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Going for Early Money (Passive) in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

Join this San Andreas stream as we follow the Grove Street Crew through the story while trying to unlock early passive income. Let's catch up with CJ, Smoke, and Ryder with the Definitive Edition re-release.

Exploring Early Money in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

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Going for Early Money in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

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good afternoon or good morning ladies
and gentlemen my name is dan and i’m an
old grumpy gamer in this stream we’re
going to be doing a couple of storyline
missions with an aim to unlock the best
passive income source in the game as
early as possible
uh we have been playing for a couple of
hours at this point doing some
completionist stuff but if you were to
just go straight to this point we’ve
probably less than an hour in
and i’m hoping to be able to get to
where we need to be inside an hour and a
so let’s get started uh
we’ve done a couple of streams already
on this one which is how to uh going
through some of the access to the early
weapons which is
knitted as a reasonable haul
and we’ve also gone through uh how to
cj’s health and stamina so if we have a
look at these stats here you can see
what zero percent body fat stamina is at
100 muscles at 100 which has really
strength and
ability to to run around
and we’ve also in that process unlocked
some really really cool
uh fighting moves as well so
yeah been a productive couple of days
so anyway what i’m going to do is start
with a super super quick weapons run
uh basically
i’m going to grab some grenades i’m
going to grab
a silence 9 mil ak and make sure my body
armor is cranked up so let’s start there
now grenade should be about there
and let’s go find a vehicle
and then after that we’ll jump into the
now the great thing about sort of
smashing out some of these
earlier achievements rather than diving
straight in is
it means that a lot of these early
emissions are way
way easier than they might otherwise be
because we have that extra health
because we have that extra armor
and the extra weapons as well so that
rider mission for example where we
normally beat it’s not out of a couple
of bowlers is walked in with a short uh
with a handheld shotgun a sworn off and
um took him out yeah pretty damn
promptly so
that was all good
where are we
am i a bit high up
might be oh no i’m on the street below
i think
am i on the street below
can we get up here let’s see how much
power this thing’s got
not enough
look where you’re going
all right let’s uh yeah i can’t recall
is it around here or is it around the
where is it where is it where is it it’s
not far away
that might be it
nope that’s not the one
must be at the top of the hill there is
a grenade around here somewhere don’t go
up those stairs it ends poorly
might be over here let me just consult
my guide i’m already into the guide two
seconds and away we go
but uh doing this quick weapons run will
just give us a bit more of an advantage
up the front so let’s uh
jump back in have a quick look at where
this is
yeah i was on the wrong road sorry
needs to be up here
and it will just make it that much
quicker as well now i’m not going to
worry about um
the the the small smg’s they’re just
we’re going to accumulate plenty of
those on our own over the next hour or
so it’s just going to be a full auto
machine gun
and some explosives
and a silence pistol because that is
really really handy for some of the
stuff we’ve got coming up in later
now worth noting as well with the
silence pistol uh you can’t use
the where is it
there it is i think that looks like it
with the silence pistol you can’t use
the same ammo as a standard nine mil
it’s not an accessory
there it is grenades
okay and we’ll go for ak and some body
armor so that lives at the back of this
little shed here so we just need to head
to the railway out there
and we also need to get out of argos
territory before they start going us
because they get
quite upset
right and off we go
not paying attention
around the corner here
all right so the next thing we’re doing
is heading to the railway we’re going
out the back of it and there is a neat
spot here where there is not only an ak
but some body armor
which is always really handy as well so
once we’ve done this
get on to the next actual mission which
won’t take too long
hoping it will take us probably less
than 20 minutes to actually get to the
point where we can start unlocking the
passive income
and then we’ll set cj up for the rest of
the game
with yeah quite a bit of coin
it’s not too far off
sorry guys i’m just going to pause for
half a second i need to turn on some
bands otherwise we are going to
start seeing a drop in frame rate i just
noticed a quick snap there and this is
this is good fun but it is a bit of a
buggy mess as well i was watching some
stuff on watch culture last night and
apparently what they’ve done is they’ve
grabbed the standard source code from
the ps2 from back in the day
upscaled a bunch of stuff using machine
learning and then tweaked a bunch of
gear which is why we’re missing some of
the patches and some of the features
from later versions
all right so we’re in that warehouse
there so we can go in and there’s a bit
of a maze but it’s a bit of a pain in
the backside so i’m just going to sneak
through here instead
and there is a shortcut that stares at
the back
so if i recall correctly we can head up
here there’s some body armor in here
thank you very much
let’s just uh
use that instead of the grenade because
that’s a dangerous game and then of
course the ak there
so where are we sitting we have
40 grenades
291 rounds with the ak
22 with the sawn off
got seven with the sniper er that should
be okay for what we’re gonna do
actually you know what let’s go and grab
some sniper rifle rounds as well i
suspect they will be very very handy
all right so where are they
let me just i’ve got a guide here there
is a a link in the description for the
first stream we did
which is really handy
and i will link it again a bit later on
in this stream down below so let’s have
a look so that is
year-ish i want to say here-ish
yeah so there should be a tv
this is a tv lot there
all right am i getting out of here
oh the vehicle’s looking a little worse
where already
it’s all right we will get a new one
soon so there’s no dramas there
you know what i am going to grab one of
i’m not
that’s right
the elegant is not a not a fast vehicle
but it certainly does the trick
and what we’re also doing while we’re
putting around here is keeping an eye
out for these guys
you see him standing like that fancy hat
nice clothes they are
dealers so what we want to do is just
real quick
pop him
and they often have quite a bit of cash
on you
so there’s an extra two grand thank you
very much
may have upset some bowlers there so
oh i’ve not picked the quickest car ever
but that’s okay we’ll make do
lost a little bit that wasn’t the most
subtle thing ever so i did lose a little
bit of
ammo but that’s okay now can i get
through here
i’ll save us a little bit
there we go
and off to grab the sniper rifle and
then we’ll dive in to the next round of
uh of missions
so once we’ve done those those missions
and essentially what we’re going to be
doing is following the storyline for
probably about half a dozen
smoke missions
that’ll open up the gang land the gang
wars are you serious
that’ll open up gang wars and then what
we can do there is create a situation
where cj is earning a lot of coin
without having to do much and then once
we’ve done that then we can go on to all
of the other missions to lead us up to
the the next thing we can do some
achievement hunting and while that’s
happening cj’s bank account will be
growing a lot
but first things first
quick round of uh grabbing some weapons
and then we’re back to smokes
now i should also mention as well in
this game unlike gta 5
if you die or sorry if you get wasted i
should say or if you get arrested you
lose all your weapons and there’s no
getting them back
at least at this point
so what we need to do is save quite
regularly pretty much every time we do
something important or every time we do
uh unusual we need to make sure
that we uh no that’s all right we can’t
get one from here
we need to make sure that we save and
make sure that we um we do a hard safe
as well
otherwise you’ll lose your weapons and
that can be
really really painful
all right so there’s
there’s definitely other snipers here i
just need to try and find it this this
guide’s great but it also doesn’t allow
you to
i went all the way to the wrong end of
the map and doesn’t allow you to search
so where is that sniper rifle
all right that’s the movie i was looking
for before
all right
all right should be able to stop this
guy now
and let’s go grab a slightly nicer
this is an earlier version of the ruiner
i think yeah zr350
ah actually that’s um tuna’s update had
the zr didn’t it and i’m sure
chat will correct me if i’m wrong
but uh let’s
head down to wherever we’re going
we’re down this way anyway so this is
much quicker than an elegant however
they don’t handle well the
responsiveness on these vehicles is just
not the same
where am i going
i need to be down there
all right so we’ll head around the back
now what’s interesting as well as the ai
here while it is improved on what it
used to be
if you bump into someone’s car they get
it’s really really different to uh to
what we had before so
let’s scoot across here
where is this thing taking me
that was a roundabout way of getting the
things but okay
right so we should have the movie up
oh come on are you serious
you know what we can wait without a
sniper rifle for a while that’s fine
let’s head back to smoke
we’ve got aks we’ve got body armor we’re
all good
is that a security car
that is a security car can i do some
damage to this thing
get there we go
oh he just lobs it wherever he’s
that’s not great
okay yeah they’re upset
and this ladies and gentlemen is why are
you safe
all right let’s head back to grove
all they upset they are real upset
what might save this vehicle actually
get out of the way get out of the way
get out of the way
get out of the car cj
yeah you can’t abandon a car mid mid
mission anymore which is a bit
all right well that could have been more
successful but that’s okay
all right let’s go
chat with sweet and see what’s up
now uh i will
actually let’s pop around so it’s a bit
more daylighty
so we can skip forward just by um
walking into the save and doing a quick
save and if you’ve got a an ssd like me
it is a very quick operation
let’s go see what sweet’s got to say for
give me 15 [__] i’ll write it
down in a sec i ain’t gonna pencil with
you fast sucker let me play first all
right what’s up what’s up man who
winning who you think huh me
that does it that’s game noil and void
[__] so uh what kind of guns we
working with now one time came through
raid the spot we ain’t got [__] now well
what you gonna do if the ball is rolled
through those shoes at him
say what happened to emmy emmett
[__] ganks these days got max ak’s and
all kind of stuff emmet on the other
hand ain’t got [__] well until we get
that plug we gotta deal with the cat
that always been there for us emmett
seville boulevard families we ain’t too
close these days but nonetheless i’ll
take you to sin get ourselves strapped
up come on man [__] shake him up again
right so this looks like this is where
we’re meant to get weapons
going the four-door today what happened
to the family what a love man
[__] happened
