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Early Weapons in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

Get some awesome weapons EARLY in San Andreas; even if they're locked at Ammu-nation!
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San Andreas certainly made some waves in it’s day, and with the Definitive Edition re-release, it’s time to catch up with CJ, Smoke, Rider, Kendall, and the rest of the Grove Street Crew

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Many thanks to H7, for their epic work on this weapons map. Probably the most accurate and comprehensive one I’ve seen to date (and I used to have the physical compendium):

hi in this video we’re going through how
to find good weapons in the definitive
edition of gta san andreas even if
they’re locked at ammunition
hi welcome back my name’s dan and i’m an
old grumpy gamer san andreas certainly
made some waves in its day and with the
definitive edition re-release it’s time
to catch up with cj smoke ryder and
kendall and the rest of the grow street
crew so in this video we’ll be looking
at where to find the good weapons to
make a practical and effective loadout
in the definitive edition of gta san
andreas including ones that are locked
at ammunition and we’ll do some of the
less practical ones in another video
before we dive in if you’re new to the
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ring the bell to stay up to date oh and
for this we’re going to concentrate on a
practical loadout of easy to access
weapons on the first island they’re
stashed everywhere and feel free to
comment your favorite location below
also a massive thank you to h7 for
compiling the map we used to create this
huge effort and there’s a link to their
website below unlike gta 4 gta 5 or gta
online in gta san andreas rockstar
doesn’t lock weapon pickups behind a
leveling system or certain missions that
means enterprising gamers can find
awesome weapons really early in the game
which can put you well ahead when it
comes to some of the more um messy
missions benzene okay no problems long
barrel easy do you prefer a small sign
up what about things that go boom all
doable with a little practice so let’s
get started first up let’s equip cj with
a malay weapon the knife is my first
choice which can be found behind a strip
mall in market
next to sidearm now if you’re like me
you’ll burn through ammo pretty quickly
so i’d suggest going to this empty lot
in la corolina or the 9 millimeter or
you can make your way to the stairs at
this building in verona beach for the
silence pistol just bear in mind that
the ammo for each of these pistols is
different so you can only have one or
the other
and while we’re on smaller close combat
weapons we might as well grab the sawn
off shot which can be found on top of
the pig pen in east ls
next is an smg a tec-9 in this case
which can be found on an empty lot in la
carolina this billboard’s a great
landmark and as a side note once cj’s
skilled up enough with this firearm he
can dual wield these bad boys
next is the ak for when you absolutely
positively want to kill every
in the room except no
substitutes the easiest location is the
back of this warehouse in the rail yard
the easiest approach is to use the
stairs at the back you head through the
office and down the stairs and then onto
the platform underneath the landing and
as an added bonus there’s body armor in
the office upstairs
and the last of the firearms is the long
gun your favorite my favorite the sniper
rifle this is found at the back of the
interglobal lot in market station look
for the razor wire and no gates head up
the stairs and it will be waiting there
for you
finally grenades these are the only
readily available explosive in this part
of the game before unlocking flight you
can find your stash in the side yard of
this house in la carolina
and thanks for watching check out the
video at the top where we find free body
armor or the one down the bottom for
some more old grumpy game of goodness
stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see
you in the next video

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