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Going for Early Money (Passive), again, in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

Catch up with CJ and the Grove Street Crew in the Definitive Edition of San Andreas. Join this stream to unlock the early passive income source and progress through the storyline. #GTATrilogyDefinitiveEdition #gtasanandreas #grovestreet
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Going for Early Money (Passive), again, in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

Going for Early Money (Passive), again, in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

In this exciting video, we will dive into the world of GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition. As voted by our viewers, we will be focusing on the story line and unlocking the best early passive income source in the game. Strap in for a thrilling journey as we see how far we can get!

The World of San Andreas

GTA San Andreas has been a beloved game for many years, and with the Definitive Edition re-release, it’s time to catch up with some old friends. Join CJ, Smoke, Rider, Kendall, and the rest of the Grove Street Crew as we delve into the game’s storyline.

Unlocking Passive Income

We will be focusing on unlocking the best early passive income source in the game. Watch as we navigate through the game, making strategic moves to earn money and unlock this crucial source of passive income for our gameplay.

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Join us for a thrilling adventure as we explore GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition, earning passive income and making strategic moves along the way.

hi and welcome back my name’s dan and
i’m an old grumpy gamer in this stream
we’re going to be
continuing taking over all of the gang
territories in gta san andreas so that
we can max our cash
before uh before we move off to san
fierro so let me just pause for a second
here i need to jump over to a different
screen there we go
so that’s all good
so uh if you’ve not joined us for the
previous streams we’ve done a bunch of
and we’re now in the process of taking
over all of the gang lands in san
andreas and what that does is that
builds a passive income for cj so that
we can crank his bank account before we
head on to some of the later story
missions in previous streams we also
went for some early weapons as well so
even though cj is quite low level
you can see here we have a pretty solid
stash of weaponry and of course you’ll
also notice our boy is buff af when he’s
not missing parts
and that’s because in another stream we
absolutely maxed his stamina and um and
strength at the gym so our boy’s looking
buff his arm to the teeth
and we are going to knock some ballers
in the noggin all right so let’s get
okay here we go decent time of the day
all right so the plan is to take over
certain territories you can see we’ve
got bala territories here and i am
attempting to whittle down their
territories first i’m also going for
ones that are adjacent so that we can
kind of flank them around and
squeeze them in
and every time we add a new territory to
ours and remove theirs it weakens them
now the idea is to wipe out one
group first so they’re not a problem and
then we’ll move on to the next one so
we’ll start here with the ballers and
then the vargos
after that so we’ve got a few more
territories to go
the last one took probably a little
longer than i’d like if i’m honest but
that’s okay
jump in let’s see where we’re going
probably should have set that marker
before all right where is the next
territory let’s
let’s head over here ish i think that’ll
probably be some
be some guys to sort out
right bear with me
grab my controllers
all right you can see there we have
unlocked denise as well after killing
all of her friends
interesting young lady
and uh who it is under attack which one
all right let’s go sort that out
so ballers have got that
these are normally reasonably trivial to
take care
of but it’s always good to um
to sort them out pretty promptly
all right let’s uh we’ve got the ak we
just need to figure out where they are
and then
line them up
where are they there we go okay so what
we want to try and do is basically make
yeah here’s a nice little choke point
so they can’t come at us without us
really spotting what’s going on
uh so where are they
are they going to come up
where are they all right
oh the crouching is just not great
looks like they’re coming up this way
must be on the other side of the fence
can we get over that
yes we can
that’ll help
here’s one of our boys
all right well there’s a couple down at
least and they’re all on the sidewalk
pay attention boy
this is all you giving me
that could have been done better
all right
i need to find myself a better spot
got hit way way more than i should have
all right so what we’re going to try and
do is temp them around
to a spot that makes it very very
challenging for them
and very easy for me
there should be some popping around the
corner here
here he is
right done nice and easy what do we get
out of that shotgun
and a bit of extra cash so that didn’t
all right let’s go where are we i’m just
going to might as well pop down and grab
some ammo and
some extra body armor while we’re over
get out of the way
is absolutely the way to go in this one
we’ve picked that up nice and early so
there’s a
really neat little spot we can grab one
and it comes with a bit of body armor
completely free of charge just out the
back of this warehouse in the rail yard
use the pistol because it’s just quicker
to run with it
all right so
where are we body armor thank you very
ammo there we are
now once we clear one entire gang that
happens significantly less
all right so let’s get back to where we
were heading
i think there’s probably going to be a
nice little spot to start a bit of a war
this car does not hit a well it does not
turn well
that’s okay doesn’t need to last long
just need to get us to the next one
oh that was an idea
sorry buddy all right now this is one of
my newest streams sorry uh one of my
first time streaming i’ve only sort of
literally been doing this for maybe two
let’s get out sort him out
most of the time i am
doing um
regular instructional videos
so they’re a bit more planned than this
i’m not super flash at this whole
streaming caper yet so you please do do
bear with me and feel free to pop into
the chat when uh
when you’re around
all right let’s go see if we can find
someone to knock
okay because we want to absolutely sort
these boys out
that’s gonna go boom afterwards
i want to stay in this territory
oh thank you
i’ll have that
bit of extra cash
so every time you see one of those
dealers they’re carrying about two grand
so most of the money i’ve earned here
is covered by that
all right have i started the angle yes i
have there is the first wave alright i
am uh
probably on the back foot here
let’s see how we go
all right that’s a start
really do need to map that to zed so
it’s the same as gta 5 otherwise i’m
going to get myself into all sorts of
strife later
all right that is the first wave there
is the second
right up the end again so let’s get
ourselves out of the way
that was very nice of them to line up
like that
oh i’m in trouble here run away
all right so what i want to do is now
temp them around to the corner here
just line myself up so that it’s easy
for me to uh to peg them from a distance
it’s just it’s the easiest strat it’s
really simple but it is very very
as soon as we get that little glow to
say we’re targeting wolf down he goes
got a couple more so they’ll pop out