it’s a bill wrongs temple temple wrongs
bad blood leads to bad blood if you read
the book that’s the way of the world
baby yeah but you know you got to keep
it real
i admire you carl
a visionary remember me when you get to
the top
all right let’s uh let’s see here we go
that’s my man right there you know what
i’m saying
who shot at me
what you kids want hey hey pops hey
what’s in it aren’t you beverly
johnson’s boy that’s right bruh say it
ain’t you dead no emmett the other one
carl i’m
sorry about
that’s why we here sir
we want to get the people who did it
well you come to the right place
try anything you like boy
man look at this old [__]
die little glass ball of fool
all right so quick checkpoint save there
be so proud of you boy
let’s see here we go here i hope this
hasn’t replace my uh my silence nine mil
because that is really neat
i’m the best there ever was
mouse and keyboard boys and girls
absolutely the way to go
all right so there’s some basic shooting
practice there hopefully that’ll
that’s new
oh man check out special agent big smoke
proceed to crouch
ah that’s it right
gotta roll
yeah nice
i had completely forgotten about this
mechanic but that’s kind of neat
interesting that it’s mapped to c
instead of the uh the shift key like
stealth but yeah we’ll take it
and i do like this mechanic this is
really neat so just pop over here sneak
down and
hop the gas can
so you don’t see that in the modern
games i think that is just delightful
but remember something real strength
comes from within my brother listen to
the boy yeah i guess liberty didn’t
soften you nut huh hey look let’s split
hey i see you around emmett i’m 100
behind you boys but remember this you
didn’t get them from me and remember
this evidence is the place for guns i’ve
always got high quality merchandise and
i’ve been proudly serving the community
for over 30 years
crazy old fool hey look you drive man
i seen noah cannons in this strap in the
museum right let’s see what’s next i’m
real tired dude drop me off in my crib
just before i do that just want to check
the weapon wheel
damn it it’s replaced my uh my silence
pistol all right we’ll have to go get
another one of those in a few moments
they’re just super handy having that
silence weapon early on means you can
take out uh dealers without too much
fuss and also do your um
do the tagging without too much fuss
because you can take out ballers without
them noticing
cops are interesting in this one they’re
a lot more forgiving of uh gangland
at least a
lot more forgiving than i remember
all right and drop big smoke off
there we go
thanks cj
i see you rap later smoke
speak i thought you was representing
what correct me if i’m wrong but i
thought you was rolling with grove
street again i already told you who i am
why are you singing your colors yet you
got to find a flag man
ain’t nobody gonna respect you if you
ain’t representing your hood all right
man my bad i just ain’t got around to it
yet there’s a beacon around the corner
from the gym again go get yourself some
all right let’s buy a big smoke’s cap
all right so there’s only a few missions
that we need to get to before we can
open up the gang stuff and we can start
on that passive income
i’ll get through there
right there we go
oh that doesn’t hit it well but that’s
okay it’s all good fun
so after this one we’ll quickly go and
grab the silence nine mil again and some
extra cash
sorry not some extra cash some extra
body armor because i suspect we’ll need
that soon so yeah if you can try to
avoid going into too much stuff
uh without body armor it’ll save you a
lot of grief because even though we have
auto saves um and we have restarts we
still don’t have check pointing
uh so you can’t mid mission checkpoint
any uh still
all right let’s go find ourselves in our
let’s go with a black tank
here we go that’s pretty cool
try on anything you want sir
let’s see what else we got here we do
need to get some green but it doesn’t
need to be a lot of green
all right let’s go with the green jeans
now for anyone wondering how i’ve
managed to get eight grand without too
much trouble that has been on dealers
uh so yeah every time i spot a dealer
i’ll um well let’s say i’ll sort about
pretty promptly
let’s go full 90s hey why not
all right get the green rag
that’s not what i was after
let’s go
green rag back
no i really don’t like that at all
that’s alright
we’ll just stick with the green jeans
cj is rep resenting
and let’s give him a chain
none of those repealing options right
okay so he’s wearing some green
he’s bulked up we are good to go
all right mission passed
head back to grove street
so actually uh let’s go grab this nine
mil first
so there should be a silence nine mil
so i’d much rather the silence one it’s
just easier to deal with and it helps
you out with a few more situations and
then after that we’re uh we’ll do the
next mission and i think we’re probably
two missions off being able to do the
the proper passive income stuff but it’s
really important that we have solid
solid armor and solid weapons going into
that otherwise it will end poorly and
take way longer than it needs to
all right so we’ll just head straight up
all right so yes we want to replace
where are we at
that’s 30 but that’s okay we can collect
more later
you’ll also notice i haven’t worried
about a submachine gun yet because we
will get a lot of those from the next
couple of rounds of work
and while we’re here we’ll just quickly
go back and grab that body armor
then we’ll do a quick save and we’re off
all right so welcome if you’re new thank
you very much for joining me my name’s
dan i’m an old grumpy gamer
and in this video we’re doing a couple
of missions and grabbing a couple of
extra weapons here just quickly to get
to a point where we can unlock the best
passive income source in the game
at least early game
so but as a bit of a prerequisite we
absolutely need to make sure that we
access to too good about good body armor
and uh and good weapons otherwise this
will end
quite early for cj and take a long time
in previous streams we looked at
unlocking or accessing early weapons
buffing cj up so that he is
as tough as he can possibly be or as fit
as you possibly can be so that’s all
good fun get over that
i also turned off the um the auto jumper
yesterday because that was getting me
into strife
so feel free to say hi if you’re uh
you’re new um just drop something in the
chat there’s about a minute and a half
delay on what you see and what i see
but uh it always is good to see what uh
what people are thinking and take
i’m reasonably new to this streaming
thing this is only my third solo live
stream ever
i normally do short form video tutorials
if you’ve seen the channel i
typically concentrate on
scripted uh
scripted tutorials for gta 5 or um
on occasions i’ll jump on with uh with a
good friend of mine wallaby m and whoops
and we’ll look at doing um doing heists
all right so let’s just pop up there
i actually want to go there
but this is proving an interesting
experience at least and there’s a solid
nostalgia factor here
as far as the game goes it’s
quite a reasonable upgrade
if you were expecting gta 5 set in the
gta 3 universe you might be a bit
disappointed but
the game itself is
a solid improvement in many ways on the
previous iteration at least on the ps2
iteration although we have missed out on
some of the
deluxe edition
additions i should say um
you know things like getting out of a
car animation and abandoning cars is not
in this yet although i suspect they’ll
patch it fairly soon
all right so we are armed to the teeth
we have saved
what time is it it’s two o’clock in the
morning so just save again so that we
get daylight it’s a bit easier to see
what’s going on because that makes
absolutely no difference to the actual
gameplay in this one
no real difference in vision
and we need to head to sweets place
next all right let’s see what the
cutscenes got i could drive as well as
cj man i’m telling you
hey homie what’s up what you saying
about me man i’m saying that the east
coast made you drive like an idiot fool
man you always crashing cars and [__]
and for some reason now you back all it
is the cj drive here cj drive in bush
man won’t you just take it easy
no disrespect man but you can’t drive
for [__]
thanks man nah nah nah say what you
really mean you such a good gunman homie
you gotta ride shotgun show cj what’s
cracking hey you know some you right
cheers cj you can drive homie
it’s true
yep can’t drive but you’re driving
although my skill has improved here
that said yeah i i do prank a lot see cj
does prang what are we going home
alrighty so our first drive by
and uh the decision not to have an or a
small automatic may or may not have
bitten me in the ass here we’ll see how
we go
you dog’s ready yeah for sure i’m ready
carl just concentrate on the driving and
we’ll take care of the shooting listen
to the man fool and try not to park us
up a tree or something yeah if the car
stops we dead meat
laying at the scene
they’ve expressly told us not to shoot
so let’s see here we go
there’s not a lot of aiming here either
so just along slowly give him a chance
to get going
all right so yeah just button along
slowly does the trick give him plenty of
time to aim now notice big smoke can aim
in this one not like you can in the
in the train
all right
let’s come through here did miss out
some cash there but it’s not a lot
all right so they’re down the bottom
all right got them sorted
oh and now we have two stars
so off to the pace pay shop oh he’s
he was a lot closer than he needed to be
all this getting poorly
all right there we go they’ve tangled
themselves up a touch
so we’ll head through here
that’s going to tangle them up a bit
they still managed to keep on us
all right so let’s
see if we can get into the pain spray
can we go in here with the cops still on
yes we can
there you go
all right so we’ve just unlocked the
paint spray mechanic
we just need to sit here for a second
that flashing stops otherwise they’ll
get very upset
i don’t have to wait until the flashing
stop stops but i find that it’s a lot
safer to do so because
sometimes they’ll actually just park
all right trains past
uh if i pop myself in a spot here i have
whoops sorry
that could have been done more
sneak past these guys and away we go all
right and this should be end of mission
with any luck
you’re down with the drove and the
ballers know it so watch yourself for
now on cj yeah yeah for sure you know
that i’ll see y’all later here take this
go get yourself some beers
all right want to get some cash and some
respect so that didn’t hurt all right
hard save again
i think we’re probably one or two
missions away from where we need to be
all right what time is it 8 o’clock in
the evening so i’ll just skip forward
another two saves so that it’s light and
easy to see what’s going on
all right cool wait in the morning
that’s much nicer
all right so we need to get to doberman
so just one or two more hopefully sweet
homies that
just love that he’s uh surprised when he
goes to someone’s house uninvited and
they’re not there
they’re seeing a seville family beer
work out on the street the boys don’t
like it i’m pinned down to seville hood
and we need it right out here pronto oh
for sure man hang in there
all right so there’s a little shortcut
through the side here
and this is why we saw fast cars as well
because otherwise you have to go find
one because you noticed that um
sweet all riders car wasn’t there
because we do need to make sure
get out of it
all right so we can start this by taking
out a couple of
driving through how are you yeah clown
what are you doing
all right let’s uh let’s sort them out
can i get him
that’s my brother get a car we’ll meet
