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Maxing Strength, Stamina & Fighting in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

The San Andreas story, fitness minigames, and advanced hand-to-hand fighting techniques are all explored in this stream. CJ, Smoke, Rider, and Kendall all make an appearance in this Definitive Edition re-release.
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Maxing Strength, Stamina & Fighting in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

Join us for an exciting journey through the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas Definitive Edition, as we take an in-depth look at the gameplay, graphics, and storyline of one of the most iconic games in the series. This remastered version of the third entry in the series, part of the GTA Trilogy Remastered, is a must-play for fans of the franchise.

GTA Trilogy Remastered: What to Expect

The GTA Trilogy Remastered, also known as the GTA Definitive Edition, is a compilation of the three classic Grand Theft Auto games: GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas. This revamp features enhanced graphics, improved gameplay mechanics, and new content, making these fan-favorite games an even more thrilling experience to play than ever before.

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

Our focus will be on GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition, considered by many to be the best of the trilogy. San Andreas was originally released in 2004 and has been given a fresh coat of paint for modern consoles, including Xbox Game Pass. We’ll be playing the Xbox Series X version, using the latest technology to provide high-quality graphics and smoother gameplay.

Maxing Strength, Stamina & Fighting

In this video, we’ll be focusing on maximizing CJ’s strength, stamina, and fighting abilities as we work our way through the storyline, unlocking fitness mini-games, and applying our newfound buffness to max out our stats. We’ll also be exploring advanced hand-to-hand fighting techniques to give us the edge we need to take down even the toughest of enemies.

Join the Grove Street Crew

Follow CJ, Smoke, Rider, Kendall, and the rest of the Grove Street Crew as we explore Los Santos and beyond. Our goal is to complete the story, achieve maximum stats, and have fun along the way. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the series or a newcomer, this video is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

