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9 Feb 2023: Weekly Update (plus GTA 6 News)

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Weekly update for Grand Theft Auto Online, for Thursday, 9 February 2023. Triple Money, RP Bonuses, Discounts & More in #gta #gtaonline #gta5 #gtav

The Rockstar Launcher has been updated, with improvements to

GTA Online has also had a few updates, not just PC this time, but console, too:

Taxi God Mode Glitch was also patched, but there’s already a workaround for that.

In this GTA Weekly Update Today, 9 Feb 2023, we have the latest news and updates for Grand Theft Auto Online.

From discounts on weapons and vehicles to new jobs and activities, there’s always something happening in Grand Theft Auto Online! Check out the latest news and updates to stay up to date on all the latest for Grand Theft Auto Online

In this video, we’ll share the GTA Weekly Update today, 9 Feb 2023 in #gtaonline. Here you’ll find the latest news and events from the world of Grand Theft Auto!

If you’re looking for the latest news and events in the world of Grand Theft Auto, then you’ll want to check out this GTA Weekly Update today! You’ll find everything from game updates and discount codes to free weapons and more. So be sure to subscribe to our channel so you never miss a beat!

In today’s GTA Weekly Update, we’ve got a bunch of new and exclusive content for you guys!

We’ve got a new GTA Online mission where you have to help a load of old people escape the city alive, free weapon drops, and a whole bunch of discounts on GTA Online cars and Properties! So be sure to check it all out and enjoy!

is the GTA weekly update for Thursday 9th of February 2023. Rockstar devs and security team
haven’t let up this week with the patches to the Rockstar Games launcher and the game itself the
Dax Johann cooldown skip auto shop merge doomsday Heist prep Skip and the Kayo Perico wall breach
glitches have all been patched for GTA 6 Rockstar claim the leak didn’t affect their planned release
time the Broadway has been released LS car meets prize ride is the 8f drafter and we’re showcasing
the ramus Dominator ASP and the vector and the Roosevelt is up for grabs at the casino
simeons has the Roosevelt Valor Broadway enter DMT Zion classic and the piota gasa and luxury
Autos is showcasing the JB 700 and the Mamba discounts this week are on the Peyote gasa
Roosevelt Valor entity Mt and retro arcades and the Gutenberg sweeper is completely free bonus
money and RP until death do us part adversary modes shotgun wedding at deathmatches Community
death matches some Community last team standings and Community stunt races time trials are down
Chiliad and Cypress flats and login unlocks are a Valentine’s Blazer and heartbreak pendant necklace

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