just over here
hopefully they’ll come around the corner
it looks like they got up
so that’s before they’re in range all
all right where’s body armor
going to need some body armor
what they’re behind me
let’s head down this way because uh yeah
i’m not in a great spot right now
all right is that still in that is still
hopefully where are they going
they’re off
they are off they’ve lost me
all right well while they’re running up
there because the ai is done
let’s just plonk ourselves in a
reasonable spot here
a couple more there
don’t have to chase them they need to
come to me
but i need that ak so we’ll grab that
one and hopefully that’ll trigger him to
come back anyway
give me them chips
okay where are we at
yeah still got plenty of ammo so that’s
all good
and hopefully that managed to sort them
to come back
as body armor and heart
tons of time
thank you very much gonna walk away with
this one
pretty reasonably actually
he’s down
that’s it done
all right let’s see if we can get to
that ak before it disappears
thank you very much
oh i hope i didn’t accidentally start a
hood wall
nope that’s all good
okay and now we need to head back home
now this is part of the tedious bit is
after every single one we need to head
back and save because if we do not
and we manage to get wasted or busted
then what will happen is we will lose
all of our weapons at least
at this part of the game and quite
honestly unless you pick some of the uh
more carefully romance of the more
careful romance options
that’s where we’ll end up every time we
end up
in jail or
in hospital
which we don’t want that’s not fun at
all right cj’s out i’ll give them a
quick save
i think we still have enough ak
yeah money’s accumulating there already
so that’s not bad
and of course the more
more territories we own the faster that
so we’ll save that
there we go
and the faster that accumulates the more
money we can make while we’re doing
other things a little bit later on down
the track
okay so let’s head to the next territory
so i’m going to take out all of the
ballers in this block first and then
sort this territory out
just because i want to get rid of these
guys while they’re on this side of the
map because while i’m on this side of
the map it’s a lot easier to deal with
them if there is a hood attack
so off we go again
savannah is a neat little machine
let’s stay in our own
territory as long as we can
get out of the way drongo
the ai these guys are super aggressive
when you bump their cars like super
aggressive when you bump their cars
all right now we just need to find some
guys and we will sort them out let’s see
where they’re at
oh that’s him
and they despawned or ran away don’t
know which
i am gonna have you though
this is not a terribly accurate weapon
get out of the way
okay one of the side effects to
absolutely hammering the uh
hammering the gym before
is that
yeah now these guys are dead
hasn’t alerted anyone i just need one
let’s start a street war
gotta be around here somewhere
people say i give my production secrets
yeah i might have missed my window yet
there we go gang war started great just
inside the territory
all right where is that first road
coming from
where are they whoop yep they’re there
that’s not good that’s not good at all
that is not a good place to be
all right so uh
the trick here is to create a choke
point and welcome back to anyone who’s
just joined my name’s dan i’m an old
grumpy gamer
if you’re here you’ve probably been here
before you know what uh what’s going on
we are just
getting all of the the raids done
so that we can control all the
territories and make all the money
all right so it looks like they’re
coming down the side here so let’s
pop out this way
and they’ve lined up nicely for us again
so yeah basically just creating a point
where they’re all just lining up for us
nicely and trying to keep cj out of
trouble here all right so they’re all
behind me this time
there we go
are not the sharpest tools in the shed
all right
didn’t even have to move that
time give me that paper with uh the idea
here being that we want to
get as many territories as we can in
fact we want to get all of the gang
territories and what that does is that
creates a nice
long lasting ish passive income for cj
which puts us in a really good stead for
later on in the game
you serious boys
there we go
and that is the third wave out and they
are dropping better weapons every time
so if these guys had the mind to use
them i could be in a bit of strife here
but because
we’re doing this pretty quickly and i’m
staying at a distance i’m staying well
outside of what they would consider
and now you’ll notice also i’m not doing
tags because we’re doing that a bit
later because there is some other really
cool weapon stuff to do with tags a bit
all right back to grow streets
yeah there is steadily
there we go and i’ll have that one
so we are getting there it is a process
uh i think i mentioned before i am a bit
of a grinder with this kind of stuff i i
just find it quite
a relaxing way to play
when i’m actually you know when it’s
going well
it is a slow way to start a game but
it’s a heck of a way to finish a game
because what happens is we are
incredibly overpowered going into
a huge portion of the fights that we end
up uh end up in
so that’s a 1200 we’ll have that
uh for the
yeah it ends up we are setting you up
for the the entire game to be
overpowered right up until the last boss
which is just nuts
there we go
okay where is the next bit of territory
so we are pretty close to full full
health and full armor so that’s okay
i’ll be happy with that
that’s a dealer that looks like a dealer
right and again super super easy pro tip
there you see a dealer take them out
they always have roughly two grand on
them and that is a good way add some
pretty easy cash
to start with
is that a couple of their boys
let’s have a look
we are just in the territory and that is
where we want to be
thank you
these guys are a great source of income
great source of income
no we are not my dear
oh yep all right that’ll sort these guys
that is open wall
that’ll certainly that’s one way to do
all right where are they coming from
okay yep that’s not great
yeah this is not a good line to be on
what i really want to do is head back
out the other side there
and get him to come back up the other
so that way i can get a proper line on
probably he is a reasonable spot high
and then hopefully
always get a bit close
all right that’s the first way i’ve
some done cash nice weapons
all right where’s the next lot coming
all right i think this is probably the
spot to be again
it’s a nice little point there where
they’ll just
run up to me
black at a star
all right second wave done
we’ve got some ak weaponry back on that
thank you
hopefully they won’t come from two
angles yeah they’re coming from two
angles this time so that’s okay we’ll
sneak up that body armor and we’ll be
good there
so again heading right to the edge of
the territory
and we will see what happens here
all right can i get into a bit of strife
here so i’ll just run down this way
right yeah
one or two more left there we go
all right that’s it what’s ours
not a scratch
not a scratch
all right don’t nick the cop spike
thank you
he was not terribly loaded
let’s go grab a cat
what’s happened there
there we go
that was weird but all right i’ll take
back save do the same thing again for
the next one
that said it’s a bit of a grind now
really where
which hood
i just cleared that one but this is why
we do it here because it’s quicker and
easier than having to go to the other
side of the map that’s why we leave the
last territory until