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good evening and welcome back my name’s
dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer and in
this stream we’re going to be doing a
little bit of storyline and we’re going
to be
the gym to get cj buff
to max his strength
to max his stamina and to unlock all of
the combat
if you’ve not joined me for the previous
stream in the previous stream we did a
bit of weapons hunting where we went to
get some get some new weapons so if
you’re keen to get some early game
weapons go and check that out that’s
linked in the description below in a in
a little bit
and of course we will be condensing
these down into
videos for you guys to watch uh in a a
bit more of a more compact succinct
format afterwards so let me just pause
for half a second while i just do a
little bit of
maintenance here
all right and let’s see how we go
all right so the first thing i need to
do is clear that uh clear that marker
because we’re not actually going
anywhere there we are
it is about seven o’clock in the morning
local game time we have armed cj to the
teeth with some early game weapons which
are really handy so we’ve got the
silence pistol there we’ve got some
grenades a knife which in my opinion is
the best melee weapon in the game sniper
rifle only 10 rounds but that’s that’s
plenty dusters and of course a sawn off
and yeah let’s let’s get straight into
it so
we’ll head out now the way to get to
this is to start by
doing some of the rider missions
and then after that we need to stick
with the the smoke missions i think um
so we’ve got a few missions to get
through not too many but let’s get back
into the storyline so straight into the
corona there and that has received a
decided upgrading graphics
in fact the whole thing has there’s
still some stuff that’s really quirky
it’s not a brand new brand new game but
you know what i’m i’m genuinely
impressed with what i’ve seen so far uh
with the exception of a you know a
couple of glitches and bugs here but
it’s it’s a cracker of an effort and you
know what i’m revisiting san andreas and
that makes me happy so let’s get in here
and take a look at the first cutscene
hey man what you want
seeing my home what’s up with you yeah
it’s good to see you back no homie love
no huh for sure
i’m always dead
let’s go [__]
hey show me how they drive on the east
coast homie
all right let’s jump in now if you’ve
not seen any of my streams before i
actually alternate because i’m on pc
between controller for driving vehicles
keyboard for
the um
uh yeah keyboard for for combat so best
of both worlds one of the really handy
things about having a a pc
all right so let’s uh head down to this
uh burger shop
my fam the homes is here
all right cool just wanted to let that
uh that text play out before i jumped in
all right let’s see what happens here
all right get out of the vehicle cj dams
all right so let’s see what we got uh go
on in with the silence pistol pistol and
let’s let’s see how we go
oh haircut time is it
all right there we are
all right let’s uh let’s see what we got
gee this is so so much better than
before you just had to sort of go
through everything this is
what do we got at the moment we’ve got
the caesar
let’s go with the
the jerry curl i think
oh no no that doesn’t work at all
lights up
good thing is with this one we don’t
have to uh
that is that’s suitably 90s i think
that’s uh that’s pretty cool let’s buy
that one look at you all grown up and
hope you stick around there we go
all right so apparently we are now
free of our yee haircut
i told you he was crazy
man you jacked
up man what’s this
[__] look ridiculous no respect for the
hood all clean as [__]
looking too skinny cj i wanna get us
something to eat i’m gonna finish this
then i’m gonna take care
right and looks like we’re getting
introduced to the eating mechanic i keep
forgetting about some of these early
shoots they are very very basic but yeah
that’s all right that’s a good start now
we’ll pop across the street here go away
and into the burger shot and we’ll have
a bite and i think we’re going to make
cj ripped so let’s give him a bit of a
salad here now you can rob these things
don’t recommend it at this point but you
all right let’s see
salad meal
oh this menu is so much better than it
used to be
rock stars genuinely outdone themselves
on this one
they’re right let’s uh get out of there
ah ryder’s going to rob the place isn’t
of course he is
it wouldn’t be right or if it didn’t go
sideways give up the money
ryder not this again you ain’t me fool
no one else is that small i feel sorry
for your dad [__] you crazy let’s get up
out of here same old cj buster straight
oh [__] run
okay so that’s uh that’s that done
wait for uh what’s this thing to get in
and let’s head off
at uh that pizza parlor was uh was
packing that’s for sure
all right no points uh hanging about so
we’ll just skedaddle and off we go
all right let’s see here we go here
across there and away we go again
so chime and if you’re in chat um i’m
relatively new to the whole streaming
thing i normally do
short form tutorials which are voice
over scripts planned all that kind of
so by all means please please help keep
the company keep me talking because
otherwise i will go quiet and just
concentrate and focus and that’s really
not going to be entertaining for anyone
about that graffiti too later
all right cool ryder looks ridiculous
with that stocking in his head it was
just that’s hilarious
now if anyone’s wondering why i have a
little bit of extra cash on me that i
didn’t have before
that’s because i bumped into two of the
street walking dealers and they carry
about two grand of cash each so they’re
a really really good source of early
it’s not a lot in the grand scheme of
four or five grand at the start of the
game after a couple of them makes a big
all right excuse me
okay so we’re going to now pursue smokes
uh a storyline until we can open up the
gym which isn’t too far away i think we
can get in there pretty early so let’s
head straight over to the actually you
know what it is getting a bit dark
i might save again
just to skip forward a couple hours
hey yorkie welcome back thanks mate i
genuinely appreciate you uh joining the
stream again
there we go where are we one o’clock in
the morning
this is a really handy way to time jump
it’s eight in the morning that’s much
don’t like uh driving around in the dark
i am
not too bad with it but yeah if i can
avoid it that’s great
all right so i’ll just uh we’ll have
this cutscene
i told you that bro your word don’t mean
[__] around here come on man give me a
we got to go hit up the hood hey cj let
him know you’re back on a set the
johnson brothers is rolling again
take this paint and go hit [__] up start
with our own set first later on we
spread out take the whole hood back you
already spread now fat man let’s play
let’s see what you got poor chop
hey wait up i thought you hang with your
brother huh
he’s up little man come on it’s been
difficult you want to drive yeah for
okay so where is the first marker let’s
head out to there over to idlewood
all right so i think we’re going to be
doing some tagging in a few moments so
we’ll have a few to catch and then we
can progress the storyline we’ll come
back to the tagging a bit later when we
get to the money guide i think
all right well
i just i never understood that i’m
coming at you don’t jump into the middle
of the road
there we go
watch for those rollers as i tag this up
there’s another two ball attacks in the
you go get them and i’ll keep the engine
running all right let’s uh go grab this
