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Going for Early Weapons in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

Join the Grove Street Crew as they take on San Andreas in this Definitive Edition re-release. Watch as the streamer tackles the story and goes for early weapons caches. Don't miss out on the channel's How To Guides, News and Giveaways.

Going for Early Weapons in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

In this video, we’ll be diving into the remastered version of the classic game – Grand Theft Auto San Andreas with a focus on obtaining early weapon caches. Join us as we take a nostalgia-fueled trip down memory lane but with improved graphics – thanks to the GTA Trilogy Remastered!

What Is the GTA Definitive Edition?

Lovingly referred to as “the trifecta of grit,” the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Definitive Edition features remastered versions of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto III, and Grand Theft Auto Vice City with improved graphics, performance, and much more.

Out of the three included titles, today, we’ll be talking about the fan-favorite – Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. This game was beloved across generations and is now back and more vibrant than ever before!

The Story Behind GTA San Andreas

We’ll start our journey by digging into the storyline of the game. We’ll be hanging out with the likes of CJ, Smoke, Ryder, Kendall, and other members of the Grove Street Crew.

Throughout the game, we’ll be taking a closer look at the personalities and character traits of these infamous protagonists while keeping our eyes peeled for exciting new weapons.

Early Weapons Caches in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

In this video, we’ll also be exploring the weapons map created by H7. It’s one of the most accurate and comprehensive maps out there, making it the perfect guide for finding all the hidden weapon caches in the game. Let’s see how far we can get and what useful firearms we can uncover together!

Gameplay of GTA San Andreas Remastered

Throughout this stream, you’ll enjoy seeing the game in high definition with improved textures, updated UI, and better lighting – making it a stunning visual experience during gameplay. We’ll also incorporate the features of the Xbox Game Pass, enabling you to join the adventures on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S.