well last i suppose
all right we’ll have to deal with that
guy a bit later
all right they’re all going to come down
the side here again
this is not a great spot to be
what i want to be is just behind this
oh no i’m in strife here
move get out of the way
yeah i’m in real trouble here
all right got him
now hopefully there will be some armor
in there and what not here
because i am in desperate need of a bit
of health and armor
whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
who’s shooting at me and why
see y’all pimp mobile
all right there it is
i see body armor over here
there’s the heart body armor is not
normally too far behind
nope that’s all right still got plenty
of ammo
all right definitely need some body
armor so we’ll just
duck back here
and go and pick some up
so same spot just about every time
simply because it comes with a bit of
extra ammo as well so that never hurts
uh where is the entrance to this place
where am i looking
around there
is it around there
there it is
i’ll get up
there we go
body armor
what was that
all right let’s go sort out this next
i’m not the man
all right up to near big smoke’s place
thank you very much that is a weird
yeah that’s my bumper it is uh
levitating and seriously he’s gonna make
that cheese the dealers are a problem
he’s down
is that a security guard
that was a guy that was going to buy
this it is still two grand so that’s not
too bad at this stage of the game i
wouldn’t worry too much cj
yeah cops don’t care about pedestrians
at least not in this neighborhood
all right and let’s see how we go over
now let’s um
try and start a bit of a war here
all right get into their territory
and there’s a yeah there’s a group of
first thing we’re going to do is take
care of this guy
thank you
uh what if i oh i’ve lost my
that’s disappointing
lost my silencer
go what
yeah again not helpful
i’m being flanked
all right so what i need to do is just
exit the area real quick
run back here
and then see if we can’t get to a spot
where it’s going to be a lot harder for
to hit me
alright cool so cleared those fellas up
to get back into the raining territory
and now they’ll just line up
we’ve got two more down the back there
all right cool first wave done
i can’t believe i lost my silence pistol
she’s at such an advantage all right i
have to go back and get one of those
the good news is you do get to keep your
ammo even if you lose the machine
there he is
oh no still a couple there
too slow
all right and hopefully they won’t come
from one side all right so body armor
will be handy and they’ve all come from
by me again so this makes it really easy
uh you clowns
didn’t get hit too many times not the
best run ever but yep hood’s mine done
and hopefully we can get there before
the um
let’s get the thing over before that
runs out
and body armor full right okay so next
thing we’re going to do is just quickly
go and find a silence nine mil
because that is so much better
let’s have a look uh so
where is it let me just go to my
photographs and i do have a full map
thank you very much to h7
so let me just consult this it’s not
going to take long sorry guys so just
take a moment
all right so that is
about here-ish
with any luck
do we have a vehicle
need to grab a vehicle
all the cars have disappeared
you’ll do
still no j turns
do you think the rain is a bit much in
this version of the game
it’s just
it’s it’s much nicer than it used to be
but it is quite a bit and it can be
somewhat let’s call it distracting
not doing much from a frame rate either
even though i’m you know i’m running a
2060 on 64 gig
with a full ssd so one would think it’d
be all right but
all right so what we want to do is head
to this convention center here and right
on the bottom of the steps here
is a silence line mill
and yeah i’ll have that
and i lost the ammo
that’s disappointing but the silence
nightmare is a far superior weapon to
the standard
right back home save and do it
again ah there we go
back into home turf
we are making some solid moves on this
so that’s all good
what’s the bank balance
yeah see that’s even quicker we’re
talking 1300 just in that short time
dealer’s got to get rid of the dealers
right i’m going to make this a bit
better personal are we
thank you very much
can’t have them in our neighborhood
clearly he was doing a ride out of this
that’s alright i’ll take that off his
done right let’s go raid the next one
there we go
it’s just slowly creeping my way up the
up the map
now uh you may or may not be wondering
why i’m not recruiting people yet that’s
because i haven’t unlocked it yet we are
still that early in the game that i
haven’t unlocked gang
affiliations yet
oh sorry i have not
unlocked recruiters although i can
technically recruit three people in a
crew can’t actually
recruit people right now
it’s a nice little spot
all right so what we want to do is head
down here
what are you doing there buddy
so we are right on the edge of
our territory
if we do this then they don’t notice
when they’ve been shot
give me them chips
all right so we need to find one more to
take out
this [__]
gotta be another one around here
and he ran away are you kidding me
he seriously put the lights on and ran
away that is incredible
who is he chasing
i just shot a guy in front of him
oh dear that’s well
yeah right
ah you’ll do
all right gang war started thank you
very much
grab that ak work out where they’re
going to come from and hopefully
won’t get ourselves into too much
all right there we go
that cop is going to be a pain in the
all right so this will keep me out of
strife here
where are you
just in
another one around here somewhere
all right get the cash
there’s a handy thing about setting
these types of scenarios up is all the
money’s in one spot all right cool
they’re gonna come all the way around
there so we’ll run down the end
really do need to remap that to z so
that it’s not um
all right that’s i think that’s the
second wave done
going to need to find that body armor at
some point they’re not too distant
future too
let’s head back this way it’s not great
that i can walk into smoke’s place right
so i’m gonna go all the way up the other
there’s my heart
hopefully i got body armor not too far
oh lost the heart
body armor
thank you very much
can i miss out on some of the ammo here
but that’s okay i don’t mind too much
where are they
it’s a bit harder to see you know see
these guys here
really really want that ammo
that won’t be such a big issue yeah
where are they
going to give them two places they can
let’s get our vision right
going to be around here somewhere
where are you
what are they stuck in a uh stuck in a
spot kind of looking like they’re stuck
is that connie munstack
there he is
thank you
all right got some ammo
let’s go find us a vehicle and
we’ll head on home
we are getting it cleared so this lot
absolutely avoid the temptation to
there we go
avoid the temptation to just move on to
the next one because if we get stuck and
i have done this before the first time i
did this game
i cleared the uh
cleared all the territories
got killed in about the second or last
one and uh hadn’t saved just kept
rolling lost about two hours worth of
progress because i i you know
didn’t have any weapons otherwise and um
taking out hood uh taking out yeah
idiots in the hood is challenging let’s
call it
if you’re only sporting brass knuckles
okay buddy you are done
come on
probably just should have shot him he’s
pretty close to right there i do not
want to do that
all right through we go again
and where are we off to this time
so let’s push into this territory
nope someone’s upset
oh tally
oh am i in their territory i am all