y’all friends
managed to survive that without too many
hey tom how you doing mate thanks for
joining us
let’s get this guy out of the way
okay so
we go
all right so yeah having just a single
handgun during that operation might not
have been as nice as you might have
all right so we’re just going to
shortcut through here this car has seen
better days that’s for sure it’s a
little bit slower than that last one
and then there we go
i’ll see you inside baby
man this set tripping is killing the
families you did good back there
hey i’m a johnson boy hey i got
unfinished business
big love
all right cool so now we’ve done that
i’ve got more respect so that’s always
good i can have a three person gang and
i’m just going to pop down
grab some body armor and ak
and then we’ll do a quick save and
hopefully i can find a another fairly
quick vehicle to park otherwise yeah
we’ll have to put up with this uh this
rubbish pos
which is yeah it’s okay i suppose but
geez it does not handle well
all right so uh yeah for those watching
if you’ve not uh not figured it out i’m
a bit of a
bit of a not a trophy hunter but i like
playing things in an unusual
order uh in this case uh what i’m doing
is uh cranking up my weapons i’ve
already maxed cj’s
oh geez what happened there already max
cj’s health
oh that’s what’s happened there
and uh max’s strength makes his stamina
oh that’s just not having a good time
let’s just run
come on there you go
and uh yeah in this case i’m just
grabbing some weapons and uh we’ll do a
quick save and then move on to the next
one so i can
really crank up cj’s bank account so
that was the body armor
there’s an ak down here
stick with the pistol there
so the heavily heavy weaponry is good
there you’ll also notice i guess in that
last hitbox was not great either i just
noticed that um
i could not snipe quite as well as i’m
used to
all right let’s uh grab this it is it’s
definitely seen better days we might
have to go and find a new one in a
and we’ll do a quick save
and head on to the next thing we’re not
far off the point where we can actually
get these walls started and really start
cranking up cj’s bank account there
what’s that
and we’re going
this vehicle has definitely seen better
days but it still handles okay all
things considered i mean it’s it’s not
the ones from gta 5 but it certainly
you know goes in a straight line all
elegance are really pretty ordinary cars
it taylor there
and we’ll just park this one in cj’s
garage in case something’s not available
and we can always change it out if it
becomes a a better prospect comes along
alright quick save because we need to
hard save still every time
otherwise if we get wasted
we can lose uh
lose all of our um
weapons that’s not cool what time is it
nine at night
two more i think
three in the morning one more
all right there we go
all right so bear with me for just a
second guys just swap over a chat there
all right let’s try this again
all right and off to sweet
me girl i’m tired again you acting like
you own me i can see who i want to see
just say right you seeing some cello
[__] oh
what a no-good narrow-minded hypocrite
gang banger telling me what is right and
what is wrong let me guess sweet sisless
killing right but a boyfriend from the
south side wrong some things ain’t just
meant to happen i mean what if y’all
have kids leroy hernandez that don’t
sound good girl hernandez well leroy
either you racist [__] that ain’t how
mom’s raised up i ain’t racist i just
know how they feel about you
look at you you dress like a hooker oh
and i guess you two would know what a
hook would look like huh you said like
it’s a bad thing shut up carl he loves
that one for what
so i can date one of your mindless
friends i don’t think so
don’t say a word carl just follow your
sister before you see another dead
sibling then you know exactly what my
problem is she’s meeting him at some
cello car club
i’m going to warn everyone if this is
one of those rhythm minigames
it’s going to end poorly i just i can’t
do them
lots of stuff i can do on this game but
those little mini games are just not
oh where is he
all right cool
all right let’s see how we go here
let’s run across the road in front of
the car that’s a good idea
all right and uh just turn around here
because it’s often good practice in case
we need to skedaddle in a hurry
so you must be sweets bro huh he phoned
ahead said you might be looking for a
car that bounces well i owe him big from
way back so here this should do the
custom springs should see you hopping
all the way home try her out very
popular with the essays they compete in
these things you can usually find them
over by unity station if you ever want
to mod your ride come back anytime man
that wasn’t my best work
all right cool so let’s just mod this up
i’m just going to paint it up
let’s see what that looks like now
give me a green one
exterior color
let’s go with grow street okay now let’s
have a look at paint job
don’t worry about the roof front bumper
is fine
you know we’ll keep that yeah
keep it as a uh an open one
you know what that’s all we actually
need to do if we mod this car too much
when it gets destroyed it’s destroyed
you don’t really keep your cars like you
do in in um five
so spending a lot of money on cars
probably isn’t the wisest thing ever get
out of the way
all right let’s head to
wherever we’re at
no idea where we’re going but we’re
going somewhere
this thing does handle much better than
some of the other
cars in the game that’s for sure it’s
still not got a great turning circle and
it doesn’t respond like five but yeah
it’s okay
all right so let’s hold that
that’s cool all right so
yeah that’s much easier much better than
it was before i think
all right let’s see what we got here
oh this is going to be one of those
rhythm games i suck at these
all right the homie to see if you got
what it takes
you like extra garlic on your pizza
stack yeah that’s total [__] see you
let’s see how this goes
now forgive me for being a bit quiet
here guys i will absolutely need to
concentrate because i am terrible at
rhythm games terrible at them
i have the rhythm of a goat on a lava
pit if i’m honest
typically mrs grumpy gamer does this uh
for me because i’m horrible at them
but um
it is just gone 6 30 in the morning
where i am and she is still asleep
okay let’s see how we went there
you’re pretty good for a beginner eh
well i didn’t entirely suck at that
which is welcome
since we told me to keep an eye on you
make sure that whatever you date and
don’t get you in no trouble
nice hopping holmes
well you just shook that whatever’s
hanging come here baby hey get your
dirty hands off my sister what’s wrong
with you holmes you’re acting like she’s
your woman eh she’s with me cabron so
chill the [__] out i treat her good baby
don’t start no [__]
what [__] this [__] is my
brother easy homes he ain’t from nowhere
he’s cool well i say he ain’t cool
i say he thinks he’s gangsta man
and i don’t like it
so you know what you can do for me man
you can [__] off ben niko and then maybe
we could no you [__] off i’m talking to
my sister
jose come on holmes i can handle this
this is important to me
that’s right you lucky sister spoken for
vamonos muchachos
let’s get some [__] beer huh
i’m thirsty
carl what the hell were you thinking
look baby
go get in the car okay i’ma speak the
all right well
caesar seems a stand-up guy i love your
i honor her she’s my girl for life this
is why i stopped you from being skinned
just then
you got a problem with me fine we don’t
have to be friends
but kendall
she’s happy with me
okay i guess we cool for now
she’s revealed bundle
call just cj
ron you got a nice ride there homes
maybe we’ll get to kick it again soon eh
see how we go there and that may have
just demonetised me because of the uh
cypress hill playing in the background
but yeah we’ll see what happens
all right so we’ve done that
no shots fired so that’s always nice
and let’s head back to
grow street and do a quick save
oh they were upset
all right we can feel the gang wars
starting to heat up there so we’ll see
what uh what goes on
all right let’s
remove the old
vehicle yep
let’s see what we got here
hey who was this
you seen kendall yeah she’s a rapper i
was just hitting you up to say that you
drive good and you like cars is so uh
yeah i guess we’ll be going with this
but you want to make something a little
money just the pope [__] in the woods i
don’t know but if you do want a little
extra there’s plenty of money to be made
racing you talking illegal street racing
hell yeah
these guys these guys can be very
all right cool so let’s unlock the
racing mechanic
let’s get this thing out of the
way and we’ll pop this thing away
she too nice to be
all right click save and see how we go
all right bear with me for just a moment
guys i’m just going to quickly consult
my little guide here and work out what
we need to do next
okay so that’s sweet scale
all right so we need to get to doberman
next i think
so hopefully
where are we at
ideally i’d like to be able to do some
sweet missions
i’m not sure that i saw his thing on the
i don’t think he is
all right so the next thing then is
all right so the only other way at it
big smoke need to do some big need to do
big smokes next
all right well let’s do a quick save so
it’s daylight
nine in the morning thank you very much
so let’s skip across the tracks here
down the alleyway and there’s the corona
often handy just to uh line ourselves up
here if we can
and see how we go
all right so we’ll just
uh oh [__] like this guy’s
he’s not the sharpest
hey tool what’s up cj what’s up what’s
up man wanna go to prison what
nah pick up jeffrey he’s touching down
today going wrong yeah for sure
what jeffy doing locked up anyway we’ll
talk about that later man let’s roll
we’re late
oh yeah he’s a real gangster man
i see what he do anything he can get
thrown in jail for for his career
and the only thing here is
a lot of these dialogues rely on you
being a pretty ordinary driver if you’ve
got some time then you know oh sorry if
you’re quick then you might uh you might
miss out on some stuff
i know that food can’t be serious
what’s happening with you jeffrey
hey man it’s o.g lok homie oh gee yo
ah my bad how was it though homie man
what you think how was it hey chill out
so what you want to do now man i gotta
kill some total [__] he was this
to me man hey jeff
i thought you was going to uh
[__] you
[__] stole my rhymes he’s in
east flores hey give me a strap man
won’t you stars out with that [__] get
in the car
right off to freddy’s place
there we go thanks a bit totally but not
too bad
get out of the way
all right so this might actually be
where we introduce some stealth stuff to
the game and see how we go
yep let’s return
come on let’s leave luke to deal with
casanova hey i’ll stick with jeff i mean
loke okay cool i’ll see you guys back on
set all right so
saw on our shotgun so this will be quick
let’s see how we go freddie i’ve come
for you [__] hey low hold up
jeffrey you got the wrong idea man that
was just a prison thing i i got plenty
of muchachos on the outside i don’t need
your scrunny ass man ignore him cj i
don’t know what he talking about hey yo
give me back my rhymes you thief i’m
gangsta you dropped us so sugar i don’t
know nothing about any rhymes hey hey
[__] making a run for it
hey low get back here [__] you crazy
hey you back off me cj
get on the bike luke
oh chase me chase me
oh yep this thing does not handle well
at all
it’s my turn
come on
where did he go
what was that
let’s get him close enough for like to
shoot so let’s see how we go here whoops
let’s get that on fast
i don’t know what it is about guys on
this game but if they’re in this game