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good afternoon or good morning depending
on where you are my name’s dan and i’m
an old grumpy gamer
in this stream we are checking out san
andreas for the first time as you can
see i have just downloaded i’m about to
hit play for the first time
it has been years and years and years
since i’ve played with this
so let’s uh let’s enable cloud saves and
see how we go with this one it should be
a lot of fun
so today’s stream is uh first look at
the definitive edition
it has been a minute um last time i
played this it was on
oh wow uh what was it on
xbox classic i think it might have been
xbox 360 i don’t know we’ll see how we
yeah so we’ll see how we go with this
one it should be fun but the the aim of
of this one is to do a bit of exploring
after the first mission or two and then
attempt to
a whole bunch of early weapons so
and see what comes up
well not entirely sure what happened
there but okay let’s
ah here we are
there we go options first let’s take a
quick look at
let’s crank up that mouse sensitivity a
and the wire sensitivity auto climb on
modern drive by’s on all right let’s
check out
vehicle camera height is good can i go
higher low high enough that’s all right
all right let’s go with let’s go with hi
and that all looks correct
distant scaling let’s put that to medium
texture quality we’ll go with my planer
this planar i think is fine
reflection quality can be medium
but that will be a bit lower that’s fine
let’s get rid of motion blur
depth of field
crank up the brightness a bit
leave the contrast as is street light
can be high vehicle light quality can be
high what i’m trying to do here is i’m
only on a notebook so i really do need
to save
the um
save the cpu basically so you don’t end
up dropping frame rates so let’s go to
sound effects let’s pop that to their
music’s got to be off because they don’t
want to get copy written and dialogue
can go down to about
there so we’ll see how we go and that
yeah that’s reasonable
okay radio stations on auto tune on okay
i think we are good to go let’s go have
a look at
the game
one more thing i just need to pop over
to a different window here so forgive me
for a second
just need to bring that in so i can keep
an eye on what is going on
all right there we are and let’s start
this is all a bit exciting
be interesting to see how quickly this
thing loads as well on a um
on an omen
after five years on the east coast it
was time to go home
i’ll take that hernandez hey that’s my
paper man that’s money
this is drug money it’s my money man hey
don’t worry about it i’ll fill it out
welcome home carl glad to be
back you haven’t forgotten about us have
you boy hell no officer tim penny i was
just wondering what took y’all so long
get in the car
he’s up man damn
watch your head
get out of here you [__] bastard
stupid mexican
oh hey sorry
my bad
hey man my bag
well the graphics have certainly
improved so that’s all right
let’s see what samuel j jackson’s got to
what else you got shaking carl
i live in liberty city now
i’m clean
nah you ain’t never been clean carl
well what do we got here this is a
weapon officer pulaski that was used to
gun down a police officer not 10 minutes
officer pendlebury a fine man i might
you work fast [__] you know i just got
off the plane that’s a good thing we
found you and retrieved the murder
weapon that ain’t my gun don’t [__]
me carl don’t [__] him carl what the
[__] you want from me this time when we
want you
we’ll find you
in the meantime try not to gun down any
more officers of the law
y’all can’t leave me here
this baldness country
i thought you said you was innocent carl
but you don’t ban this crime 58 see you
around like a donut girl
officer pendlebury is down
we’ll be right over here
oh [__] here we go again
worst place in the world roland heights
baller country nine represented grove
street in five years but the ballers
won’t give a [__]
okay let’s see how we go can i just
mount this the same yes they’ve updated
the controls so it’s like uh
sort of like gta 5 that’s a bit better
all right let’s try out this turbo
whoa yeah there’s a few things that are
gps is nice
all right so i did i think i mentioned
in a previous stream that i have updated
my controller to one expressly for this
that’s got a little turbo button on it
rather than just the normal one so
that’s really neat
all right let’s uh
see what we’ve got so uh for those of
you who are keen observers you’ll notice
that i am jumping between a controller
a mouse and keyboard that’s one of the
joys of being on a pc
let’s uh let’s have a crack at the first
mission let’s see what happens
oh gee that’s improved
that texture is so much nicer
stop it
quit it moms are here
yeah the textures are better it’s it’s
not a full remaster but they never said
it was but yeah the skin texture is
there hey hey big smoke it’s me carl
head’s looking a little funny but that’s
all right cj
my god what’s up
hey baby you okay man nah man it’s my
mom’s homie
hey i don’t know why this had to happen
but i promise you i’m gonna find out who
killed your moms
the streets is cold dawg
like it says in the book we are blessed
and cursed
what [__] book same things make us
make us cry
but right now we gotta take care of
business go see your brother at the
cemetery come on let’s bounce
it really does show some of those
textures are not quite
up to the uh up to the los santos
but all right let’s see how we go with
the the controls here
no no not driving it oh gee that grass
is much nicer
hey what’s up y’all look who i found
hanging around carl hey good to see you
i can’t believe she gone man
that’s another funeral you ran away from
fool just like bryce
hey she was my mama too not for the past
five years she wasn’t [__]
and where the [__] you think you go get
out my face i’m going to see season the
hell you are girl you ain’t messing with
them essays you know we beat them ain’t
nothing but a bunch of low-light what
the [__] are you at least i got princess
oh and i guess that makes you an
upstanding american call tell him i
won’t tell me [__] as long as he treat
her right disrespect you and he did hell
you gonna say that like it’s any
business of yours [__] you sweet oh [__]
let me go again this shit’s real [__]
what you mean
what apart from your mother being dead
things are going real bad here let me
show you running man
tony’s buried over there
little devil over there it big devil
over there man it’s just crazy
everybody blasts on fools first
then ask questions second
that explosion is so much better all
right let’s uh
jump on the bike and see what we’ve got
get on the bike
all right where are we
okay and let’s just catch up with
smoke is it
takes back somehow cj
all right there we go
cj watch your background here man
not getting used to that that’s uh
different different button mappings
well this can’t be good
that’s not good at all
geez i can’t shoot though that’s all
okay so
yep there we go got them sorted
keep up [__]
all right let’s chase ryder
you’re just a liability cj
why are you coming back
yeah getting used to this button mapping
is going to be interesting
where’s he going
where are you going
it really is quite slow
all right bowlers
cycling skills up
get out of the way get out of the way
all right let’s see if we can cut across
all right
there he is
straight across the highway do those
textures have improved quite a
and already cranking up the standard
stamina and reducing the body fat so
that never hurts as well
and respect upgraded as well i managed
to get through that without too many
health problems
okay and there’s our target point you
can’t keep up with the fat man
all right that was fairly
straightforward hopefully we’ll get to
do some exploring soon
so when you leaving carl i ain’t sure
thought i might stay things just [__]
up the last thing we need is your help
ah man i won’t let you down i swear hey
we gonna call some hood rats and chill
the hell out you want some i got a whole
lot going on i’m tired i’ll catch y’all
later hey yo
i never noticed ryder just doing mono’s
in the background there that’s hilarious
and get yourself some colors fool
and a haircut it’s embarrassing to be
seen with you yeah serious they’re on
the yee ass haircut already that’s
all right cool
that is respect
all right let’s uh
take a quick wander in achieve that
mouse is quite responsive
yeah i’m glad they’ve upgraded these
controls but there’s still a few
mappings they’re a little odd but that’s