right great let’s uh let’s get going
all right getting all started
i can go a bit higher here and i will
pick up some body armor a little bit
afterwards so that’s all good
all right so just in the territory
let’s see where they’re at
where are they coming from
they’re off i have no idea where they’re
not entirely sure they do
they’re definitely sitting lower than me
are they on the bridge
they under the bridge
gotta be under the bridge
we’ve completely lost one lot
these are who’s on the highway
they are indeed
this ai is hilarious sometimes
really quite would like a rocket
launcher right now
they’ve figured it out
run away
okay yep they’ve definitely figured it
out so they’re gonna pop over here
where are they
he’s down
where’s he off to
i don’t
know david i genuinely have no idea i’ve
not actually tried
i would be surprised if you could if i’m
honest uh because this is built in an
entirely different engine to the last
one the last one was built in the early
rage engine this is built in unity
that said you know it’s just data so
my old version is on my xbox classic and
i am on pc
and my xbox classic
is sitting in a different country right
now so it’s a little hard to get my
hands on it unfortunately
uh we’ll be right we’ll figure it out
okay where are these guys hiding now
and the bridge
must be on the bridge
so yeah i couldn’t tell you i’m sorry
do you want to get too far out of the
territory because otherwise the game
gets upset with me but i really do need
to take care of this first wave
i think that’s the last one that’s her
here’s one of my very very valuable
sniper rifle shots
well that’s a weird bug
might have to go find myself another
sniper rifle at it
that’s okay
ah this is not good
all right cool let’s go find
a spot to kick around and uh draw them
out a little bit
so what i really want to do is
be on the other side of this wall i
think hopefully that’ll draw them
no body armor around the place
all right cool that’s one lot done
need that ak weaponry give me that grip
it goes that way let’s uh run this way
and hopefully that’ll uh
draw them through
our body armor thank you very much
all right which way are they coming
are they gonna go all the way around the
block because i need them to be in this
let’s see how we go
where are they going
they’re on the tracks
all right i need to get ahead of him
otherwise i’ll be in strife here
all right second wave done
it’s a shame i can’t reload either which
is really disappointing
all right which way do i need to go
okay back this way and we’ll
create a bit of a choke point here
so they’re on the highway
where are they
all right got a couple there
these guys on the highway can’t get
anywhere near me right now but these
guys can
do not want to get flanked
all right cool bit of extra ammo so that
hopefully we’ll see some um
we’re on the edge of the territory here
so we’ll see
a bit of body armor somewhere
get back in
now these guys were on the bridge before
so i’m wondering if can i peg these guys
from here
no don’t have the range
all right let’s get that heart
thank you
no body armor
i’m going to hit that top bridge there
see if i can’t beg him from that side
no now is not the time to play
basketball i think
all right cool he’s down
all right let’s get up on the bridge and
see what we can see
right there’s a few down the bottom
there and these guys over the other side
but the ai is just not up for it today
is it
don’t think i’ve got the range to hit
these guys
i’m gonna have to go to them that’s not
do not like being out of cover here
thank you very much
right now where are they
it’s a bit of a spot the problem is when
they’re running around like this
did that actually will it make it
did not make it
let’s try a different angle see if we
can actually get them this way instead
got plenty of grenades
too far
no sniper rifle ammo left let’s try this
got him
and done
think did we end up taking the right
did i just recapture my own hood
i think i might have just recaptured my
own hood well that’s a bit silly
yeah that’s not right
that is quite an annoyance all right
let’s head home real quick
now i have noticed as well some of these
cars are a bit
quicker than i remember
1600 thank you
or it could be that i’m you know
cranking driving a little bit early but
that’s all right
right let’s try this
again that is that is a land yacht that
is a that is a piece of kit that one
there goes that frame right
all right let’s head back into their
that’s where i want to be is hereish
is that enough to start a war
apparently not
it’s not even enough to alert the cops
oh really
which one
there we go
sorry buddy
this gang we’ll have to wait we’ll
reclaim this territory in a second
won’t take too long
which way is it taking me
no i just need to get right
okay where are they
oh there they are
oh yep they found me
hey you need a hole
give me that grip
all right not far away
okay where are we
and we’re safe
all right i definitely need to go and
find some armor and uh and ammunition
so back down to the old trusty spot i
know it’s a bit of a drive but it’s okay
it’s all part of it
oh actually you’re a quicker cat
you’re even yeah then
get in
oh dear
there she goes
get out of the car cj
up we go
ammo is pretty good
getting a bit lean on that uh that old
nine mil as well
whoops i’ll wait
i need to head back hit the gym too
let’s try this spot this time
this is a handy way to ramp up that
driving skill as well i do a lot more
cases you might otherwise doing this but
it’s all part of the fun
i do quite enjoyed the driving i’m
getting used to it as well this was what
is going on there
she’s okay i thought she dislocated both
shoulders there for a second that is
just odd
there are some pretty interesting bugs
in this one
see if we can’t find some bowlers to
sort out
without getting myself shot up
this time
it’s pretty much all we’ve got to do is
just this sort of area here
is about all we can get to
yeah i’ll have you
all part of it
really do need to be on that other side
of that bridge
you serious
all right where’s that first wave coming
from okay so that leaves them the only
spot they can get to is up the top of
hopefully they all seem to be on the
same level so hopefully they’ll come
around this side
it’s a nice long territory too so
plenty of time for them to get lined up
all right
it’s um
this one’s been a bit longer than i was
expecting yeah i i don’t recall it
taking this long to uh to get all the
territory sorted
that’s all good fun do not swap weapons
i have that heart though
see how this goes
right on the edge of the territory
the problem was i was outside of the
territory last time and it decided that
i uh i hadn’t actually captured it
so he’s down
slightly out of range
there he is
all right so i’ll wait for the second
wave to pop up
there there right okay
so that’s good that’ll give me plenty of
room to get uh get all squared away
where are they off to
the ai on this machine is just
it’s not been great it’s just not been
yeah you think cj a [__] huh
so let’s go for a run up this way
collect some uh
collect some ammo
cool one
oh they’re starting to get hard now
they’re coming from three angles
oh body armor thank you
so get them on this side i need to make
sure that i’m well inside the territory
get ourselves lined up
just red dust everywhere
these guys really are clowns
just want to get up here because these
uh the pistol is a little bit quicker
and i really really want that ammo
it’s him down
i’m gonna have to go find his friends
a bit out of range by the look of it
there you go
do not provoke the uh the bowlers in
their territory i really do want
that ammo