but if they’re on the back of a bike all
of a sudden they lose the ability to
big smoke’s the same i suspect it’s
quite hard to do
and uh cj can’t aim while he’s on a bike
so that’s not good oh are you kidding me
let’s uh
get jeffrey back oh no
get off the
get get up are you serious
all right let’s uh let’s restart that
from the checkpoint
oh dear
all right let’s skip the cutscene and
get straight on the bike this
me chase time
it does give you a little bit of time at
all right so it’s gonna shoot up here
all next where’s he off to now
made it that time at least
i have no idea if i can actually shoot
this guy off or whether it’s a
straight-up cutscene so
oh oh this is taylee
her up
getting a bit bored with this one i’m
let’s go around here
oh where’s he going now
it’s taking us on a proper tour
where’s he
going he’s on the uh
ah no where are we
there he is
interesting way to teach us about some
of the shortcuts and the the other
mechanics in the in the game with this
notice the frame rate dropped a bit
baby get back on the bike
come on look we’re at it
where is he
and on the tracks because this can only
well that’s all right
all right got him
don’t you say a damn thing cj
wish you lonely hey i like a nice
mustache myself i keep it real i like
you fake ass [__] come on
gangster let’s get back to the grove i’m
fairly confident uh cj this divinity was
by i did not know that
you want to ride anyway
all right any uh any cash
like a super technician baby get on with
that [__] man look at you all muscley
and [__]
yeah i guess it is gangster
all right uh while he’s here just going
quickly sort him out
because every time you see a dealer you
absolutely want to try and take him out
it’s an extra two or three grand every
all right let’s pause up where is this
going to be all right do i have a gps
marker i do wonderful all right get out
of the way
let’s just pop through oh that wasn’t
get out of my feet
all right so we have a different mission
path than i was hoping for to be honest
but uh yeah we’ll get there
but we will absolutely get to this this
it’s going to take a minute longer than
i was hoping that’s alright
every time with this corner
there we go
all right let’s have a look there
white skills upgraded
don’t be a stranger fool yeah for sure i
see you around
like a quarter pound later
where are we
all right let’s go quickly grab
a bit more ak ammo
and some body armor and then we’ll do a
quick save and i think we’ll be good for
a bit there
bikes do not handle quite as well this
is not a bad er oh no
what was that
it just did a pirouette
yeah i was saying this is not this is
not a battery
that is for sure when it is smoking up a
storm as well
all right nearly there oh come on
the handling on this is not great
good news is because we’ve got the bike
it is a little easier to get where we’re
just pop through here
quickly jump up
body armor
okay ammo
then we’ll head back for a quick save
there we go
where are going completely the wrong way
that’s alright
all right
just missed for the two rights
around the corner here and hopefully a
bit of a drop in frame right there we’ll
see how that goes
sneak by this alley here and let’s see
if we can fit the bike in the garage too
because this is handy to have i suspect
easy stuff so if you’re just joining us
my name is dan i’m an old grumpy gamer
and in this stream i’m aiming to get to
a point in the mission tree where i can
unlock the gang wars and set up the best
passive income for the game
uh it is a process we’ve been gone for a
bit i’ve probably taken a little longer
than i should have simply because i
do a bit of a bit of saving and trying
to keep my inventory as full as possible
that does mean the mission tree is not
linear as we might like
but it also means that the jobs tend to
be a little easier
all right so it was big smoke that’s oh
let’s see here we go next
all right so i need to go og like next
all right off we go
so we need to head to og lokes and got
two or three of his to do before we can
unlock the right mission
can we go this way is this going to be
easier yes we can
oh this thing’s tightly
all right so head up this way instead of
following the gps it will get us
eventually to where we’re going but
fewer turns is better especially in
these cars because they do not handle
quite as well as the older ones
well at least we have a gps on this so
that’s better than uh better than
hi lamo
thanks for joining thanks for chatting
um i am
reasonably new to this whole streaming
thing this is only my third solo stream
so forgive me if i’m a little bit a
less unresponsive and i’m not nowhere
near as polished or as practiced as a
lot of the other guys who are doing this
normally i have a another another friend
to work with um to sort of bounce off
for online heist but uh yeah solo game
live is a bit of a new experience to me
because normally i’m doing short form
shoots but uh yeah good to have you here
2206 well that’s disappointing
all right so i’m not going to wait we’ll
just uh
quickly pop let’s uh let’s go grab the
nine mil while we’re here and then i’ll
do a quick save
that’ll laugh that’ll get us ahead
a ballistic compact no it’s not a
ballistic compact damn it
i really like the blister compact
alright so we do have some stuff opening
up here you can see safe houses are
becoming available
there’s armored trucks i don’t know
where i can find a sticky bomb or
something to blow those things up yet or
a rocket launcher
well there are rocket launchers in the
game that’s a blister compact yeah i’m
having that
blister compacts everywhere
game must have heard me talking
this is my favorite car in the game in
across all of the series i just this is
absolutely my favorite car
really neat you can have all your
supercars i don’t care this thing is
just an absolute hoot
it is so so quick
all right get out of the car cj you
can’t abandon the car on this version
all right let’s grab that nine mil
so that’s the silence nine
and head back to grove street and we’ll
do a quick uh quick save
yeah that was a bit reckless
straight past
they’re just everywhere now
let’s go
so this map is still pretty big i mean
i mean this is big nostalgia vibes for
me but
paying attention to the map but not
where i’m going
but yeah
all good fun
yeah that that didn’t survive as well as
it could have
quick save into uh
there we go
what time is it 21 yeah so by the time
we get back there it’ll be fine
all right let’s see where we’re at here
first time on the highway let’s see how
this thing goes
try and open it up see what the frame
rate’s like instantly dropped the second
we started getting out there so there’s
a bit of backload in there
oh and
rank’s on a bit hard
all right let’s see here we go
that corner again before we go
oh he was moving
all right let’s see what we’ve got
looking real technical gangster
you ain’t run off again yet
no gangsta i’m here for good yeah what
[__] this gig man
i’m putting together listening party for
my album but first i need a sound system
hey i’m damn as long as i don’t have to
go to the port what you talking about
food guaranteed i start playing
everybody come through being real oh gee
i really ain’t in a rap no more i’m more
into that hardcore gangster [__] well
that’s me homie that’s me oh gee look
baby yeah yeah for sure but i only like
them if they rhyme real well you know
well anyway what you want me to steal
that’s what i’m talking about love for
your homies now check i caught me a real
fly sound system cause i’m through the
drive-through i think they headed down
to the beach
for a [__] party now check this out
i’ll roll with you and on the way i
can’t get a couple of free stats it’s og
loki in the place you don’t want to stop
me with a gun and you’re fighting yeah
yeah yeah man
[__] up maybe i need to do this on my
own i believe in you gangster for life
for life
yeah for life homie
those burger shot hats are hilarious
all right
oh i lost my blister
little loop
nebula ah there’s another one
it’s slightly used but that’s okay
and off we go again
all right so hopefully i think two or
three more missions and we’ll be able to
unlock what we need to unlock to uh to
get this rolling
where are we at
oh it wasn’t bright
get up on the boardwalk
ah rhythm games
guys i’m so bad at these
all right hey what’s poppin
just looking for some fun all right
let’s see how we go
well why don’t you come and dance
yeah for sure
now have the music turned down because
yeah but i can’t feed it man oh safe
mate say let me go find some chronic
sunshine what’s happening homeboy i love
america yeah my face trick
all right i’m not sure what happened
there but uh yeah i mean oh no
what is my brief
brief there we go
wanna come chat all right let’s chat
with the young lady
okay yeah they’re upset with me that’s
not far away
thanks sagan
all right cool yeah it has been some
time since i played these games still
enjoying it like it’s it’s really cool
yeah very nostalgic here um and you know
you’ve got to be careful not to kind of
get blinded by said nostalgia as well
because it’s a cool game it’s a really
cool game and there has been some
updates here
but it’s
it still doesn’t it it just pales in
comparison to five as far as the
mechanics go
good story really good story
i do like the updates although sort of
finding out what’s been going on with
them lots of people are um
finding little glitches and bugs and
i’ve seen a few myself
it’s it’s been interesting but you know
what they’ll patch it they’ll make it
better if they get good sales
that’s okay i’m i’m happy to pay
knowing what goes into something like
this i’m happy to pay uh
for a copy of it i ended up you know
paying full take for this one because i
don’t have
well i do have prime but i’m not not
running not linked it to my twitch
account so
that’s um
uh stoking i think you’re my first ever
twitch follower mate
that’s amazing thank you
um i am very very new with this whole
streaming caper so
see how we go
all right so that’s that one done i’ve
still got full ammo
so let’s
set a marker for home
yeah i have a um a modest following in
on on youtube but um
only sort of this is only my third ever
solo stream
and um
yeah it only started sort of streaming
to twitch the last last day or so so
um welcome thank you
yeah that’ll be cool sanfero will be
all right
there we go
um and the jet pack because this was the
introduction of the jet pack as well
which was amazing
all right whoop there we go really do
like the blister
but i need to keep my low rider
all right quick save
all right what is the time
i suspect the og loke ones what’s next
needs to be another og loke so i suspect
that is going to be a late night one so
one more
all right so what i’m doing guys is i’m
just keeping an eye on the time up the
top there so og likes missions
activate at uh between 10 pm and 6am
we need to head to the burger shop
here we go
alrighty you can see why i like this car
it’s just it’s clean it handles really
it’s um
reasonably quick without going nuts
so uh yeah definitely my favorite car in
the not not just the game but the
hard drive
uh not just the game but the entire
series uh it is just brilliant
not the fastest thing in the world
but i end up getting wherever i’m going
quicker anyway because it’s just easier
all right
okay so burger shot should be around
here somewhere i’m just gonna go around
the back because it’s easier
there we go let’s see what happens on
this cutscene
homie and i’ma kick a little something
like this and yo when i come to open the
place you don’t want me to come with a
gun in your face i spit it hotter than
anybody in the world
hey what’s happening low
hey carl what up man hey dude you ever
thought about getting a writer to help
you out with this [__] yeah i did but