all right
all right so let’s
yep cool let’s go save
oh auto save all right
let’s uh let’s see what we got here
and they’ve got the video arcade machine
i’ll head upstairs and see what else is
now that one’s still locked
camera thank you very much that’ll come
in handy later
what’s in your wardrobe
let’s see what uh what clothes we’ve got
do we have any clothes
nope that’s the exit
or is it the exit here we go
also now we’ve only got the white tank
whoops wrong button
all right let’s uh back out of that
all right looks like we have to go and
find some
find some colors and let’s see what else
we can do
actually what we might do
yeah there is a few mixed feelings on
the trilogy of their um
cakester it’s um it’s an odd one on my
phone here what’s he got
sweet hey what’s up hey
[__] that’s changed around here
families ain’t big no more seville
boulevard family the temple drive
families are beefing and split with the
grove now we’re so busy set tripping
ballers and virgos have taken over so
watch yourself out there yeah i hear you
thanks for the heads up don’t mention
all right so what now that we can do
some exploring i think first things
first let’s hook ourselves up with a
some body armor so let’s start with the
body armor if i recall correctly
all right well it is a first weapon at
was there some body armor so that’s a
bit different to what we used to have
there used to be body armor under you
that’s right we will take the win
um yeah so sorry uh casey yeah there is
uh there’s some mixed feelings about it
it’s sort of up and down uh i’m i’m
pretty happy it’s it’s around it’s um
seems like a bit of fun
all right so
aren’t you serious
all right can we holster a weapon
yes we can right that’s good
all right now there used to be some
stuff around here as well
i know i’m looking too good these days
yeah a character model is certainly
better but that’s alright
okay so let’s go exploring guys let’s
start with um seeing if we can’t find uh
a melee weapon now what i really like is
a knife
so let’s see what kind of map we have
all right
we have
fairly decent i haven’t really updated
it much but it is there
and what i’m looking for is
a spot where i can find a knife so i’ve
got a guide here i’m
reasonably confident we can find it
where is it
oh it’s a bit over
so there should be one
in here somewhere
in the market
whoop there we go
all right so let’s go find a vehicle and
go and get our first weapon
a second weapon i should say oh what’s
knuckle dusters
yeah they’re better than better than
nothing for the moment
all right
try and find a weapon uh find a vehicle
i should say
so let’s see where we end up there’s got
to be someone driving around here
all right let’s just have that one
all right just relearning the controls
so that’s interesting
oh this does not handle well
that did not handle well at all
turning circle on this thing is
let’s say not flash
oh that that was entirely my fault
recovery’s not too bad though let’s uh
head over to this one
you serious here brother
he is upset with me
what is going on what are you doing
yeah that’s weird
all right can we oop yep we can shoot
out of the car
well we don’t get to aim like we do in
gta 5
all right uh round here oh jeez this
does not handle well
and i had forgotten about that one
so hopefully
in here somewhere we shall find
ourselves a pointy stubby thing
let’s pop out of the vehicle
have to come to a full stop there didn’t
seem to be much in the way of diving
around there
let’s have a look and see if these new
guides are correct there it is
i think is it it is there we go we have
a knife
look at that let’s just confirm that’s
where we are on the map get rid of that
remove waypoint
zoom in
so that’s pretty good
and now we have a knife
all right weapon wheel is there that’s
good to go so actually that weapon wheel
is drastically improved on what it was
so that’s pretty good
all right we’ll just holster that for
the minute can we just holster that for
the minute
you cannot holster your weapon there you
uh i’m i’m not sure yet uh
tuan um tuain uh
mr corn
i i don’t know um i’ve only been in sort
of a few minutes this is
only uh only a couple minutes in but it
seems okay so far my frame rate’s good
it’s smooth the textures and models are
a little bit better
um certainly some of the explosions and
and whatnot they’re certainly a lot
nicer so that’s all good um
but i’m only i’m less than an hour into
my first playthrough on san andreas so
that’s where it’s at at the moment uh
all right so the next thing i think
we’ll grab is a 9 mil
i might go for the where are we
now i’m just looking up a guide here
guys on on the old ipad there so
we’ll see how we go so we’re going to go
across the map and probably pick up one
or two of these things
and there we are
so this might take a little bit of time
but that’s okay because we get a couple
of spawns and we’ll finish up with the
silence pistol there as well so
let’s start up the top here there should
be one hopefully floating
around irish
i want to say there
all right let’s see how we go i might
need to upgrade this vehicle too because
it is it is not good
all right let’s uh
there we go
but uh yeah look the game seemed pretty
reasonable at this point i’m glad
they’ve done it it is it’s nice to bring
it into the uh into the modern era with
modern technology certainly you know
it’s not pushing my my pc nearly as hard
as five does
what i am really concerned about and i
guess a bit disappointed with this is
the way that rockstar have treated
modders who were doing
rebuilds and remakes of gta
era games
in the
rage 4
because that’s just not cool that these
guys have thrown
so much time at improving your game and
keeping the
the whole thing alive and then to sort
of hit them with cease and desist and
all the other stuff that went along with
it it’s just
it’s not cool but you know look that’s
that’s 10 cent that’s that’s what
happens with with big gaming companies
um they just they go for the bottom line
and they don’t see
they see modders and and other people in
these types of communities as
competition rather than seeing them as
and seeing them as promoting the actual
service that they’re doing
now you have to forgive me as well while
i’m driving around here because this car
handles if i’m honest like a pig on
skates uh all right so
i think we probably want to be up there
uh can we j turn
no we can’t well at least not in this
oh that was an idea sorry about that
all right let’s have a look
yeah so rockstar i guess i mean legally
speaking technically speaking they
didn’t do anything wrong but
i i guess depending on on how you look
at things uh morally speaking they’ve
been a bit ambiguous with a bunch of
stuff get out of the car cj
all right so let me just clear
the marker on the map
all right now hopefully around here we
should find ourselves a nine mil
is it up on the roof
uh yeah so technically speaking nothing
wrong but what they did is they ended up
suing and giving a whole heap of people
cease and desist who had been modding
modding their game for years and really
doing their best no you can’t can’t make
it up there
really doing their best to keep the the
whole community alive
so there’s meant to be a nine mil around
here somewhere
it is kind of hard to say where it is so
let’s have a bit more of a bike around
and see what’s going on
uh yeah it resulted in a heap of
lawsuits a lot of stuff being taken off
gta mods you know and it’s just it’s not
cool it’s just not cool
and as a software engineer and a
programmer i understand the amount of
work that can go into these things so
people have poured hundreds hundreds
hundreds upon hundreds of hours of work
into these uh these mods only to have
rockstar just go nut bat like you can’t
do it anymore
all right is it over here
all right let’s have a look
i am not confident we’re gonna find this
weapon here
get back up go around to the roof see
what else is here it might have been
oh what a jump
yeah it doesn’t look like it’s here boys
all right
uh well we have a number of other
if you’ve got them installed you can
still use them but you can’t download
them from gta mods and it’s only certain
mods like some i i still use mods on gta
5 to do things for streaming like
maintain a certain time of day and
maintain a certain type of weather
but yeah basically they quietly changed
their um their t’s and c’s so that you
couldn’t actually produce new content
for any of their games there it is
right so where are we
so from the road here
