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New GTA San Andreas is a Dumpster Fire | Channel Update

The GTA Definitive Edition has been plagued with issues, causing frustration and inconveniences for players. If the issue isn't resolved by Friday, one gamer has threatened to uninstall and request a refund. Keep an eye out for their videos on gang war strategies and tips for players migrating from GTA 5.
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GTA Definitive Edition Dumpster Fire

This video serves as a quick channel update on the dumpster fire that is the GTA Definitive Edition. The speaker, an old grumpy gamer named Dan, was streaming GTA San Andreas on November 12, 2021, when the game crashed after almost 10 hours of gameplay. Since then, the trilogy has been locked by Rockstar, and Dan will have to reinstall the whole game once it’s finally restored – which may require him to download it again. While this is merely a minor inconvenience for Dan, it may end up costing other gamers more time and money.

The Speaker’s Perspective

As a software engineer, Dan is generally understanding of problems related to software rollouts and the effort involved in building any kind of software. Still, he is not impressed with the Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition, especially after paying full price for it. If the game is not fixed and fully restored by Friday morning (British Standard Time), Dan will be uninstalling it and asking for a refund.

Upcoming Videos

While waiting for the resolution of this issue, Dan has two more GTA San Andreas videos in the pipeline. One covers gang war strategies, while the other goes over some of the gotchas gamers may encounter when migrating from GTA V or GTA Online. After that, it’s back to regular programming.


In conclusion, the GTA Definitive Edition has been a major disappointment for many gamers, including Dan. While he is willing to give Rockstar the benefit of the doubt, he believes that the company needs to do better before charging full price for a remastered trilogy. If you’re interested in GTA San Andreas gameplay, stay tuned for Dan’s upcoming videos on gang war strategies and gotchas to watch out for. And if you’re thinking of downloading the game or buying it on Game Pass, be aware of the potential issues with the remastered version.

hi this is a super quick channel update on the dumpster fire that is a gta definitive edition
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and i’m an old grumpy gator as some of
you would know i was streaming gta san andreas on friday 12th of november 2021
when this happened shotgun at the top of that too all right where are they oh no oh dear well
that’s crashed while i managed to get in just under 10 hours of gaming before this happened
it’s been almost a week since the crash and the subsequent locking of the trilogy by rockstar in
addition it looks like i have to reinstall the whole box and dice when it’s finally restored
most likely having to download it again now that’s a pain for me on my site connection but ultimately
that’s all it is just a minor pain and if you’re on a meted connection or you don’t have access to
decent broadband this can end up costing you even more money than it already has now as a software
engineer i’m generally pretty understanding of problems relating to software rollouts and the
sheer volume of effort involves in building software of any kind be it business software
websites or games but sweet merciful crap this is something else and after paying full tote i’m not
impressed so here’s where it’s at if this isn’t fixed and fully restored by first thing friday
morning british standard time i’ll be uninstalling the game and asking for a refund in the meantime i
still have a couple of san andreas videos to go one on gang war strategies and another covering
some of the gotchas if you’re migrating from a gta 5 or gc online after those it’ll be back
to regular programming so thanks for watching and thanks for your patience and check out the
video at the top for the next san andreas video or the one down the bottom for some
more old grumpy gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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