okay so all the body armor is okay
oh yeah but was okay
yeah i’m way off where i should have
been there but that’s all right we’ll
take it
so back on the grind it’s been good
having you there um andrew um
i said you knew just streaming i think
you were there for the first one as well
um a little little earlier
was it yesterday
so early it was quite late for me but uh
yeah definitely been good having some uh
having some repeat repeat visitors it is
get off the road clowns
all right
so where am i going so
it’s starting to crank up so i mean that
was just one raid and uh it accumulated
1200 so that’s not too bad that’s not
too bad at all i have no idea what it
tops out at i want to say five
five thou but i could well be wrong it
has been a minute
all right so yeah arm is at half but
that’s all right i think we’ll be okay
and let’s get that territory sorted
then we can close uh close in on these
guys flank them all out so it’s just us
and the vargos
and then we will have no more raids uh
from the ballers after the the purple
territories are gone they’ll be too weak
and to do anything good
and the reason i’m leaving the one at
the beach to last is because i
don’t have to keep driving out there to
rescue it
all right so this one’s sort of an
isolated territory now
i’ll get out of it
skate park area hey
all right let’s see what we have here
no silence pistol
something to take the day away dude
go away
what’s the hold up
really don’t like dealers
all right that’s him squared away
i just love a disaster
and he’s doing the same thing
that’s not a cop
so now we need to find some bowlers and
this is going to be a little bit
challenging in this territory i think
right now
anything at the skate park
it is quite late
they do have a daytime nighttime cycle
but see how they go and i do need to
start this raid in
you want a little something
can we take care of this fella
is that a cop
no that’s good
that’ll sort him
uh yeah no that’s cool man i’m glad it
it is in fact going in my retirement
yeah i do enjoy sort of doing oh there
we go
do enjoy doing the tip videos
oh this really is an ordinary gun
all right give me an okay there we go
do need to find those guys and get up
you’ll do
all right am i in there to reckon i’m in
oh this is really frustrating
right now sorry you did say something
yes joined and
little last night on the xbox with
it does feel and look a lot better than
it was i’m still uh i mean there’s some
bugs there’s some quirks but you know
that’s just
that’s just what they do
knowing that they’ve sort of rescaled a
bunch of stuff rather than
and used an ai rather than redeveloping
it’s it’s kind of cool
also i think they could have probably
spent a little more time retouching
ah seriously where is
got to be some more around here you
could have spent a little more time
retouching a few bits and pieces to uh
to tune it up
was he inside the territory
it’s got to be inside the skate park or
around here somewhere
this is uh getting a little frustrating
but that’s all right
can i get up onto the top of this
yes i can
yeah this isn’t great at all
i just shot him and he just keeps on
where’s on something
oh there we go
where is he
right that’s one taken care of in here
need to make sure they’re actually
inside the territory
otherwise it doesn’t count
alright so there’s two more in there
where is he
get inside
right turf war
okay well that took a little longer than
i was hoping and my health isn’t that
flash but uh ah
we’ll make two we’ll make two
all right so they’re all going to come
down this way i think
there’s red dust
oh you’re not going up a day yet
all right these guys are only carrying
smgs but
that’s all right we’ll take them
you went in
all right have we got any decent weapons
out here
we have not but money is money and i
like money
where are they oop hitman okay
so let’s funnel them all down this way
there’s heart and body armor over there
all right let’s go grab that heart and
body armor
those guys are up the top there so
they’re a little bit distracted
so it might get shot out a little bit
here but it’ll be worth the uh worth the
these guys are getting a bit close
yep that was not in any way worth the
where are they
are they going to come down or are they
going to come up
doesn’t matter i’m going for that okay
now be interesting to see where the
armor is for this wave
because i could probably do with some
where is he
these guys are just the ai is let’s call
it ordinary
that said it will still get the jump on
you periodically there we go that’s the
second wave down
pick up some cash
and we need to try and find where the
next round of oh
where are they
oh this is going to end poorly victory
there we go
hopefully we’ll have some uh some
ammunition around here somewhere so not
some ammo some um
health around here somewhere
all right can’t get over that
can’t see any in here might be down the
that’s not helpful
my heart
so that’ll uh that’ll do for starters
and we’ve got a couple lined up here so
let’s just take them out
so they’ve got to come out this side
they’ve got to come out that spot
kick rock you punk [__]
where are you come on can’t you come
come on behind me
gots to pay attention
got him
let’s go for those okays always handy
that was not my best work but that is
that’s all right we’re not too bad
does anyone see body armor around the
place i couldn’t find any in that last
round i might have to go fetch some
oh no that car’s busted
that one all day
give me that lady
there we go and off we go again
so for those just joining the stream my
name’s dan i’m an old grumpy gamer and
in this stream we are doing part two of
early money
where we are clearing all of the
gang related areas in the game
so that we can create a passive income
for cj while we do a whole bunch of
other stuff
that man’s got a quest i’ll remember
that later
so the idea here is to clear all of the
gang territories
which nets cj a daily income
and once we’ve done that
then we go off and do everything else in
the story line except the sweet missions
and then once we’re bored with
everything else then we’re going to do
the sweep mission uh reason being is
sweets mission next missions go through
there’s just the next two after the ones
we’ve done already
we lose our income
we actually lose the lose the income
altogether so what we want to do is just
make sure
that cj is well
by the time that happens
so what we’ll do is uh just grabbing
some body armor here in my favorite
little spot in the warehouse down the
and that there is another stream where i
went through where to find uh weapons
and armor and whatnot and at least the
practical weapons and armor within the
there are a whole bunch of other ones
which you didn’t go through but we will
at some point things like molotovs and
flamethrowers and chainsaws are great
fun but not entirely helpful for what
we’re aiming to achieve
yeah basically what we’ll do is just uh
do this one and then we’ll
probably do uh do tags after this which
is one of the one of the game mechanics
that was introduced about two missions
and while we’re doing things like tags
and other missions and all the side
quests and
all the stuff that a completionist does
we’ll be earning money
so cj is loaded without having to use
this does take a while i have been on it
for probably longer than i’d like
but uh it is adding quite a lot of ammo
you can see there the tech has got three
thousand odd rounds
uh i’m nearly at a thousand rounds for
the the ak
although i’ve had to swap to a standard
nine mil because
i just keep running out of bullets there
you go
for my
silence pistol although the silence
pistol is really handy i am however