let’s just
have a look at the map real quick
scroll in
all right so yeah the guide’s reasonably
yeah but so a heap of pc people can’t
download and and set up the mods anymore
and the people who made them had to have
them removed so it’s pretty
okay so that is our first sidearm what
do we got
yep all right cool so that’s good uh i
might go because i use the sidearms a
fair bit i might go and grab another
so let’s go back to the map and again
just referring to my guide here guys so
forgive me if i’m a little distracted
where are we
so it
i knew there was something near cj’s
round here-ish
all right no cops there i might have
that one thank you very much
okay well that’s certainly a bit better
oh now pro tip if you see these types of
fellas floating around
they normally have a bunch of cash on
yep there we go thank you very much so
fellas in black hoodies
you see them about the place
those guys are dealers and they will
often have cash so we picked up
best part of um two thousand uh two
thousand dollars off him
and uh bypass the police often the
police will flat ignore you if you take
out those felons too so always handy
all right so yeah dealers are different
in every neighborhood but they are sort
of in every neighborhood so they’re
really handy they’re handy to take out
if you get the opportunity
all right so let’s see how we go slow it
down around the corner
oh the handling boys this is not great
like don’t get me wrong it’s better than
it was but still
got to be away
around here
all right so we need to make sure that
we don’t go to writer’s place
because that’ll trigger the next thing
and we don’t want to do that
get out of the car carl
all right
let’s have a look just clear that marker
all right and hopefully we will have a
nine mill around here somewhere
there it is
all right so where are we on the map
all right that’s not too bad
thank you very much
all right now so that that gave us an
extra 50 rounds so that’s always quite
i’m gonna go for one more nine mil and
then i think
we’ll go for the
silence pistol as well
all right so just again referring to my
manual so i really appreciate your
patience guys thank you very much for
well the other one is quite a ways away
all right so where are we
down here
it looks like it’s going to be
yeah probably about there-ish all right
let’s see how we go
oh the steering’s a little sharp on on
cj as well although auto climb is lovely
right over here baby
right let’s see if we can do a
j turn in a stallion no it’s still
all right let’s see about
straight over the tracks now the trains
are unstoppable in this game too
there we go all right and we’re off so
this is we’re
significantly better than the last one
but still pretty ordinary as far as
handling goes
oh and those brakes are sharp too
it’s not just on off but it’s pretty
damn close to it was that
was that a street sweeper
oh guys i’ve got to try it
can i drive this thing yes i can oh
that’s glorious
it’s going to be a slightly longer trip
you know i’m probably going to give up
on this pretty quickly but
i can’t turn the lights on
oh this thing’s slow as a wet week
probably should look where i’m going
okay yeah i’m i’m already bored with
this car
but i’m pretty glad that we can use it
let’s see what we got here
all right family compact that’ll do the
oh wow uh
gta 6 like oh
so many things but you know what i’d
like is
slightly improved graphics i mean the
ones that we’ve got are really cool i
just want a good story i really want a
good single player
the the sort of gaming is a service
thing i think might have been taken a
bit too far and
i mean it’s not going to be the same
without dan how’s it there that man
was obsessed with story he was obsessed
with story and he’s the reason that we
had such great stories in san andreas
and and
gta 5
yeah i think that’s that’s kind of the
main thing because i’m not necessarily
about killer graphics or any of that
kind of gear what i really like is an
engaging solid story
so yeah that’s going to be the main
you know what after all that i think i
actually wanted to be on the ground so
let’s see if we can pop this down here
get out of the way out of the way
yeah so engaging single player is is
going to be the thing
i don’t really much go for the
futuristic stuff in the uh in the other
certainly not in online
let’s just pop to the map here
all right and
let’s see if we can find this nine mil
so it seems to i reckon it’s probably
going to be somewhere around this little
there it is
all right cool so that’s
that’s a little hut from the beach so
where is that
yeah anything else that comes along is
just a bonus i’m really going to be
interested to see what they do with the
online play for for gta online with gta
whether that just gets an upgrade
because that is the cash cow like
seriously that’s there is so so so much
money in in the gta online in the shark
card so i think they’ll probably stick
with that model
and that’ll be cool like i don’t mind
that at all it’s it’s
free to play once you’ve you’ve got your
full experience
all right now uh forgive me guys again
just looking up the
the map and this time i’m going for a
so that should be
let’s just use the mouse instead around
get out of the way you clown don’t just
stand there
yeah so i’ll be really interested to see
what they do with the online stuff
i think
maybe the wisest thing to do i’m not a
businessman but i am a software engineer
and so from that standpoint the wisest
thing to do would be to give
online an update and mush the two
but improve the graphics for someone in
six just make sure that
anyone still on five online
some semblance of a a good experience
even though they might have a you know
dialed back
down back graphic experience
let’s see what’s next all right so
pitching for the silenced pistol
here all right let’s clear that marker
now with any luck
be around here somewhere
hopefully it’s at ground level
if not we can go for a toll
i’m very happy to do ah do that
didn’t hurt him that’s all right he’s a
bit more resilient than than franklin
that’s for sure
right what about around here
oh will it be for sale yes uh yes there
are plans i think the standing
thoughts at the moment is it’s going to
released somewhere around
okay cool so that is the silence pistol
let’s just line up where that is
there we go so that’s at the bottom of
the stairs let’s check the map
zoom in yeah so 25 26 i think these
things take a long time last i heard
which was sort of mid mid this year they
were in pre-alpha so they were in
development and storyboarding and all
that kind of gear and that takes a while
and then you’ve got
thank you very much
and then you’ve got all of the
production work that goes into it like i
said i’m a software engineer so i have a
reasonable understanding of the amount
of work that goes into this thing and it
will take a team of 100 devs and artists
years to create it and that’s sort of
after they’ve they’ve done all of the
the pre
preloading stuff
if that makes any sense actually sorry
let’s just have a look at this weapon
wheel huh
now that’s interesting so the silence
doesn’t use the same ammo
the standard nine mil
but you know what i think i’d rather the
silence pistol anyway
yeah all right we’ll stick with that
so yeah it’s going to be a minute it’s
going to be a minute
okay so now that we’ve got a
a nine mil or a silence pistol there and
that’s a weird thing with the ammo but
yeah all right that is a weird flex can
i switch between the two no i can’t
that’s right
i think the next thing we need is a bit
of close combat stuff so let’s go with a
sawn off shotgun
now let’s see if there’s anything nearby
okay there is not but there is two
one down the bottom of that one near the
top so let’s go check out the one up the
top first oh that’s the wrong button
all right
so looking around here somewhere i’m
pretty sure we can access it
yeah that is a long time and i think
it’s largely to do with with the way
consumers work um
so at the moment i think the last report
that i heard had rockstar earning the
best part of
a literal
billion with the b dollars per year of
shortcuts maybe even more i think in
total over the lifetime of the game it’s
earned like
last i heard was like 7.6 billion or
somewhere around there
i would suggest that they’d be reluctant
let that cash cow go oh i’m having that
i am having uh that’s a cop did you see
me did he see me
he did not
oh oh get out of the way
oh that’s a bit quicker
uh yeah so it’s it’s a cash cow it is
