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9 Feb 2023: What to Buy

Discounts on properties and vehicles in GTA Online this week. Get a 35% discount on arcade purchases and upgrades, and the Peyote Gasser for $523,250. The Roosevelt Valor and Entity MT are also on sale. Plus, get the Gutenberg Sweeper and Machine Chain Gun for free. Rockstar has released new patches and updates, including improvements to launching offline and downloading games. The latest investor earnings call revealed no delay in the planned release date for GTA 6, speculated to be
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GTA Weekly Update: Discounts and Deals for February 9, 2023

Rockstar developers have been busy over the past few weeks, but they still managed to release another weekly update in GTA Online on February 9, 2023. While there aren’t many discounts this week, there are still some noteworthy deals worth checking out.

Properties, Upgrades, and Deals

This week, players can save 35% off on Retro Arcade purchases and upgrades with Jimmy and Wendy. Although the retro arcade is expensive to kit out, it provides access to the Diamond Casino Heist, the ability to run drones from the bunker underneath, and an optional Master Control Center. The Master Control Center allows players to monitor and manage all of their GTA online businesses from a single location, making it a massive time-saver and one of the best quality-of-life updates in the game.

For car enthusiasts, the Peyote Gasser, a two-seater rear-wheel drive five-speed muscle car, is on sale for 35% off, bringing its price down to $523,250 (from $805,000). Though the car is quick and powerful, its handling is a bit challenging to manage on regular roads around the map. Meanwhile, the Roosevelt Valor is available for 35% off, making it $638.3 (from $982,000), but it’s also a bit sluggish and has poor handling.

The Entity MT superseries is available for 25% off, bringing its price down to $1,776,250 (from $2,355,000). This two-seater rear-wheel drive six-speed supercar is lightning fast and handles like it’s on rails, making it an overall brilliant drive.

Free Weapons

In this weekly update, players can get two free weapons: the Gutenberg Sweeper and the Machine Chain Gun, both of which typically retail for $14.6 million. Though the Machine Chain Gun burns through ammo and has poor accuracy, it’s a solid weapon and comes at no cost.

Technical Updates

The Rockstar developers have released numerous patches with various updates for GTA online. They have improved the Rockstar launcher for offline launching, downloading and installing games, and launching games through the Steam and epic stores. They have also fixed several glitches and exploits, including the Dax and Johann Cooldown Skip glitch, the Auto Shop Merge glitch, the Doomsday Heist Skip Prep glitch, and the Kyo Perico Wall Bridge glitch.

Lastly, the Taxi God Mode glitch has been patched, and there is a workaround available for players looking to continue exploiting the bug.

GTA 5 Update 2023

During the investor earnings call, Rockstar developers confirmed that despite the GTA 6 leak, it would not affect the planned release date. The release date is still unclear, and early to mid-2024 is only speculation.

Final Thoughts

While there have been better weekly updates in the past, this week’s GTA online update provides some excellent deals for players looking to buy new and upgrades properties or cars. Don’t forget to check out the links provided for weekly updates, guide for making money, and other tips and tricks to improve your gameplay.

well it looks like a pretty damn ordinary week in GTA Online as far as discounts go
with only a couple on offer but we’ll forgive the Rockstar devs
because they have had their hands full over the last few weeks here’s what’s
actually worth buying in the GTA weekly update for Thursday 9th of February 2023.
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and I’m an old grumpy gamer so let’s start with the properties
with Jimmy and Wendy with a 35 discount on retro arcade purchases and upgrades the arcade is a
cracker of a facility it’s expensive to Kit out but it’s a nice place to be plus for fans of story
mode watching Jimmy actually putting in some work is pretty damn neat too as a standalone business
the arcade is pretty ordinary but and it’s a big but it gives you access to the Diamond Casino
Heist which is worth millions the ability to run drones from the bunker underneath and an optional
Master Control Center and that last one’s a kicker it allows you to Monitor and manage all of your
GTA online businesses from a single location which is a massive Time Saver and one of the
best quality of life updates in the game so if you’ve already got an arcade it’s time to max
out the upgrades and when I say upgrades I mean upgrades to the facility not the games they’re
always if you’ve not got an arcade Now’s the Time to take the plunge onto vehicles and starting with
the Peyote gasa which is normally 805 Grand but is on sale this week at 35 off bringing it down
to 523 250. the Peyote Gasser is a two-seater rear-wheel drive five-speed muscle car that tops
out around 118 miles per hour or about 188 case this thing’s pretty quick for what it is and it
pulls reasonably hard too the handling on the piote Gasser lets it down a fair bit making it
a bit of a challenge to drive on regular roads around the map so is it worth the money well I
mean if you want one then the discount will make it more attractive but honestly I’m not a massive
fan that said grab it if you’re keen on the older cars in the game jumping over to the Roosevelt
Valor which is normally 982 000 but is on sale this week at 35 off as well bringing it down
to 638.3 the Valor is a six-seater rear-wheel drive four-speed Sports classic that tops out
at about 98 miles an hour or about 157 case this thing’s a bit sluggish and doesn’t pull real hard
the handling on the valve lets it down a fair bit making it an interesting drive is it worth
getting I mean it’s not something I’d go out of my way for but if you’re a fan of the discount it
means it’s a better time to buy if you’re not a fan though yeah I’d leave it alone flipping over
to the entity Mt which is normally 2 355 000 but is on sale this week at 25 off bringing it down to
one million at 776 250. the Mt is a two-seater rear-wheel drive six-speed super that tops out
around 131 miles an hour or about 210ks this thing is fast like really fast and it pulls reasonably
hard too The Entity Mt handles like it’s on Rails making it an absolutely brilliant drive so is it
worth the money absolutely it is a great piece of Kit and the discount makes it even more attractive
so grab it if you have the coin spare next up weapons with the Gutenberg sweeper and machine
chain gun that typically retails for 14-6 being completely free so that’s zero dollars this Burns
through ammo at about the rate you’d expect accuracy is a bit ordinary but if you fire in
short bursts you’ll be fine you may need a bit of practice to master this one but it’s not too bad
is it worth getting though absolutely it’s a solid weapon and it’s free so that means more money in
your pocket before we head off a quick technical update as well it looks like the Rockstar devs
and security team hasn’t let up this week with new patches coming thick and fast the Rockstar
launcher has been updated with improvements to launching offline downloading and installing
games and launching games through the Steam and epic stores GTA online has also had a few updates
not just a PC this time but the console too with the Dax and Johann cooldown skip glitch the auto
shop merge glitch doomsday Heist skip prep glitch and the Kyo Perico wall bridge glitch all being
patched the taxi God Mode glitch was also a patch but there’s already a workaround to that as well
Rockstar also had its investor earnings call earlier this week too with some rare good news
from that now while the devs were devastated about the GTA 6 leak it has not affected the
planned release date looking at the projections I’m still thinking early to mid 2024 as a release
date but that’s only speculation finally we’re reserving judgment on the Broadway for now but
we’ll come back after we’ve done a complete review and that’s it for this week’s discounts
check out the link top right for this week’s GTA online updates or the one down the bottom for a
bit of a money guide in the meantime if you’re new to the channel subscribe for more content
like this thanks for watching stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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