getting quite handy with a knife
so just do a quick save and then head
back outside
sorry just uh
took a sip of water and accidentally
land on the control
all right so we’ve backed up with armor
and ammo so next raid is let’s work our
way up
to i think you know what let’s just head
across the street uh
into this territory here
now if you are here for money one of the
other things to do is look for those
guys if you see a dealer
you want to take them out for two
reasons firstly
they’re not doing a lot of favors for
your friends and secondly they tend to
carry roughly two grand each
and a nine
so every time you see them just thump
them take them out and that is
how you yeah probably scored about 30 or
40 grand off them so far
so that’s a start and that’ll help a lot
when we do
ammunition stuff later on down the track
all right so i’m just in the territory
now and the trick is to make sure you
are inside inside the territory when it
kicks off otherwise
it doesn’t work
that lady had some pigtails all right
so now i need a gang war just to stop
the well there’s a yeah that’ll do the
job nicely
okay so we’ve got that
woods under attack so i’ll just take
care of them
does annoy me that i can’t actually
click that
and there we go warrant again
this is the only
pain in the backside thing about this is
running the um
running the hood missions
and where are they
okay yep they’re done they’re on the
get out of the car cj
where are they
they have probably run off
the ai is
let’s go with not ideal
all right i want to be is over here
oh snap that’s a grenade then they’ve
all bugged out
now it’s worth noting it’s not where
you’re aiming it’s where cj is pointing
that ends up doing the grenade
what is going on
right he’s down
those guys have bugged out
all right well i’m not gonna waste
valuable ammo on them
that was
and they fell down
all right we’ll have you
and where are we off to
let’s head back to here to take care of
these guys
at least it was easy to get the loot
there have been some interesting bugs in
certainly what not ones i would expect
uh certainly weren’t in there in the uh
the xbox version that i was playing but
this was i think this is a direct
adaption of the first playstation 2
wrong turn
so yeah some of the the patches that
were applied earlier have been removed
and that’s not where i want to be
i have that
so we’ll head into this area hopefully
we’ll have some uh
have some activity and we can sort these
guys out
grab another territory and off we go i
do have plenty of money for the ak so
not plenty of money i should say plenty
of ammo for the ak
done well that was effective
yeah what’s that yep here we go
there’s another
need to find one more
oh [__] there we go game war done
that one was nice and easy to provoke
gonna have you while i’m here
all right oh dear this is not good
so we’ll go for a wander over here i
might just have to try and hide behind
this one and hope
that i can
line them up sort of
ugly okay
where you at where are you
there he is
vision’s not great here
getting properly torn apart here
all right let’s go find somewhere better
to spin it to stand i think
oh not good
yep done
and that ladies and gents is why we save
mode here we go
at least the loading times are quick
yep we’re pretty good let’s see where
we’re at
crystal meth
okay you hadn’t
quite gotten that territory yet
back up to clock and belt
yeah put myself in a bit of a spot there
that was an idea
thank you
there we go
this casually wanders over
all right where are they coming from
excellent all right got a good draw that
oh yeah that’s right
all right so they have to come around
here so i should just be able to peg
them hopefully
without too much trouble
of course that’s assuming they’ll
actually follow the ai path that they
probably should
got a few coming around the side here
and let’s head back this way
might need that after
all right
where are you buddy
any second there
these boys are not right
that said they did get the jump on me
last time so i can’t all be too bad
want that body helmet
here we go right now they’re all behind
me so that’s okay i can take that
which side of the road they’re coming up
along the side
mostly on this side
all of that ak weaponry thank you very
much take that ammo
heart back there not terribly fussed
about that
that’s right we’ll grab it anyway is
there body armor there is body armor all
right head back save
it’s really it’s not letting me pop
my marker kind of where i want it to be
which is
a bit of an interesting bug you can’t
actually pop it on someone you can just
kind of go there
which hood
reasonably well armed
so it should be okay
i wonder if it’ll bug out again look
there goes that frame right
where are they
all on the same side as me here
so where are the ones
and he’s off
didn’t even take a hit
very nice
don’t steal the cockpit
all right so uh we’re coming up on the
two hour mark this is taking a minute
longer than i expected it to if i’m
honest i thought it would normally take
an hour and a half at tops
but it’s probably because i’m saving a
and spending a bit of time doing extra
collections and whatnot so what i’ll do
is i’ll take care of the
and then i might leave the vargos for
all right where are we at
so i want to be
let’s see how we go you can say i don’t
want to spend
all day on it
i’ve already spent a fair bit but we’ll
get there
oh this looks like a nice neighborhood
let’s go sort it out
start with you
no one worries about the dealers
don’t push me
who is shooting at me
that is in fact dybala
gang war there we go all started
oh yeah i’m in a bit of trouble here
let’s recover
let’s get those cars up
that helps
geez that made a mess of him that made a
right mess of it
oh health is not looking flash
all right where’s an x-ray coming from
is it gonna be in a bit of strife here
all right gonna run to the other side of
the map hopefully i won’t get hit in the
make him run any faster yes it is
oh two-handed one-hander
i want to go too far out of the map
so what i really need is a bit of a
bit of armor
get back in the area
ah let it go too long
uh yep ended
right just going to pop over for a
and uh
see here we go there
so let’s uh let’s reload
and off we go again
there we go
pop back to this territory
see if we can get away with not actually
collecting too many bullets before we
actually start the turf walk
there’s some boys
oh getting shot
all right gang war start
where are they at
yeah sort of an odd territory here but
yep we’ll take it
nice long run
what’d you say to me
easier that time
still didn’t start myself terribly well
but that’s okay we’ll take it
behind me this time so
don’t want to use the car here we can
use it
boys just aren’t terribly bright
lots of ammo
lots of ammo
and they’re right behind me again so
that never hurts
hey you need a hole put in one
all right cool so
you know if you saw there respect was
upgraded but i can’t actually i haven’t
unlocked hoods yet so
i haven’t unlocked crews yet
but to be honest they end up being more
trouble than they’re worth they really
are a massive pain in the backside
tend to be quite useless they’re good
for drive-bys but not much else
try that again
back down to our safe spot here
if uh people are
shooting each other as long as civilians
aren’t involved
that’s uh that’s not ideal
let’s pop back here use this way
where are we going
where the heck did he come from
all right and i want to be
here this time
not a big band of uh of activity to hit
but it looks dense and that’s okay
because the last one was quite dense
plenty of ammo you can see this is
it is a worthwhile exercise even if um
you know it’s not progressing as quickly