genuinely a cash cow and part of the
reason that a lot of a lot of companies
went free to play with an online service
it’s just proven between this and pubg
and fortnite proven that it works
so they will take their time with it the
other thing is this when when gta 5 was
made it was literally the most expensive
video game ever made
it had tens of thousands of dev hours on
it and again cost 500 million dollars
which was just unheard of at the time i
think the most expensive game before
that was in the
low or higher sort of eight figures
nowhere near that sort of mid nine
figures so
and they want to top it it’s got to be a
creative masterpiece
to compete
you serious
he’s going to come up with a baseball
all right let’s slow it down here these
things are the the response and the
handling on these cars guys after
playing gta 5 for so long is
let’s go with different
it’s quite
quite different
all right let’s get out of the car
this kind of looks like a reasonable
place to hide a weapon
all right so hopefully
somewhere on this side we might see a
sawn off
you serious he’s screaming up here
there it is it’s in the box there did
you catch that
there it is
you cheeky boys they’re hiding that well
so let’s have a look where the map is
zoom right in there
yeah cool so that’s an interesting spot
to be
but really really cheeky
get in there carl no
no carl no
what are you doing
there oh
get down get down
don’t switch weapons get down
how are we gonna do this
what is going on there
someone’s upset
right yeah anyway back to it let’s see
if we can’t figure out how to get into
this thing
what was that
all right guys sorry i’m just gonna
quickly investigate this
what has happened here
oh money
cop is ow
so much money well i’m on fire that’s
bad that’s bad
run away
all right cool
all right sorry about that that minor
distraction but that’s okay all right
let’s see if we can figure out how to
there goes that van as well
ah get off the thing carl you serious
thanks for popping by mr corn i
genuinely appreciate it thank you some
really cool questions you know what guys
i’m gonna have to uh i’m gonna have to
give up on this this particular instance
of the shotgun it’s just not going to
all right let’s get in the car and let’s
go find us another one whoops wrong
button again sorry
oh come on get off there we go
right so the next instance of the sawn
off is up here
should be
all right let’s slow it down well that
was an interesting little interlude
okay this is an interesting
piece of kit this car it is
it’s quick certainly better
better than the other one but yes it
does not handle terribly well
just have to get used to the controls
again there are much much softer than
what what you really expect from say one
of the supercars in gta online much
serious there brother
who’s that
oh no he’s bala all right we’ll leave
him be we won’t start the gang wars
all right slow it down this time to get
around the corner instead of just
plowing through
and hopefully
there we go
okay so it should be around here
somewhere so let’s pop out of the cart
quickly pause go to the map clear that
and let’s see
what we end up with
so hopefully
just behind here somewhere
there it is
get up
yeah cool all right so let’s just line
this up so we can see where it is
next to the pig pen there
get up okay
and shoddy
got two ammo there so that’s not too bad
let’s see if we can find some more
ammunition so again let me just pause
again while i consult my handy little
okay i think that’s going to be it for
sawn offs in the area guys
so the next one i might go for is a tech
nine so let’s go with
okay with one of those which isn’t
actually too far away hopefully
first tech 9 should be not too far from
where we were before for our first 9 mil
so the guide says probably around
here-ish just about run that one
well that probably wasn’t the brightest
move ever
all right so let’s see where we’re at
not far from the dopelicious
let’s uh clear that marker
now the reason i’m clearing the marker
guys is for two reasons um firstly so
don’t get distracted by where the marker
and secondly so that we can use this
footage for a bit of a guide a bit later
all right so it says it’s around here
let’s just do a quick loop around this
although i suspect it’s a bit further up
that was unfortunate
but they had ammo so that’s okay
we get up
can’t get up there
okay well that was interesting they just
sort of toppled out of nowhere
couldn’t really do much about that
all right so
i don’t think we can get up there so my
thought is that perhaps it’s sort of up
there instead
hey yorkie thanks for joining um my
first impressions of getting shot out
great uh but yeah so far pretty good um
i hope i haven’t just lost all of my
weapons so
before you discharge i’ll confiscate
your weapons
dms where am i at uh where’s my last
game auto save big smoke
no well that’s disappointing all right
guys do not get shot
do not get shot all right let’s go find
that um
let’s go find that tech nine
all right let’s come up at it from this
way this time
yeah so the the graphics are good
uh they are an insignificant improvement
on what they were when i used to play
this on xbox classic
but they’re
not not even a shade on
gta 5. it’s it’s a significant
improvement but it is definitely not
quite you know rage 4
rage 5 engine
but the shaders are lovely the textures
are nice the audio has been has been
quite nice as well it sounds like
they’ve remastered a lot of stuff
they’ve certainly remastered quite a
number of the
yeah quite a number of the uh the
textures throughout the game and the
character models so they’re lovely
the cars handle like a pig on skates
that’s just how they handle
all of them
at least the bobcats not fast enough to
cause any dramas
but yeah generally thus far like i’m
about what am i an hour in and yeah
pretty happy with it
so what i’m doing at the moment is just
some some early game weapons i just lost
them all because i was a twit
but hey it happens
all right so let’s pop out of the car
and what we’re looking for here is a smg
so last time i came at this from some
stairs i got utterly wasted by not
paying attention to where the boilers
there it is
that is most definitely an smg
so let’s see where we are oh body armor
yeah nice all right so
that billboard
all right so we’re in the top part of
this park there’s the stairs don’t get
shot by the bowlers there
there we go
as far as the controls go
they’ve gotten pretty close to mapping
the um the current version of gta 5 so
it’s not perfect but yeah they’re
they’re pretty good they’re not bad
all right you know what while we’re here
guys um
let’s chop it
that’s not good
uh actually you know what i’ll come back
to that bit later there’s a grenade not
too far from here but that’s okay so
let’s go see if we can find another tech
so there’s one more
up the the top here somewhere
so let’s pop up there
might need to find ourselves a new van
that news van looks like it might do the
job just for the moment
it ain’t perfect but it’ll do the trick
okay well this is kind of handles about
the same as a rompo it’s not too bad
a little bit choppy a little bit
top-heavy but not too bad at all
the one thing i have noticed with this
one is the acceleration on these cars
and the braking is a lot more
uh how do i i want to say it’s it’s it’s
a lot sharper
uh now that it could be the controller
i’m using i am using a new controller i
bought one especially for this because
of some fitness mini games a little bit
later and because of the cycling in this
uh so i’ve got a special one that has a
turbo button on it
and it does have a lot less travel than
what i’m used to but i am finding like
the brakes are either
on or they’re off there’s very
little in between them so yeah
all right sorry uh
all right just gonna pause for a sec
boys so excuse me i just need to quickly
bring up another window so that i can
actually read yorkie’s yogi’s message it
was hidden behind something else so my
uh so got access on this on game pass
yeah nice
nice i had to pay full retail for this
because there’s no such beastie on pc
but that’s all right because i actually
are monetized this is in fact a tax
deduction it is valuable product
research so all very nice but yeah game
pass uh sounds cool i think you still
have to buy vice city on game pass so
don’t you
geez that does not handle well
oh motorcycles
gonna have to have a play with some of
and to buy playing an actual plane
hopefully we’ll get to fly one of those