who homie
well yeah i know
yeah they ended up removing the code
from hot coffee um
and they made an homage to hillary
clinton and
uh in um
iv who was the largest wowzer ever so
yeah they ended up removing removing the
code not just uh
not just commenting it out like the uh
like they did the first time around
you can bet right give it a week someone
will have it back in there
man you said you helped carl
come on man
and there’s some of those bugs coming
cj is hollow
all right so i still have my blister yes
i have my blister let’s go to mad dogs
this is why we have
silence pistols
clear that map marker
get out of the way
there we go she’s the frame rate drops
uh at a certain point i mean like
for for you guys to uh to be aware i
guess i i’m running a
2060 super
so that’s the 8 meg uh
gtx um graphics card
with all the good uh the good cuda stuff
because i’m a a software engineer
i’m also running ssd 64 gig uh sorry 64
mega ram
but i am running it in a notebook this
is a gaming notebook so it does run a
little hotter than you might expect
but at the moment the temperature is
well inside what i would i would call
okay it’s certainly lower than what it
is when i’m playing gta 5 and my
processor usage is sitting steady at
but every time i sort of change zones i
get this massive drop in frame rates
and it’s uh it’s a little distracting if
i’m honest but uh
it’s i mean it could be worse it could
be a lot worse but it certainly could be
all right let’s get to the main door
let’s go this way instead
jump out and go on foot
and let’s pick the silence pistol just
in case something goes sideways probably
ramps instead of stairs good to see the
yeah i’m sitting steady at 20 ram 41
cpu and 50 gpu
my gpu running at 76 degrees and the cpu
at 89
which is not great if you if i was on a
full-size pc i’d be very upset but
here we go
yeah if i was on a pc i’d be a full-size
pc i’d be quite upset
but for this machine that’s pretty good
where are they
don’t push me
i think
oh wow that was that animation is bad
let’s have a look here
where is he
that was a buggy mess
oh that’s not good you see that he was
also double holding the um the gun even
though he was running a um a small
let’s have a look this way no
yeah that could have been better
this sucks
just so bad
you suck ass
for those of you who don’t know tana is
the guy from driver
oh this isn’t great
ha that is the same sound body armor
thank you
all right boston
it’s not my worst best work boys but
that’s all good
right there’s a notebook
all these everywhere
ah let’s just run for it
this is gonna end poorly
yeah he’s dead
oh yep let’s go from the checkpoint
all right can we skip this
this is a bit frustrating it is
better than it was but
not having to be or not being able to
skip that
there we go
it’s a shame i can’t use the uh the
silence pistol here but that’s all right
so just hang tight for a second
where is he
yep there we go trick it that one
just hang tight for a sec while he comes
and see how we go so
for anyone joining my name’s dan i’m an
old grumpy gamer and we are just working
through the minimum mission tree to get
to the passive income section um to set
up the best early income game
best early income for the game
all right where are we
full-sized gym must be nice being a
full-size uh yeah
a rapper like that
let’s just sneak past these boys
no one’s alerted yet
all right we’re good
thank you
and we are back
got him
all right it’s a bit easier if you don’t
get caught up front
where is he
can’t be too far away
there is
all right cool didn’t get a proper shot
and back out we go
thank you very much okay so what have we
got mad dog’s rhyme
wonder crash next
let’s take this
all right so in the oh wow the controls
are just a little bit different to uh to
still remember the braking all right
so in the uh the previous video i um max
cj’s stamina and strength and that means
that traveling by bicycle is a very very
viable uh
way of getting around
because he’s not going to run out of
puff in a hurry that’s certainly for
all right cool there we go
i’ve also got a special controller that
has a repeater so i can basically turn
on the ability to mash the a button at a
million mile an hour
which um
you could do in the uh the playstation
version uh and you could do in the
xbox classic version but they patched it
a bit later on i think
all right cool some respects
still got uh pretty much everything i
need picked up get out of the way
picked up some silence pistol rounds
and i’ve got my knife so yeah pretty
damn happy with that one all right let’s
go back and save because there’s no
auto save proper auto save here
yep you’ll do
all right do you like the zr it is
probably one of the the quicker cars in
the game handles okay
when you’re driving into stuff and they
get very upset
owners are getting quite upset with me
all the time now so
that’s alright
oh get rolling
he’s okay
oh the turning circle on this thing is
all right and off we go
into the gym don’t worry about uh big
smoke there
yeah we’ll just sneak around the back
all right so we need to answer that
that’s hopefully going to be crash
don’t try to hit me up with that ghetto
battle boy officer 10 penny how you get
my number ways and means you piece of
[__] you’ve been trying to avoid me no
sir i just been busy that’s all you’re
not busy unless you’re doing something
for us you understand yeah
loud and clear nice to hear it carl call
in to the donut place in the middle of
market we need to talk
all right fantastic so
let’s see where that’s at so we need a
yeah so we do the crash one next
save save okay
too late in the evening
it’s still too late in the evening
was there going to be the designer shop
at three in the morning i don’t care
what kind of cups they are
there we go
all right we’ve got near enough to full
body armor so i think we’ll be okay
let’s uh
just zoom in a bit
and we’re heading to crash
still can’t j-turn
i think they must have introduced that
in four or one of the other ones
let’s see if we drop the frame rate
yeah that one wasn’t too bad that one
wasn’t too bad
all right
let’s see how we go here
oh this corner just sneaks up on me
every time
years i’ve been just clobbering that uh
that corner and killing myself
all right where are we
another one of those zr’s there
let’s uh clear the map there we go
and let’s see what kind of ammo we’ve
yeah cool let’s uh just hang around with
the knuckles can’t go unarmed with cj
come on over here son
move over let him sit down [__]
so you finally found time to drop back
man i’ve been busy i’ve been burying my
mom’s man
sounds like a [__] excuse to me
officer pulaski thinks you’re trying to
screw with us carl
now you get this straight
what has happened to
tim penny’s forehead we can [__] on you
from such a height you’ll think god
himself is crapped on you you understand
time to go to work cj and earn your
freedom those eyebrows are crazier than
the rock in the 90s holy
we don’t like him and he don’t like us
now you make sure he never leaves the
neighborhood not even in a box
get the
all right
oh that looks neat
all right let’s find out where these
things are
have we got them on the map
of course not
oh cool we got a marker so that’s okay
yeah actually you know what
that thing’s quicker
oh he’s upset
i’m gonna get done here
how did i get away from that
the cops in this game are not quite as
sophisticated as some of the other ones
but that’s okay we’ll take the win
clearly not looking for me around here
all right and you’ll notice as well the
markers on this is a little different to
what we’re used to with five it’s just
got a simple triangle up triangle down
or um
there it is
yeah triangle up triangle down
uh or square if you’re on the same level
as opposed to the uh the dots with the
little arrows up and down
i’m gonna have to replace my grenades
it’s just god awful
all right let’s head to the gang house
oh sorry idiot
oh he upset
at least you don’t get two stars for
accidentally running over him in this
all right that’ll go away soon
all right so with any luck this is the
last mission we need to do before we can
unlock the
gang territories or sorry no the last
mission we need to do before the mission
we can do it
throwing molotovs into five windows
you know what i’m just going to take
these guys out first
oh this is going to end poorly
break out the ak
get out of their range but they ain’t
out of mind
i’m dead
that’s all right let’s uh hopefully go
back to a checkpoint yep let’s go back
yeah he could have done that a lot
all right let’s uh let’s get a bit of
distance on these guys because you know
what we have a sniper rifle
i didn’t use it before
can i hit the tank from there no i can’t
he’s down
i haven’t even noticed
all right well that’s a bit easier this
is why we do early weapons ladies and
look right away
and silence pistol to do that
where is he where is he
thank you
oh really
come on cow not even cool there we go
there’s one
it just won’t let me aim it just will
not let me aim
right there’s another one
how many have we got that 15 okay we
should be okay
so unlike five where you can you get an
opportunity to aim you pretty much
wherever cj’s facing is what we’re
run away run away run away run away run
hit these guys with a sniper rifle
whoop now they’re upset
ah seriously brother
where are they coming from
should have stayed at home
all right cool
i forgot about me now
all right this is getting a little low
if i’m honest
let’s see how we go here so i’ve got two
more at the back to go
health isn’t great but at least i know
how to aim now so that’s not gonna hurt
and they do give us quite a few uh quite
a few molotov so that’s all right
all right we have any boys out here that
we need to take care of
all right point cj there
there we go one more to go
point cj there
there we are run away
of course i’ve exited
i’m done
wasted screens improved
okay so let’s see
oh dear i have not got a lot there we go
front door
oh he did
yeah this isn’t gonna aim well
ah really
well at least we don’t have to restart
the whole thing again
get over the fence
where she
to have a bit of time here where is she
in here no
stand back put it out
oh god i’m so scared
oh my god what was that all right let’s
see here we go yeah
thanks for that uh cognito i am
it has been a minute
yeah yeah yeah your boyfriend’s already
dead my dear
come on
fire out
oh i’m dead
i really don’t want to have to to drop a
cheat in here but we’ll see how we go
all right
come around the back this time
and there we go
oh where’s the front door
all right do we have a guy here yes we
there we go you sorted are you still
where is that fire extinguisher
damn it there it is right okay
around there up the stairs and see how
we go again
stand back
oh god i’m so scared
all right let’s see how we got this on
the building’s starting to collapse we
got to get out of here fast and she
changed clothes she’s changed clothes
come on there you go
you serious
just about die after that
oh this takes time
come on
all right let’s see how we go now
have to go this way
oh well yeah this is taking its time
come on
it’s an unlimited fire extinguisher this
thing’s great
all right can we get through here
nearly there
quickly quickly
yeah yeah
get a bit of distance and see what
all right there we go and out
oh really
where is she
there we go
hey man i owe you my life
well clearly she’s uh impressed that’s
good i was nearly dead there for sure
hey you look pretty shook up girl you
want me to take you home
yeah please thanks
let’s just use a boyfriend’s car
live dangerously
it’s cj right yeah how you know me
everybody in the grove knows you and
your brother
i thought you’d run away i never ran
away okay i just needed to get away from
oops wrong turn