as you’d like
we’ve got a boatload of ammunition
we’ve got uh
you know weapons grading is is much
better we’re much better with an ak
you can see the shots we’re taking now
which are just fantastic
so that’s really helpful all right so
now we only have really just a narrow
band here to work with
oh and that’s handy
sort these guys out
and yep that was nice and easy
now the question is where are they going
to come from
you serious
right did not expect that
that was a little bit closer than i
would have liked if i’m honest
all right which are in there
what to do so those guys are not showing
can i get up there nope
this is quite a challenge guys just
trying to find a spot where i can
actually camp
these guys are just not showing up on
the on the radar that is just nasty
yeah we good
all right where are we
red dust everywhere
so red mist i should say
got it
all right where’s the second wave
where are they going
all right so what we need to do is sort
of tempt them back in
i need to stay in here but that is
that’s a nice
wow this rain is epically bad
quite inopportune if i’m honest
they’re going for a run
where are you
looks like we’re all coming up this
street now so take the win
here we go second wave done
what you’re seeing
all right so let’s get back in the hood
oh wow
this is
all right and load again
at least it’s quick to load
that was a really really interesting
territory to try and capture
because there was a lot of guys showing
up oh sorry that were popping up that
were not on the radar at all
now whether it’s a bug glitch
whether it was done by design to be a
bit deceptive i don’t recall it being in
the um in the last one but then it has
been some time since i played san
andreas so
maybe not necessarily the most reliable
of source it would be really interesting
to hear the professionals take actually
because that man lives and breathes this
not what i was expecting but okay
that was a uh
that was a heck of a start
okay where are we
it’s such a narrow band to operate in
okay get him there
come on where are you
give me that grip
all right gotta stay inside this
territory that is the hard thing about
it otherwise it’s really easy to run
it’s really easy to uh to get yourself a
little sort of
discombobulated here this rain is really
not helping
all right hopefully there’s some body
armor floating around here somewhere
does not appear to be
this way hopefully we’ll be able to lure
them back out
along here
and i can take them out without too
much trouble
so here we go
i reckon they’re going to pop out about
the airish
that is right on the edge of the
territory so maybe it’ll work maybe it
won’t we’ll see what happens let’s get a
little bit closer
oh that rain mercifully clearing
up got him
so where’s the next wave gonna come from
right down that way
let’s get all the way up the back
and hopefully we’ll have some
armor or hearts or something up this way
okay where are you coming from
back into the territory
was it get myself into trouble
right there they are
there he is
what you say to me that’s one
all right rest of them uh on their way
that’s awesome
slightly out of range there they are
now yep
ended up a little bit worse off for that
one that wasn’t the best it’s my best
decision ever
i have a sniper rifle nope
do not
oh i gotta pay attention got to pay
i think they’re at a range
got it
well this might be interesting
where are they where are they where are
they oh there they are
i’m packing heat food
all right and
there is a heart and some body armor so
that’ll keep me busy and this
angle should lure them back
so i think these guys are going to cross
the street and then come back
or they’re going all the way up
they’re going all the way up
take the uh take the ak
oop i’m gonna get into trouble doing
back into the area
and see how we go from here
so with any luck
where are you going there buddy
we should get away with this one without
too much damage i think as long as i can
stay inside the territory be a little
bit patient about it this has been one
of the more challenging ones because
it’s so narrow you have to really
be paying attention it’s just so easy
for these guys to flank you
and uh it turns out sometimes going for
the body armor is not necessarily the
wisest of ideas there we go
rest of them just ran away
all right let’s go find a car
you’ll do
head home save because i don’t want to
do that again
back to whoops overshot it overshot it
overshoot it every damn time
that is one hearty piece of garbage
do you see that that’s fantastic
well we’re at 1500 yep take that
every time we uh we do that so
by the time we do that it’ll be like
five grand a day or something like that
so that does accumulate very very
quickly especially if you’re doing
uh challenges and tags and all sorts of
other stuff as well
some interesting artwork
is it a power station no it is it is
artwork isn’t it don’t know kind of
alieny stuff
which they do like doing in rockstar
it sounds safe it seemed pretty
now the trick is going to be finding
symbols in this very very narrow piece
of territory
is that um
that was a bit easier than normal
yeah i could be in trouble here
because i’ve got a couple behind me
and i’ve got a couple in front of me
crouch down
all right we’re there with that okay
they’re losing too much armor certainly
no health so
that could have been a lot worse it
could have been a lot worse
right where are you guys coming from
let’s get them running down here so i
can line them all up
it’s just gonna sneak outside here
all right where are these guys going
and he’s down
a few more on the way but not too many
these guys coming back now they are
he’s down
one more snack sort of around there
don’t know where he’s at though
might get a line on him here
yep he’s more
i think he’d bugged out
now question is where is
the ammo
looks like they’re all behind me not the
ammo sorry the
all right get inside the territory again
and wait for them to pop around the
corner here
oh no
that again
whoa nope that’s the wrong one
there we go loaded from the autosave
and off we go again
so hopefully i won’t get flanked or do
something silly that gets me all of my
all of my armor destroyed before i even
start this time because that was that
was not the worst best move i’ve
certainly you know made a silly few
selling mistakes while i’m doing this
this is all part of it
this drug dealer over there probably
shouldn’t shoot him right now
what i want is a couple of bombers in
the park we’re just behind there uh
yeah first time i’ve seen the train
there we go
that’s a bit better
in trouble again
get out of the way otherwise i will be
in all sorts of trouble here i have to
run a bit quicker no cj is
shattered that’s why he’s not running
real fast
could be going a lot slower but he
certainly could be going a lot faster
this guy’s behind me so no i don’t need
the heart what i need is body armor
can you give me some body armor guys
yes can shoot through the fence
really would like some body armor
where is it at where is it out there it
is great
and these guys are behind me too so
that’s even better i think we might get
out of this one alright fellas
there we go
done finally that one took a minute but
we got there
oh he’s off
oh he’s got an ak2
all right fantastic that is a reasonable
setup and we do not have
all right
oh wow
what are you doing buddy
stop running start helping
get out of the way
well that certainly did the job
now let’s go save before i get into any
more trouble
much care about that but i will have
that body armor
yeah that’s today she probably wants to
catch up with me but uh we’ll deal with
her a little bit later i’m not too far