instead of the dodos a bit later because
those things were ridiculous
you know what i have noticed is a lot of
incidental violence on the streets here
um i’ve already seen a shootout where
cops have just blown up cars just
because so
ah there’s a warrant okay
let’s just note where that is hey
all right so let’s
scroll whoops
have a quick look here
there’s the warrant
and let’s see where that is on the map
and let’s have a look
all right cool so that is a warrant now
for those of you who don’t know unlike
gta 5 the cars uh the the warrant system
here is a bit different
uh you need to you can hide from the
cops you can get to a safe house
and um
but yeah if you can’t do that it’s hard
to lose them especially if you’ve got
two or three stars so you drive through
the warrant stars instead to lose
warrants and lose stars on your work
yep so game passes san andreas there’s
another one as well that’s not uh
is that twitch prime is giving you uh
oh god this is so slow
so i’ve come at this from the wrong
but that’s where we’re heading
we need to be down there so let’s just
take a quick wander
yeah yeah
oh and some flowers
all right so that’s uh that’s it it’s
getting my wrong button again
that’s a discovery for later so that’s
where the flowers are guys first lot so
you give you flowers to girlfriends
all right uh you know what guys i’m just
gonna pause for half a second i’m not
going away i will be back for just in
just a moment thanks you patience
thank you very much for patience guys
mrs grumpy gamer is just organizing me a
little bit of dinner for a bit later she
is lovely and very helpful and very
supportive of my little hobby here
okay so we are now in front of
this sort of
faux tudor looking building
let’s see where we are
and there is our tec-9
and we are
right here
there we go and it’s night time and that
makes things very difficult
jesus got dark quick
okay so what i might do
is just going to set a marker for home
let’s get back to cj’s safe house is
that’s not gross street
all right that’s where we want to be
we’ll let night pass sleep a little bit
and then save just in case i get um get
clobbered again
because that wasn’t great lost a whole
heap of weaponry there
okay let’s
oh a floaty boy again
all these aren’t fast these aren’t fast
at all
which way are we going
wrong way
oh so sluggish
you don’t realize just how used to the
high-powered cars you get
until you go back to something like this
in gta online i have a vehicle warehouse
a couple of reasonably quick cars i tend
to go with the smaller compacts just
because i like driving compacts
in in real life
and they handle much
much much sharper
so there was a golf club
all right let’s uh let’s just mark that
one down while we we have it here i’m
not going to grab it
let’s get out of there get out of the
car cj
yeah big fan of the early weapons i’m
kind of i likes like having some solid
resources like that so that’s really
good i will be making a proper guide out
of this one too
uh so that should be going up in the
next couple of days so we’re under the
tower here
there we go
that is the a golf bat
as clarkson would call it so
oh what a jump
oh did that hurt
it did too that hurt that was full
damage from that
all right so let’s go back to the uh
back to the house i’m just going to save
because i got utterly clobbered before
by a
bowler and yeah
lost all my weaponry
so we’ll continue with doing what we
need to do hit you this rain texture so
so much better than it was like it ain’t
good it’s way too interfering
but it’s so much better than it was
reflections are quite nice even though i
don’t have them on ultra as well so i
don’t know how well you can see that on
the stream but yeah
that’s quite good
rain sounds quite nice they’ve
definitely updated that
no longer sounds like it’s on a
corrugated iron roof and if you live
in australia or live in some of the more
rural parts of the us you’ll know all
about your uh
your tin roofs and how loud they can get
it’s the old sabre
slow it down over the bridge
there we go oh that wiped out wiped out
oh god this thing is so slow
i’m not even going to worry about saving
right there we go get out of the car cj
so pop in and save
save there we go that’s a lot quicker
than it used to be
well we’ll take the elegant because you
know why not
right next up uh
we had the tech nine let’s go find us a
second detect if we can
i know we’ve already got both tech nines
that’s all right so let’s have a look
that’s uh what kind of ammo i have
yeah 100 rounds so you get 50 per round
so that’s not too bad jump back in the
and the next thing i want to go for is
an ak when you absolutely positively
have to end every person in
the room
fittingly enough because uh samuel
jackson is in this one he plays off as a
10 penny
all right so i don’t think we have too
many options in the way of aks and i’m
not sure how accessible this one is
oh geez yeah there is there’s there’s
two but one of them is our drive
all right so let’s go and have a look it
should be
where are we
around here
so that’s not far from the building we
were that is going to be actually the
train station was there so this is where
that shotgun was we couldn’t access
yeah so we’ll see how that goes
yeah brass knuckles are still under the
which is very very handy
actually you know what there is another
tech nine nearby as well uh but yes so
brass knuckles are there
there is a tech 9 just under the bridge
here so i’ll just pop round
so around the back
off the bridge
get up there you clown
that is
an interesting place to leave a bumper
i yep right here anyway okay so tech
nine here too
but that will swap it with what we’ve
got uh
i quite like what i’ve got
all right let’s see if we can find our
way out of here
all right this one’s a bit slippery
there we go always used to come unstuck
on that ballers are upset with each
all right so going for the ak this time
now for those joining us and thank you
very much for your time i genuinely
appreciate you popping by as i said i’m
pretty new at this uh this live
streaming stuff normally i do
short form tutorials
and it’s
live streaming is just something go i
really do i’ve done a few heists with a
friend of mine wallaby who pops on as a
guest periodically but otherwise i’m
largely doing stuff for work and doing
this voice overs
voiceover footage and
so thanks for coming along but what i’m
going to be doing today is just
concentrating on getting some early
weapons in this stream
uh i’ll log off and then come back a bit
let’s see if we can’t where is it it’s
got to be back there log off and come
back a bit later and um
aim for uh then early access to maxing
out stamina and strength and improving
and then after that if i uh don’t
collapse because it is quite late over
here i am in the uk
i’ll be uh jumping on and looking at um
some early money stuff
all right so let’s get out of the car
clear that
so for those of you who don’t know uh i
am not from the us as if you couldn’t
tell from the accent but in fact i’m not
just australian i’m an australian living
in the uk
uh so i’m well away from home but uh we
couldn’t actually download the game here
is that a health pack
no couldn’t actually download the game
here until three o’clock in the
afternoon that’s when it got activated
this kind of feels like it should be
around here somewhere
where is it where is it where is it
uh so that means that you know it’s it’s
going to be quite late when you guys are
all starting at seven o’clock in the
morning i’m starting at three in the
afternoon and i am a morning person body
armor all right
let’s mark where that is
okay so that is body armor in that back
office there
so that’s up the stairs in the back of
this warehouse
in the back office
and i might pick some of that up
that’s how i’m already chockers on that
and let’s head around here yeah so it’ll
be quite late but then what i’ll be able
to do tomorrow is get started fairly
so while you guys are all asleep
overnight i’ll stream out some more
stuff and then find out what’s uh find
out some some early money tips
and get those rolling and have those
guides prepped for you in the next day
or two
okay so
just gonna go for a quick run around
here it says it’s up here somewhere
and they do like to hide things in sort
of nooks and crannies around here
all right not there
i’m wondering if it’s not actually in
this building but it’s out the back
so let’s head through here
where are you cheeky boy
uh so again just consulting my
my map
and it should be hopefully around here