all here ladies and gents i think we
just met denise
this young lady is the one that was
responsible for the hot coffee mod so
later cj
all right that’s awesome so
while i’m here yep there we go there’s
the girlfriend
just gonna quickly go for a two-minute
drive go and collect some um
ammo and
there you go yep
go and collect some ammo and a um
and a set of body armor so this won’t
take too long and then we’ve got
doberman next i think
they’re upset oh
and cell phone
what’s up sweet we got a problem
and he’s hiding out with his new ball of
friends [__] man how we gonna get to him
it’s time for you to announce your
return cj you [__] up glen park and that
turn coke [__] ass [__] gonna lose
them and make a break for it okay i’m
gonna come pick you up hell no this is
your gig cj you need some stripes get
over to hammy nation and get a heater
all right cool
so just run to the back here
grab this
that that’s just rubbish
well they handle well
better than running at least
all right
body armor
here we go
okay next
let’s just check the dusters on because
it’s quick and run with those
i said it’s uh it’s comical but it is
certainly better than running
well this thing does handle surprisingly
well it’s quite nimble
we’ll go find ourselves a decent car in
a sec jesus thing is twitchy
what there we go there it is
back to grove street
all right who’s beeping at me
probably not the fastest thing in the
world but it is better than the forklift
oh this thing is quite slow
not there uh so i am oh jittery mate
it’s been a minute how are you doing
uh i am on the pc at the moment so just
say um i say just it’s a
hp omen
with a 20 60 and 64 gig so it goes all
runs a bit warm
but uh yeah so on the pc
i don’t have uh that means no psn and
that means no twitch uh or um any of the
xbox titles so that also means full tote
for this thing which is a bit uh
a bit rough but uh yeah not bad
right let’s go and deal with this
so this is a sweet mission
i want to head about here-ish
there we go i think the gang wars are
going to kick off here i’ve got plenty
of ak ammo we will need that a fair bit
i should probably stock up on some
sniper stuff at some point but you can’t
venture out of the zones here
this next mission is uh doberman and
there’s that drop in frame rate again
and this is the uh the penultimate
mission this uh to get us to the one we
need to be at so
after this
this should unlock gang wars
thank you gangster
let’s get out of here he’s a horrible
all right so drug dealers if you ever
see those guys standing by the side of
the road run them over kill them do
whatever you can do but uh yeah they
they hold a lot of cash
uh but yes so the plan is to to get this
one done and then take over all the gang
territories so i’ve been that’s casually
loading up on weapons for the last uh
last day i’ve been a bit
and um
we should be right from there all right
so pop to ammunition
let’s see what kind of briefing we get
not sure if we meant to have a
um some prompts or anything like that
all right
kind of looks like we were meant to be
getting told a story there
keeps loading the game bar
so this is our first ever gang territory
and what we need to do is while we’re on
shoot three
where am i ballers
i lost all my molotovs uh which means i
lost all my grenades damn it
yeah that’s not cool
doing it for life huh
hey give me that paper
all right so
now we need to just run a lot
all right so i think they’re up on the
he was shooting at me with that again
run run away run away
hey pay a [__]
that’ll be very handy i suspect we’ll uh
see need a few of those before the
game’s out
where are we love when they just line up
all right so i’m staying low and lining
up on this bridge because i want to kind
of well line them up
let’s see getting up
all right and while we’re here make sure
we pick up uh
as much ammo and cash as we can because
just handy
oh yeah what’s that
all right he’s down got a couple behind
give me that grip
all right where am i at so yeah i’ll
stick with the micro although
these guys will
so what is that attack yeah that’s
attack all right cool back onto the ak
sorry jittery i’ll be with you in just a
second let me just sort these guys out
okay that is cleared
oh no
you know what i had some massive massive
issues getting onto online so i could do
kaio while i was waiting for this to
release last night probably took me 20
minutes it’s just ridiculous
do not enjoy when the servers go down
that’s the only problem with
uh with with software as a service like
games as a service stuff and i find it
i know why they do it
but i find it incredibly frustrating
that i have to be online to play single
i get you know if you’re playing online
absolutely without a doubt but single
player mate you should be able to just
i suspect we’re meant to be getting a
briefing here as well but it just ain’t
oh bowlers
run away run away
let’s get some covers
all right
uh again i’m just gonna write gang
territory so this is where the money’s
at guys
basically what we’re gonna do is go
through all of these gang territories
and take care of them
um but what i am going to do before i do
is go and grab me
a bit of
ammo and a bit of
body armor so akmo is my my
uh weapon of choice for this one it’s
just it’s quick
uh it’s got a good range
so ak is where it’s at
now you can drive through bala territory
without too many dramas as long as you
don’t make a big deal of it
and because my health is so low right
now i’m just gonna go for the uh
go for the gear i’m not going to worry
drug dealers or anything like that just
want to get this out and get this done
and then i can save
because i
try to avoid saving
or going into anything without full
all right so this is kind of where the
the fun starts
this has been a long road getting here
and it’s a bit longer than i expected if
i’m honest but
all good fun it’s got to be done as well
all right
pistols a little bit easier to deal with
so yeah ak because it’s got the uh the
longest range without you know going to
the sniper rifle which would be nice but
you do need to stay within a reasonable
range of these guys
and then save after everyone and i
cannot stress that enough you need to
save after one the temptations to go
straight back into it
do not
otherwise you will end up losing your uh
losing your game you lose your ammo
if you die you get stripped of
everything in this game
oh i can’t even launch
i’m not that is rough as guards mate i’m
so sorry
it’s so so very frustrating i figured
they’d be slammed um so i wasn’t able to
get on
at least get on to download this because
the pc version was locked away behind a
um a download wall
so that it didn’t get released early
and it took me till maybe ten quarter
past uh four in the afternoon
to uh to actually get the download to
start and before that i was i played um
kyle i’ve got the got the replay glitch
rolling on kyo with the bearer bonds and
a bit of coke
so i ended up um
oh man it took ages took ages to get
there where am i
okay right i figured out where i’m
coming from
took ages to get on maybe
a quarter of an hour 20 minutes just to
get a uh into a flaming solo session so
i could coyote up
now here is where it’s at gentlemen take
a look at that
that is some floating money now what’s
going to happen is for every territory
that we capture
this goes up
all we have to do is just collect it
all right what time is it two in the
morning one more
all right let’s start clearing the
map all right what i’m going to do is
start with
start with this territory so we’ll go
that’s seeing better days
all right can we recruit these guys
can we recruit him
just trying different buttons see
if the uh
that doesn’t look like it’s happening
they’re wearing green i should be able
to uh should be able to get them i can
run a three-man crew apparently that
that’s right does it look like there’s
mechanics been quite unlocked yet
right into bala’s territory
oh that didn’t help
all right and
gang warfare
all right so now we have to survive a
couple of waves
so they’ll come from different angles
and what we want to try and do is funnel
them down a single area
so that the long gun works really well
rather than trying to um
trying to take them on as they come so
you can see them there
so now we can aim
and they’ve all lined up by that
pop pop
that’s two of them down
a few of them are running away so you
may need to chase them
but less ammo less risk
this is absolutely the way to do it
we need to keep them inside the combat
area otherwise it’s uh it’s no good as a
all right so you can see i’m drawing i’m
trying to draw them back
they’re running away
got one coming
at me this way so he’s down
a couple over there
yeah only got three rounds left
oh they are coming at me so that’s okay
he’s down
i think these guys won’t be out of range
all right so they’re mainly using
smgs and
small guns
so are you still alive
hey i heard that now
so that makes it easier
i’m in trouble here oh
yeah you think cj a [__] huh
okay so now i’m gonna try and funnel
them back
oh no can i get to him here they are on
the same level as me
where are they
outside of my territory
i don’t want to exit the uh the combat
zone too early otherwise it’ll end up
but yeah it’ll be handy
i might have to go seek him out here
problem is if i leave this combat zone
i end up um canceling the mission
so i really do need to get them to me
all right there’s a couple
all right looks like they’re finding
their way
give me that grip
okay so
a couple coming this way so that
okay running away
well i’m outside of the combat zone so i
need to get back in that
otherwise uh i’ll get into trouble
but this way it lets me flank them
at the very least
and having that extra stamina is really
all right now this does take a minute to
do if i’m honest right that’s uh cj have
a rest there
and hopefully
yeah there we go
they’re all running back in
i’ll try and get them all over this side
all right let’s go pick up some money
ah lost one of the aks left it too long
damn it
that’s really annoying
all right looks like we’ve got another
way of coming
where are we at here
72 rounds left
tec-9’s got tons
uh picked up a sniper round yeah there
you go
all right so wait for them to come in
hopefully this will be one of the last
rounds where’s he off to
all right so he’ll pop around the back
of the building there
where is he going
oh he’s actually going around the back
so he’ll pop out at the alleyway here
oh no he’s stuck
hey you need a hole put in huh
where’d that dumpster go
all right that’s it cleared that one
all right back to grow streets
now this is this part’s a little tedious
because the temptation is just to head
straight to the next one but we don’t
want to do that we need to save because
if we die
during the the course of one of these
we end up losing um
not only our weapons but we we lose we
can lose territory
but yeah the main thing is the weapons
you lose everything you’ve accumulated
which is really disappointing
it’s quite disheartening actually but
all right cool save
save save okay
okay next territory i want to grab
is here
now there is method to the madness what
i’m trying to do is clear an area to
where the um the ak is is stored to make
it safer for me to get there without any
then after that i’ll start clearing um
across the map and working my way up
uh take out all the bowlers
first then the vargos
but um you’re starting war with both of
and this can be a problem
all right do not wander in
all right so vargos are there
quick old praying spray
all right managed to keep that but
you’ll notice i ran out of ak bullets
okay yeah that one’s seen better days
let’s borrow denise’s car she’ll be fine
nope can’t borrow denise’s car
so i’ve got plenty of other ammo there
so we should be right