off sorting this one out
well that one was tougher than i would
get out of the car cj
get out of the car cj
few bob
right and i don’t think we’ve got too
many of the
bowlers ones to deal with anymore let’s
see where we’re at
yeah still got a few
i didn’t have any money on him
so here we go here denise is getting
quite insistent
not too far away one or two there
looks like a few have been caught he’ll
pop around soon hopefully
corner there whoa
where is
where is he
am i getting down by
oh that’s not cool where are you
i think that wasn’t my cheeky
can i get over here
okay run away
the other side of the street
body armor
no don’t worry about that
actually you know what we can tempt him
a little bit further
okay that’s those ones
had a bit of a chance to recover let’s
grab that
akmo is the way to go
there’s my body armor
oh geez i’m in trouble here
get over
interesting cover position
all right do we have any body armor up
this way nope
should line them all up
back into it
okay do we have some body armor nearby
does not look like it
right now we need to find a vehicle
and let’s save
here we go
actually before we save much as quickly
where are we
quickly check for some body out down to
the end of the map
all right so
where are we
that’s all
there is some meant to be
in the tunnel
under one of the bridges here
so that’s the one cj has
now i went for a raid there before and
there was not one that said there was
but there was not
so the next one should be
when i say here-ish
yep all right let’s go for that
if we can find a spot that’s closer to
home that’s better because we don’t need
the ak ammo anymore
now i am just working off a uh offer
guide here which is very very helpful
but uh it could be wrong although it’s
been pretty accurate so far so h7
provided that he did a heap of research
on top of uh gamer ladies
it kind of feels like a spot where to be
there we go
all right so that is body armor
and then we’ll go ahead back home
uh can we get to grow straight from here
i think we can there we go
it’s gonna find us a vehicle
because it’d rather not run
there are dealers everywhere
well this is a surprise that’s a sense
at all that’s why
surprising little unit dealers out today
not terribly fast about knocking them
over just at this point pretty keen to
get this one done
a thousand in the bank
save save save there we go and out we go
all right next territory this one’s a
little bit isolated so we’ll
take that i reckon
squeeze them in and then hopefully there
won’t be too many more
all right uh doing part two of
setting up the passive
uh yeah i’m i’m pretty good with it uh
yorkie it’s it’s my kind of style i i
tend to tend to do completiony
methodical stuff um
i’m a systems analyst and software
engineer by trade so it’s kind of my
but yeah it’s it’s cool i’m i’m enjoying
it it’s certainly um
an improvement on what was there before
it’s not maybe what the marketing
but i am enjoying it
towards um no no
is he gonna yep marketing was alright
here we go
my opinion the marketing was kind of
making it sound like this was gta
in the gta 5
or the gta 5 um system
that helps
denise is upset with me
all right that’s the first wave done
i might have to go on a date with you
guys we’ll see how we go
do it there we go ah
that’s not good that’s not good that’s
not good
all right
did not right oh geez whatever that was
they’ve got a good weapon
that was full on
what’s popping that
oh i could really do with some body
yeah so was it everything they that the
marketing promised in my opinion not oh
this is not great
all right so
wonder he’s facing not where you’re
all right let’s head up this way a bit
hopefully i haven’t just cornered myself
here there you
i go think i can get up there but i can
get around
hopefully that’ll give me enough room to
do what i need to do
all right it’s gonna be a dude just pop
up out here
in a moment
get back in the territory
otherwise it won’t work
all right and hopefully that’ll bring
him back down
let’s run a bit faster
yeah and that’s the thing like i think
it was it was what the marketing was
promising uh as a software engineer
i kind of knew that that’s
that would be unlikely
and i’m not really disappointed with it
i just i guess i’m disappointed with the
marketing um the marketing
surrounding it because
i mean it is what it is it this was an
using largely machine learning as a way
reduce the workload on a small team
within rockstar called grove street
and it’s an ambitious project like
there’s a lot likely saying but that
they alluded quite strongly
to it being more like a gta 5
experience they said though not
disappointed i’m a bit frustrated with
the marketing
you know what i’m in san andreas i’m
kicking it with cj and it’s a good time
i know a lot of people disappointed by
the music but honestly
i’m streaming so i can’t have any so it
makes absolutely
all right now question is i have got
somebody armor
do i actually go in without any i think
i’ll be right see how we go i can always
get some more if i find that i need it
just want to get through this without uh
destroying the relationship with denise
too much because uh i do need to recover
all right let’s uh let’s go with this
territory next
all right let’s see how we go
now it is
quite early in the morning
ah every damn time
all right well that’s some money at the
very least
oh in a bit of trouble here
in quite a bit of trouble here
this boy is going to come around real
yeah let’s restore that
all right well csr103 i have no idea
what that sounds like but that’s okay
oh this thing is just tightly
how can it be both underpowered
overpowered and have absolutely zero
grip so yeah it’s an achievement i don’t
know how they’ve done it but they’ve
done it
there we go again
there it is
is quite a long territory
problem is it’s really narrow and it’s
very very hard to see what’s going down
but i will take his cash
sort of coming at me at odd angles this
time around
but not too far away
red mist everywhere got him
give me that grip
he’s bugged
all right looks like we’ve got it behind
and again very kind of them to line up
for me
and body armor thank you very much
so i’ll sit on this side here drop it
down and yeah it looks like they’re all
coming up that way
he took a couple
and we’re back in this way
nearly there
here we go who does wine
managed to get away with um
full armor too so that certainly didn’t
just dealers everywhere
thank you
this is all you giving me
and what is under attack oh this is the
next next one over
okay where are they
all right boys let’s go
did not expect that
was making their move
one grenade left
and wasted
there’s a nice shotgun up the top of
that too
all right where are they oh no
oh dear
that’s crashed guys i’m shattered i’ve
been on this for a minute so i might
actually leave it there
thank you very very much for watching i
really really appreciate your patience
especially yorkie i just well andrew i i
cannot thank you for keeping me company
enough mate
uh i will probably be back on tomorrow
where i will take on a smaller chunk of
and see how we go from there but in the
meantime thank you very much
stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see
you in the next video
actually guys just super super quick
this just popped up
and if you’ll notice offline mode could
not establish a connection i would
suggest that the um
the servers are down again the servers
are probably down again so yeah we’ll
see what happens i would suggest so
anyway i will sign off this time i
promise all right we’ll catch up with
you catch up with you soon thank you
very much for joining

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