somewhere let’s find out where it is
okay it can’t be too far
it’s definitely around or in this
building somewhere
hopefully it’s not in one of these
flaming containers again because that
was not fun last time
not in any of the trucks
not down there
can we get up on the containers up you
go carl
there we go again
definitely not on the containers
that could have ended poorly
all right let’s head back inside it’s
got to be around here somewhere
so just to recap for those joining us
we’ve already picked up a knife knuckle
uh we’ve spotted a couple of body armors
got ourselves a couple of nine mils and
uh the silenced
pistol as well and interestingly enough
ammo is not interchangeable so if you
uh nine mils or if you use a silencer
there it is you won’t get your uh work
at your other one we’ve also grabbed uh
the sauna shotgun
there was two places the one in the
train station you can’t access
and we have grabbed a tec-9 and another
smg so we’re just on to the ak at the
moment so the first one is in this
little warehouse behind the train
station so that’s the trains that the
cargo train station there
we’re just up the back here looking for
the ak
and there he is
there we go
all right so
let’s see how we go now the other one is
is quite a drive if i’m honest guys it
quite a drive so if
if you want me to to go to the other
side of uh this island then let me know
just drop it in the chat and i’ll head
up there but if not where the hell is
if not um i’ll just move on to the next
one so there’s about a minute and a half
between me saying something and chat
actually hearing it so
yeah drop it in and and let me know and
uh we’ll come back to it if we need to
in the meantime i think i might go for a
sniper rifle
so let me just consult my quick guide
again so i’ll pause i won’t be too long
give me just a quick moment
the only problem with the guides for
game is that they’re really really hard
to see
uh there’s unlike the gta 5 there’s no
real interactive guides it’s just
a couple of images and i have a link in
the description below to possibly the
most comprehensive guide out there it’s
absolutely brilliant looks like it was
put together a couple of years ago and
it’s just incredible
all right where are we
sniper rifle is going to be
all right yeah so we’ll stick with the
sniper rifle for the moment yorkie um
when i get up to the other end of the
map because it is way like the other one
the other ak
is where is it
in this building here
so it’s it’s a ways
we might catch up with it a little bit
later that said you know we’ll see how
we go
all right let’s go find us a vehicle
because that elegant was
was graceful but it was not
all right
rompo wasn’t much faster either
i mean can’t believe i lost all my
weapons before that’s all right i’ll go
back and get them once we finish the
oh sabre i think that’s the saber i need
your homie
it is in fact a saber
so these are quite good they’re one of
the better muscle cars in the game
they’re still handled pretty ordinarily
but yeah
they are quick they have good good bit
of pick up and uh and reasonable brakes
so yeah not too bad
all right and i do need to remember
though these things do not handle nearly
as well as they’re doing online
and given that is largely the game i
play that has cars in it
uh something to bear in mind the only
other games i really play being a person
of habit and limited time
is this in assassin’s creed so
not a lot of parkour going on in gta
love to see a an assassin’s creed
version in los santos that’d be amazing
all right watch out for this
intersection it gets me every damn time
in every version of the game
all right so we can actually open this
thing up see what it can do
which is
not a whole lot
that’s okay
bike there they’re good fun
okay let’s come around here
and see if we can’t find let’s
they do not want you in there
all right can we get him without getting
shot it’s going to be the big question
can we get in at all it’s going to be
the big question
okay there’s a gate
right so let’s just look at this boys
that’s razor wire
they clearly don’t want people in
what they don’t have
is a gate
that’s that’s that’s not cool that’s
just no that’s a bit silly
okay so where are we going oops sorry
pump the mouse up the mouse all right so
we’re in this corner here let’s just
clear off
the map marker
so which is your favorite ac
yorkie which uh so for me i think
brotherhood was just i really enjoyed
ezio’s brotherhood story that was really
cool and i had the privilege of going to
dubrovnik and uh venice
for a couple of days and it was amazing
and i wanted to climb everything
okay so that is in fact the sniper rifle
so we’re at the top of this thing here
so let’s just go back down and make sure
that we can spot where that is
make it easier for
there we go a little bit of damage
make it easier for people to find so
you can see that there at interglobal tv
you can see it spawning up there too
and let’s just confirm that with the map
yes i went to uh went to dubrovnik which
is the uh the city across the adriatic
they were talking about in the game and
went to venice for a couple of days
and yeah just wanted to climb everything
it was just the most bizarre thing
however um dubrovnik hasn’t changed in
because it’s a walled city hasn’t
changed in about 500 years so i i could
walk around and knew exactly where i was
the whole time which was kind of cool
all right snipey boy
let’s not take anyone out just yet
all right now let’s uh what kind of ammo
have we got with this thing
just 10 i think we are going to need to
find some more ammo for that so let’s
see if there is another one nearby
there is
all right so
looking at the map
some weird weird markings on this one so
sort of north ish
right here-ish
around here-ish
it should be i suspect it’s probably
going to be out the back of this
all right let’s uh
let’s go with the small water
oh well then why did you dive in front
of the car you clown
off we go again yep he looked
oh this thing handles oh
oversteer oversteer over here
righty oh
it’s gonna get caught by this thing
i could just never make it around there
cleanly ever i you know i’ve been
playing this game for years
years and i i still never made it around
there i think i ended up doing 100 a
couple years back
and every time i just clobbered myself
going around that corner and i want to
say that this was there was also an
intersection like
an intersection like that in
liberty city uh sorry in um uh not the
bidding city clown in um
gta 4
that i got done on as well
all right now uh you guys weren’t here
before but uh let me show you something
this is amazing uh these guys are drug
dealers and they
often have a lot of money
however you should check your
surroundings before you go doing
anything with them
because uh i just shot up ballless
territory that was not the best idea
ever however i did get a bunch of cash
anyway so i’m now in the apartment block
and we should have a sniper rifle around
here somewhere hopefully
yeah so that guy had two grand on him
two grand
that’s not bad that’s that’s a
reasonable day’s work
and the last one i got in fact you know
i’ve done two two dealers so far
and they’ve ended up having two thou
each on them so very very handy
now sorry yorkie i missed your message
before mate um
i haven’t played valhalla yet that is
that would be an interesting one that
looked pretty cool um but from what i
can tell they’re not really like the old
school ac games anymore um i think the
last one i played was in victorian
england and i can’t remember whether
that’s called it might have been it was
the one with the gangs it might have
been unity
oh is that a blister compact oh i love
that car that’s great
and uh yeah that was that was pretty
cool but yeah valhalla looks like it
just looks spectacular so whether or not
it is i don’t know
but yeah really genuinely looks amazing
all right let’s have a look
i’m not sure this is going to be on
ground level
we’ll give it a go
these perpetrators out here can’t see me
right what i need to do is try and get
is there a way up
syndicate thank you very much i
genuinely appreciate that
is that another dealer
i think we just watched a deal
[__] right here
there you go
all right guys uh i’m not sure i can get
up onto this thing without a helicopter
so we might have to skip this one for
can’t see any ladders i can’t see any
way in
i’m fairly confident
i can’t actually get into this building
yeah that’s all looking a whole lot of