yeah just spotted someone
is he still there or did he just spawn
mr drug dealer
damn there’s about two grengo that’s
okay so let’s head into bowlers
territory need to get out on foot
here we go and start taking them out
so let me just uh clear that map marker
because that will be distracting
the technology
all right
run away
and let’s create a choke point
hey give me that paper okay so again
well let’s create a choke point to make
it a bit harder for them to get in
and hopefully
won’t be too far away where are they
right looks like they’re going to pop
out over here
are they going
all right one coming up there looks like
one’s going to try and flank me
there he is
where’s he off to
all right first wave done
yep there’s the second wave okay again
around the back here create a bit of a
choke point
just need to make sure we stay inside
the combat zone so just here
hey you need a hole put in
come on here right
much shorter range on this thing all
right come on looks like the ai is
having a little trouble finding me there
so quickly run over otherwise we’ll lose
some stuff
all right throw ourselves back out into
the open hopefully we’ll get a third
wave in a second and then we can yep
whoop and then we can bring them back
pop them in the same spot
there we go
what other weapons do we have
that’s still the tech
oh they coming there’s a few of them
this time around
all right they have all run away to the
side so hopefully that means
body armor all right and run away
and this should draw them up oh another
body armor always handy
you want some lady
all right get me some of those aks
oh no and i’m down
this is why we save
weapon wheel is now empty after you die
so the the only way around that is to
save scum so
load game
there we go
at least didn’t have a lot in the way of
loading times where are we at 44 rounds
386 yep okay let’s go sort these guys
out i’ve got full body armor
that was a good wave all right let’s see
how we go here
all right so
looks like everyone’s dropped off but
that’s all good
we’re under attack
okay there we go
who’s doing it looks like ballers are
into it
this is all you giving me
all right let’s get that heart in that
body armor
not enough
all right so let’s try that again i’m
gonna come back here but let me just uh
yeah we’ll just use the tech nine that’s
actually you know what i will go and
grab an ak
let’s go grab some body uh get get some
because it’s just more effective the
tec-9’s rate of fire it’s damaged it’s
just not as good and um i suspect i
would have probably been a lot better
with the full-size one whoops
there we go
right so he’s just watched me kill
someone and then decided to punch me up
for bumping him that’s all right
okay so extra color gray in there which
is always nice so if you ever see those
dealers standing around just just take
them out just take them out there’s good
easy 2000
in there which early game means you know
means a bit it means you can um
you can buy extra weapons you can buy
ammo if you need it
so there’s some body armor
i think we’re just about at a point now
where i do have enough money to start
really loading up the ak
cj’s epic jump
there we go
and let’s see how we go here
oops wrong button there we go
where are we
really do want something connected to
our existing area if i can because that
expands the territory
oh they’re upset with me
this car has seen better days
all right
let’s open up with these guys down here
cops just drive off
got to be another one around here
somewhere need to kill three in
reasonable succession to uh to stop the
um have you though
you serious where are they
there’s a couple
all right let’s just clear that marker
off the map
there we go because that’ll be
all right so first wave where are they
coming from looks like they’re going to
come down the side here
yep cool
so just pop down here and hopefully
we’ll be able to light them all up
collect some cash
all right so one more round here
he caught me by surprise
unusual but all right we’ll take it
any body armor
all right so where are they coming
all right they’re gonna pop around the
side here
and again what we want to do is try and
create a um a choke point
if we can’t create a choke point at
least create a line
all right and they’re coming down the
side there as well so i’m just going to
pop around the other side of this
see if we can’t um
can’t lure them back up this way
so there is one just sneaking around
here somewhere there we are
80 in a second
not too far away
all right so yeah again the trick is
just to make them come to you rather
than trying to uh
trying to figure out where they’re going
all right so there’s a nice line of them
rain doesn’t help
all right let’s bring him around i saw
some body armor up the other side health
is still looking pretty reasonable
so not too bad that’ll hopefully bring
him around
all right
the ak is just so much more effective
all right that’s clear
cool let’s go grab some ammo and then
ah that’s wrong
oh they ain’t happy with me
see if we can’t lose him
yep lost him that’s all good
see these things are slow
all right so welcome if you’re just
joining us my name’s dan i’m an old
grumpy gamer and in this stream i am
going through
the minimum required missions to get to
the best passive in the best early
passive income in the game
so that is basically going through all
the suites missions
to start with until we’ve unlocked ryder
getting through rider og luke and then
what we’re doing is now
uh oh [__] there’s a cop there
there’s now the gang wars
so once we uh we get the gang wars going
um we start accumulating money for every
single territory that we
wrong button ah no no no no no no
uh sorry there was a press or wrong
button and then my game screen came up
and then i lost control of everything
yeah so we get uh money for every single
territory we own passively throughout
the game so what the aim is to do is
control all the gang territories which
results in
more or less peace anyway
and then
spend as much time as possible doing
other things until we lose that
it does come along
reasonably quickly
but um
we can accumulate a couple of hours
while that’s happening and in the
meantime that results in cj’s bank
balance cranking right up and that gives
us tons and tons of resources for later
on in the game
in addition for the last couple of uh a
couple of streams we have been doing uh
finding early weapons which is why
you’ll see me going back to grab that ak
all the time
and also we’ve maxed cj’s stamina and
so there we go so that’s a thousand and
thirty five just for nothing
and in the meantime what we do once
we’ve we’ve cleared all of these
territories then we’ll look at doing
things like tags flowers and trophy
hunting for a little bit
and that results in
there we go
that results in even more weapons
becoming available to us
time of the day is it uh it’s too late
i do like to do these during the day
it’s just easier
to see what’s going on i think cj he
doesn’t have better aim but it’s just
it’s just a lot easier to see at least
the the ballers
when they’re um when they’re around
because they’re they’re in purple
all right now
you’ll notice as well i am clearing
territory by territory i’m doing it
quite deliberately so what i’m aiming to
do first is take care of the ballers
and i’m only picking up territories that
are already next to another one that i
and what that does is that reduces in
oh we want to take care of these guys
that reduces the uh the the chance of um
there being dramas and once you wipe out
a gang they are no longer a threat at
now what i’ve also done just there is um
that was a dealer if you see those guys
standing around they are absolutely
fantastic for resources
so each one of those dealers will have a
weapon and roughly two grand so early
game you can already see i’ve
accumulated 20 grand
so early game that is very very handy
all right so to start a gang war what we
need to do is
actually take out these guys first so
silence pistol thank you
he’s done
and then we need to take out three gang
in rapid succession
so we need to find them first try not to
be anywhere near a cup
and they also need to be on the
i’ll see you a couple more times
the government puts implants in our
there’s next dealer there too
i might do that in front of cops
yeah nice
all right so there’s another six screen
so okay so now what we need to do is try
and find some bowlers
you’ve got to be around here somewhere
although it might not be the right time
of day
they normally just do kick about
seriously they’re just everywhere
cops everywhere too
yeah i don’t think i’ve got enough
there’s just one or two guys there i
need a few more
there are just dealers everywhere
all right so i need to find one more
while i’m inside their territory
hopefully that’ll start a gang war
nope that did not okay and they’re upset
with me all right let’s go find
all right that’s not quite well
and my whole body out
cops aren’t
run away
can run a lot faster with one of these
all right so let’s uh let’s just take a
this is why we have stamina anyway
so we do not want to start a gang war
like this
are you serious
oh no
all right let’s uh let’s just get in
bit of a maze but well worth it
body armor and uh yeah we’ll just take a
yep all right that’s cleared
there’s a tow truck back here
tow truck sorry yeah little forklift
let’s borrow that for a minute
ah serious
all right and we’ll head back
to crow street
sorry guys this isn’t probably the best
content ever but uh
part of sort of doing the completionisty
thing is that
yeah sometimes it’s a bit grindy
but the good news is
we have already started accumulating
quite a bit of money
cj’s absolutely built
and you get to watch me driving like an
oh that’s two stars that’s not good
i am not in the right car for this
okay let’s see how we go here
we go up the front of grove street
and they start shooting at me
my boys will start shooting back
all right inside and safe
all right quick save
just borrow writer’s card
right back down here
so again heading for adjacent
territories wherever it’s possible to
just because it’s less trouble
and expanding the territory is a bit
easier and always take on one gang at a
time don’t don’t try and take on
everyone at the same time because once
you’ve cleared one gang they become
significantly less problematic
for the rest or at least this part of
the game
okay so we want to be here
six o’clock at night
i like to work at high places
all right here we go
gang war provoked thank you very much
all right let’s uh clear that map marker
because that’s going to be distracting
and then head down to somewhere where he
can get out of the way
all right so trying to create a
heat chokepoint
where am i at pretty much yeah 83. long
as i’m not silly i think we’ll be okay
all right so with any luck they’re going
to come back up the left and then pop
around this side of this building
so they’re all jammed there
they’re not coming around so let’s tempt
him up a little
and try and create a bit of a point
they have to come
what’s popping
oh you snuck up
all right and these guys are fantastic
extra bits and pieces
is there some body armor floating around
let’s go check it out
all right so where are that looks like
they’re all coming down this street
what’s your thing now fool
that’s my
right there we go there’s body armor and
there the heart disappeared but that’s
all right i’m still at full health so
that’s not too bad all right where are
they coming from this time
over there
oh i got two rounds here
oh yes
all right so oh run away run away run
away try and create a spot where they
can’t hit me
and then make it very very hard to you
know jesus real strife here
where are they all coming
dead ah damn it
and resume
all right where am i
okay yeah cool go
