up for grabs at the casino
Simeon has the ever on penetrator bowler St Yuga classic and the Tulip and luxury Autos
is showcasing the Koke d10 and the Turismo R this week’s discounts include the Yuga
classic tropis rally tulip and the brocade 6×6 although you can score the 6×6 free by
completing the new Dax first dose missions and bonus money on Hustler Vista adversary
modes and acid lab stuff time trials are rat and Canyon and construction site one as expected the
winning SC has been removed so not to worry though it was overpriced and handled like a
pig on skates and finally it is now safe to play GTA online on PC again don’t forget to
sub to the channel for full updates and visit linktree slash old grumpy games for our social

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