that that’s that’s a no go
so we’ll skip that sniper rifle for now
that is the only other one available in
the this part of the map
and let’s
let’s look for some things that go bang
all right so grenades
big old fan of these bad boys so back up
the top here
we’ve been up this area a few times now
do not
do not hang around this area too much
you will get shot and lose all of your
and uh for anyone who was on the stream
before yeah you you would have seen that
happen that was um
let’s go with not my best work
uh you know what this ambulance is
looking pretty nice
not gonna toggle paramedic missions but
i will head out
that’s okay not great but
get out of the way
get out of the way
oh just missed the copper all right cool
all right let’s see how we go here
hopefully this will get us out of get
everyone out of the way yep that’s good
that’s handy
that’s much easier
of course it’s annoying as crap so i’m
just going to turn it off
because it makes my brain hurt
what am i doing going entirely the wrong
way i can’t read a map guys
geez i got a bit of talk these things
and they handle quite well oh that’s it
right okay ambulances guys the hot tip
looks like vargo’s territory
there we go
all right so we’ll clear this map
get out of the vehicle and let’s see if
we can find these grenades
kind of hoping they’re around here
where are we
so there should be hopefully
up there there oh damn it grabbed him
okay so
the back of this house here from the
so that’s really handy
and let’s see where we are on the map
all right cool so that is grenades all
right so now the only other practical
practical explosive
is the rocket launcher so let me get out
of argos territory because that’s uh
that’s just gonna end poorly
all right let’s see if we can’t find
this rocket launcher
okay so
that should be where are we around
here-ish hopefully
i’m not 100 on this one because i can
only find one report of its existing
but the report was comprehensive and it
hasn’t really steered us wrong so far so
that’s okay
so what we’ll do guys is after this one
i will sign off for a bit i’ll go and
have a bit of tea
and then pop back and
then we’ll work through the story until
we can get to the gym and we’ll get
we’ll get cj all nice and buff so that
that unlocks stamina it uh improves
and also unlocks hand-to-hand combat
which is really really neat
so let’s have a look here we should have
oh this might not be this might be one
of those ones we can’t actually get to
get out of the car cj
territory i hope it’s not up there
all right let’s go for a quick wander
around and see if we can find it
because i don’t think i’ve got access to
a helicopter can we get up oh can’t get
don’t like our prospects here gentlemen
i suspect quite strongly our rocket
launcher is up
so let’s just skip this one
can i get up there
do not look to be able to
so let’s just pause for a second i’m
going to just quickly check something
else out
just on the
on the browser here that’s been really
handy so can i get a helicopter
yeah uh absolutely will yorkie so and
look they’ll be restreamed and we’ll
also um
cut this down into a bit more of a
condensed format to make it a bit easier
to consume a bit later so it’s it’s a
bit quicker than you having to watch me
wander around all over the map
and listen to my rambles
all right so i’m just
checking out helicopter locations
in san andreas
bear with me for just a second guys i i
genuinely appreciate your patience
okay so there’s a maverick where is the
hell no that stock oh no hang on there
might be one here
all right helicopter may be there let’s
see if we can get that because that’ll
let us get um get a sniper another
sniper rifle too
all right grab this pos
oh no oh that’s bad
that’s really bad
get out of the way
i should have paid attention a lot more
what’s funny is these guys will go you
as well you can see he’s properly
pursuing me
what’s he doing
get out of the car cj
you’re gonna play
nah he’s off now okay so apparently
there is a helicopter around here
i don’t know if i can get up there
though so let’s have a look
i don’t like my chances of that
can i climb that
yep that’s a big old no there
all right let’s see if we can find
another spot with a helicopter
so again just pausing for a second guys
while i consult the map
um there might be something at police hq
so we’ll see you know see how we go you
know what i might save before we we do
that one
we’ll see how we go
all right so we’ll head back to cj’s
place back to the johnson household
do a quick save and then see if we can’t
borrow a helicopter from the police
oh this thing just hit oh hey hello
maybe i can get there
okay so that is whoops wrong button
so that’s the arena there
let’s see if we can go into the arena
ah that is the roof
that is a parachute
that is an empty helipad
but that was a parachute guys
how awesome is that
all right and uh yeah definitely oh wow
look at the draw distance
look at the draw distance on this
i mean the resolution’s rubbish but
that’s amazing
again it’s it’s no los santos uh sorry
no um
no gta 5 but
considering the era
and again i mean i’m not on maximum but
looking at you considering the era this
that kind of scale and that kind of
distance is just amazing
yeah i think you might be right there uh
yorkie it’s uh it’s probably going to be
a random spawn
i’m not sure there’s any other
helicopters around the place
although actually no yeah we’re going to
try the police station but uh let me
just head to home first and save so i
don’t accidentally lose all the weapons
again because
that wasn’t ideal
all right you’ll do
is that
all right and yeah that probably wasn’t
my best work that’s all right there oh
geez seriously buddy
they are really aggressive here
that dude is like super aggressive he
did not want me clipping his car
and he fixes it by making it worse
he’s cool that’s all right
i wow that is that dude was aggressive
okay so let’s head back home
this thing is quick but it does not
handle well and i’m in bala’s territory
and that got me into strife last time
that is why i don’t have as many weapons
as i had at the start of this
sorry about that
okay so we’ll save
big smoke confirm
it astonishes me just how quick the
saves are on this
i don’t know what format they’re using
yeah it turns out that running an ssd
with a 2060 super is a little bit
quicker than say an xbox hard drive
all right so let’s go and check
the police station for a heli as well i
suspect i’m going to die horribly on
this one which is why i have to save so
the trick with
san andreas with some of the earlier
games is to save scum
and it’s it’s a rough practice now
in this series what happens is if you
die if you get clobbered
and you get arrested or you can’t get
you lose all your weapons
you lose better cash but mainly you lose
all your weapons so you have to start
so what you end up doing or what a
reasonable strategy was is if you died
you just went back to the the most
recent save and you just put up with
losing the progress because losing the
progress is far far less painful
than losing the weaponry
so let’s clear that
can we holster that we can’t
can we get to the roof here
yeah that’s bad
oh they did not like me
yep that’s it
that is why we save that is why we save
all right guys so that means what we’ve
managed to do is find a knife
we’ve found a bunch of nine mills and
the silence nine mil and the silence
nine mil does not use the same
ammo as the normal nightmare so you can
have one or the other is not an
accessory like it is in gta 4 or 5.
we found the sawnoff
we found the tec9 which is this game’s
we found the ak the sniper and grenades
and we suspect quite strongly where
there is a rocket launcher but can’t
access it without accessing a random
spawn on that heli
so what i’m going to do now is i’m going
to sign off for a little bit
i’ll close out the stream and thank you
very very much for those who joined and
for those who engaged especially uh
yorkie and mr corn who
were great at keeping me interactive and
helping me out through this being one of
my first streams so kind of i’m still a
little bit nervous and all over the
place with it
and i’ll have some tea i’ll come back up
with the next stream and in the next
stream i’m going to
do a little bit of storyline
then we will hit the gym
and ramp up cj’s
muscle uh so that he can have maximum
strength maximum stamina and unlock all
of the hand-to-hand combat
so thank you very much for watching
i told him

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