this is why we say regularly
this one is a bit of a hard one to
so this one’s gonna be easy to start
all right
it is a cop they’re going to be upset
if they start shooting at people
cops everywhere on this one
flowers dancing around my head
all right perfect a war oh now
all right where’s the first wave
you want some lead in you huh
all right cool
so that’s some extra cash uh how are we
yeah not too bad
gee that okay makes a difference
where’d you go
give me that grip
all right there’s the third wave
looks like they’re coming down this way
so they’ll start on the left hand side
hopefully around here somewhere
so again we’ll try and tempt him
off around to the side there
all right so they’ve all lined up that
sneak around this way
that should pull them back around here
put the armor
hey you need a whole
give me them chips
two more coming back this way
need to get that okay
okay ammo is real handy
all right cool
got that one done
hey give me that
all right so that is a few more
territories captured uh so i’m just
gonna pop back here grab some armor and
some more ak ammunition
do a quick save and then on to the next
again this is super grindy i understand
that i am sorry guys but uh
is it the um the rewards are worth the
the additional hours pain that it takes
to get this if you you’re any good at it
and although
i’ve been going for a little bit but
i’ve not i’ve been doing my best work
all right so
body armor
while we’re here grab some free ak
and i think now we’ve got 30 grand so we
have accumulated a bit of coin here
through taking out dealers and through
taking our balance so i might actually
pop to an ammunition and go and load up
on that
invaluable ak stuff
i think that is
that looks like an ammunition right
and then save and away we go now the
reason we save on everyone i know i harp
on this but the reason we save every
time is because if you get wasted or if
you get arrested you lose all of your
you don’t just
have a deduction like you do in five it
was a major gripe in this one is yeah
that’s it it’s gone you cannot get it
there are ways to make it easier to find
more ammunition
uh which we’ll go through a bit later on
but uh not right now
although part of finding a heap of ammo
is part of our long-term strategy for
the game anyway
so hi andrew
60 euros you know what i i paid 60
pounds for mine um
i’m getting some enjoyment
um from this um so no can i
really want some grenades
it it depends like if if you’re on pc
you do get all three games for 60 grand
60 dollars
no 60 euro
the choice of the professional
but um
i don’t know
if you have like
psn or twitch where you get one free
yeah maybe not i mean you’ll still get
plenty of enjoyment and it will come
down like give it 12 months
and it will definitely come down
all right so i can’t buy ak weapons here
but shoddy’s a nice for short range
so yeah i don’t know it depends like for
me yeah it is i’ll get some solid
enjoyment out of this and i still quite
enjoy doing um
gta 5 stuff
i love this game like i i spent
years and years and years playing this
game it’s probably done 100 of it a
couple of times
so for me yes it depends like if you’re
just casual
i suppose you could probably wait
because i said it will come down and gta
what’s that now 12 13
yep yeah hood is under attack let’s go
take care of this
get out of the car cj
alright so run across here and create a
bit of a choke point here
so they have to come up this fence
also give me some cover
and there ladies and gentlemen is the
do like when they line up like that it
is very very handy
all right cool we’re good
okay so let’s just mark where this is
so that is where the chainsaw is
behind the building there
and let’s just take out this fella
because every time we see a dealer
we need to take him out
all right and heading back home
uh yeah
if if i wasn’t playing this for for
streaming i would probably wait some
time and maybe maybe go 30 or 40.
i am a notorious tight ass as well um so
i guess it’s it’s really going to depend
on your play but if you have free time
and you are going to spend 50 or 60
hours in this game straight away yeah
absolutely you look at your you bang for
buck yeah if you’re going to spend you
get 100 it that’s 48 hours
um so yeah to do most of the things if
you want a hundred percent it that’s 60
hours so that’s a dollar an hour
just for one game so that’s not too bad
there we go
when you consider there’s three games
each of which have 40 hours
uh of standard storyline that’s 120
of game for 60
or 60 euro so yeah you’re looking at 50
50 cents an hour so that’s that’s not
bad i mean when you think about it 50
cents an hour for entertainment
is is a very reasonable thing i’m a
tight ass
really really bad tight ass i understand
uh sorry that means australian four but
i’m not cheap like i like nice things
and i’ll get nice things if i need nice
things but i won’t spend money that i
don’t have to
yeah so in that case you know i i try to
avoid spending what i what i can if i
wasn’t doing this professionally as in
you know streaming and creating content
from it i probably would have waited
until it came down to you know 40 euros
in a few months time because i’m very
happy on gta 5 playing single player
but this has also got big nostalgia
vibes like i’m i say i’m an old grumpy
gamer i’m in the mid 40s um
so i spend a bit of time
working and my downtime is
few and far between it’s quite rare i do
value it so
spending a bit of coin on some
entertainment that i really enjoy
for um
yeah for a few dollars sorry for a few
hours it’s it’s well worth the effort
and i’m lucky enough to be able to be in
a position where i can
afford it so
yeah it really does come down to
what you you value as far as
entertainment goes
yeah you think cg is [__]
all right gang war here we go
love the cops just don’t care if you’re
shooting bangers
all right let’s get rid of that marker
because that’ll annoy the crap out of me
all right where are they
oh he’s gonna flank me
let’s get out of the way
i do like this one it has got quite
quite a bit of length for you to work
so we can camp out here and take your
time and just pop them as they come up
sometimes though they need a little bit
of help for the ai to find it and of
course you need to
get on to um
get onto the
weaponry pretty quickly otherwise you’ll
lose it
where is he
all right so we’ve got a couple coming
up that building there
no idea where they are or how they’re
doing it but that’s okay
okay where are they
there we go
all right cool and ak skills upgraded so
that’s always nice
they didn’t get a shot in that round so
that’s great whoop yep they’re coming
so again just trying to create
choke points or narrow points where they
will where they’ll accumulate so we can
just light them up make it nice and easy
so they should be popping down here
you just want to wait for that little
white glow as they come around
where are they going
a couple coming up this side
one more there
all right muscle is reducing so that is
something we need to pop back to the gym
and remedy at some point not too distant
future so i’m running around a lot but
i’m not actually doing any working out
now not in range it
all right i think that’s the next wave
extra cash whoa
this is a bad spot to be in
all right cool so that’s tempted him
around that way
what i want to do is try and get just
behind this corner here
line them up
what you think
there we go another one cleared
some extra coin
health increase which is always nice
because i’m ranking up all right let’s
go grab some
ammo and body
armor here
cops just don’t care that’s hilarious
all right
i was a bit disappointed i couldn’t buy
um ak ammo yet because i haven’t uh
haven’t quite unlocked it
but it is handy sounds like something’s
kicking off out there
all right let’s go grab this uh
truck that’s all there
oh okay
don’t think he’s far away all right so
now the plan is to grab a vehicle and
then head back to grove street grab
a quick save file so don’t be tempted
into skipping the save i cannot stress
saving regularly with this game it is
super super important
because you will lose all of your
weapons if you uh you get busted or if
you get wasted
whoops look spun him
uh was that a theater
don’t jump in front of the car you clown
all right there’s denise’s place
yep and it’s just slowly accumulating
so that’s all good
that’ll top out at five grand every time
so we just need to remember to collect
that fairly regularly but it is
completely passive income now and it
will grow with every single territory
that we uh we build
138 rounds 22 rounds
a few grenades got a couple tech nine
rounds still only three snipers all
right so ak is the way to go
i’m actually not terribly impressed with
the sniper rifle in this game to be
honest the uh i remember it being better
all right so the next one we want is
somewhere adjacent to where these guys
so i’m trying to expand the territory
rather than do a piecemeal and i’m
deliberately targeting balas in the same
reason being is once they’re done
they become significantly less of a
so as we
clear balor territory they get weaker as
a gang but more importantly once they
are cleared cleared they are no longer a
gang we have to worry about
say every single time you see one of
those bad boys just take them out
easy money and you’re cleaning up the
and someone’s kicking off but that’s
okay that’s not where we want to kick
all right somewhere around here it’s
going to be the gove there’s vagus boys
or something
hit me then homeboy
give me that grip
thank you
just love that they do not care
all right so
let’s see if we can take these guys out
all right gang war started
smaller territory this time so this will
be a bit challenging but where are they
coming from oh no longer territory whoa
up up that way all right run
run that way
get out of their line
do you like when they just line up like
got him
that wave came really quick
oh damn that came really quick and it
caught me by surprise if i’m honest
i’m getting a trouble here
all right let’s get moving again there’s
a problem with these smaller territories
you still have the same number of
enemies you have to deal with
but it’s a much more compact area
all right so it looks like they’re
coming up this end this time
what was you saying
all right still got a few to go
it’s nice when they’re lined up by that
and some aka weaponry
all right hopefully we’ve got some body
armor up here too so don’t have to go
chasing it
so 227 rounds tons of time tons of time
all right
all right so we’ll save next
back to grove street
i borrowed it from my own mate
all right let’s see here we go
we have to go through
their territory but that’s all right
a few of the fellas with the bandanas
popping around the um
the other territory there so that’s an
interesting one
all right guys um i’ve been going for
about three hours now fellas
so what i might do is i’m going to call
it i’m going to have a break for a
little bit
and then come back to this
in a little while i will be back on
later today to complete this challenge
but it’s um
it’s nearly ten in the morning i sort of
started about six i am shattered and i’m
sure you guys are bored of hearing my
voice too i know i am hearing support of
hearing mind
so we’ll do a part two in uh in an hour
or two
we’ll clear this out and make it all
make it all happen
so i genuinely appreciate you popping by
though it really is very very nice
so um
there we go
all right cool so thank you very much
for watching i appreciate your patience
i appreciate your time
i’ll be back on a little bit later to
complete the rest of this challenge
so thank you very much um stay safe wash
your hands and we’ll see you in the next

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