so that’s to look
that’s two done
all right
okay and there’s gonna be another one
around here somewhere
normally within a street or two
huh that’s a nice touch
okay so that’s that one tagged
what’s this one
nope nope
let’s head down to the next one
they need to put some chairs out on the
it’s gonna be some close by has to be
where are they
all right guys i might have to very
break out the guide just give me a few
just quickly see if there’s anything
under here that i’m missing something
obvious pretend to miss the obvious
so let’s go other side of the bridge
yeah definitely missing something
obviously you guys said let me just
pause for a moment and quickly bring up
the guide and work out the best way at
we might be here a minute
okay so
let’s have a look
all right so we’ve done
right i think what we want to do is grab
where are we
might be one in between these two
buildings here
so let’s have a crack
yeah that was not the most efficient way
at it
where are we
oh this auto jump thing’s getting a bit
all right let’s see if we can head down
this way
can’t be too far away
i wonder if it’s in between these two
there it is
who knew it would have been at the
marker clown
cj’s jump is spectacular
right all right let’s go to the next uh
next waypoint or is it back home
well this can’t this is you know this
can only end well
all right need to look at the map i
thought that little green marker there
was the one i already completed
all right oh the handling on this car is
pretty damn ordinary
all right one more to go into the corona
and let’s see how we go here
he left me on my own with no vehicle
is that a
let’s see if the cops get upset with me
okay let’s see how we go there
is she on the roof that’s weird
okay so let’s head to this other marker
and let’s see how we go those police are
making me a touch on the nervous side
i suspect yeah there we are father gang
members dressed in purple so they are
your sworn enemies
they are going to get quite upset with
me so i’m just going to is there a cover
system here
this silence pistol
see if i can take them both out in one
that’s going to make life a bit easier
although the cops are a bit upset with
okay they’re upset
oh they’re quite upset
and of course they’re just gonna kill cj
so we need to get right away real quick
but while we’re doing that let’s just
head to the next thing
that looks like it’s uh vargos one
we’ll see how we go from there
oh i can’t wait to get cj stamina up
because uh yeah he ain’t running real
fast all right and that’s the warrant
cleared so very happy with that one
i said we won’t be too long with just a
few more storyline missions and then we
can get to the gym and we can really
start railing through cj’s fitness here
so over the fence
over the fence again
there we go all right now where is this
looks like it’s up
oh that’s in a good spot
all right
there’s sweet
well that can’t be good
that is such a spectacular jump
all right this is going to end poorly
where’s the cop going get out of the way
don’t you get away with that one without
too many incidents very happy having
that uh that early weapon having that
silence pistol is just
really handy really handy
so use two or three bullets from the
thing and you have to get the silence
pistol because it doesn’t work with the
standard 9mm ammo but
very very happy with how that one turned
like rotten vodka boy yeah it all comes
back how you doing on the fetty i’m kind
of shocked you know crash took all my
paper man left me with number small
change hey get yourself a beer or
i’ll catch up with you
all right
extra 200 in your pocket so very happy
with that
all one we’ll do a quick save now uh for
anyone who’s not played san andreas
it does not auto save the same way
gta 5 does just doesn’t do it so you
have to manually save at the end of
although hang on does it
ah yeah that did auto safe
however and this is a big however
if you go to hospital
if you get arrested you lose all your
let’s just answer this
carl it’s officer hernandez who officer
hernandez i work with 10 penny and
pulaski oh the [__] what the hell you
want hey show me some respect boy go
[__] yourself you just stay [__] you
watch your tone boy now listen i’ve got
a message from officer 10 penny don’t
try and leave town that would be a big
mistake you hear me we’re watching you
whatever you say [__]
uh you know what uh yorkie i have not
bully never done it
all right so
next sweet one i think we need to get to
drive through so let’s see where we’re
at no another one to go
nobody give a [__] about the hood i do
all they do is sell yeah and ruin the
place no crack ever made a gang type i
don’t know man what’s up y’all what’s up
cj what’s crack man all they care about
is smoking and money you can’t knock the
homies hustle sweetie mark say soldiers
they idiots trying to beat businessmen
yeah but they down with us man all they
down with is money cj go down there and
show these fools you mean business these
chunks from the balls are sweating go
put pressure on them let’s do it we’ve
been putting time in the hood but we got
to get the homies back together like the
old days
yeah yeah you’re right you’re right to
go handle your business man they’re
slang to their own mama they don’t care
about nothing you’re naive my friend we
gotta keep out focused
we need some backup you seem beat up
putting him in the homeboy bear they
good to have him on our side oh big bear
yeah the baseline is gonna be sorry now
hey beat up is only a couple of blocks
away the hood’s all messed up huh sure
you try to get any of these crackheads
to help you out no one of the families
ain’t up on it apart from smoke sweet
and you know yours truly grove street
don’t bang no more yeah just get blown
for sure
all right sorry i just wanted to get
through that exchange yeah look i have
to give it a crack um
i hear good things i hear very good
things about bully actually so i i do
need to sit down and play the problem is
i work full time as well mate so uh it’s
it’s really really challenging to find
the time to to
put aside to uh to do proper gaming
and just uh and just going for fun so
all right let’s see how we go here
all right so we’ll just get through this
cutting machine again and see where
we’re at
whatever man
this [__] right here open up
you sure he’s still living fool i told
open up who the [__] is it
cj the [__] you want
get the [__] out of here wait hold up
man what happened to for life [__] the
only thing that matters is the hood
homie but you’ll never understand what
getting this money is like you know what
get the [__] out of here for you be
laying on your back
big bad come check this fool
hey bear
big beard that’s you are you still from
the hood homie the only thing bad give a
[__] about is smoking and keeping my
house clean ain’t that right big [__]
hell yeah hell yeah what
hell yeah sir
now go make that [__] toilet
spark no man
bear come on everyone likes to party
sometimes cj i’ll see you around
stay the [__] from around here
hey [__] [__] you
well that’s disappointing
but it looks like he was uh it was
proper gangster back in the day
notice the purple up the back there as
well so that’s uh yeah that’s
well disappointing
let’s just cruise through the hood and
find somebody selling
all right cool so yeah checkpoint save
so that’s all good uh i think we want do
i have
i don’t think i’ve got an smg
might need to get one of them
all right so we need to go beat up a
crack dealer
hey check it out somebody’s selling one
of the homes
so saw him
hey i’m working man what you need what
you need dog dog i got quality [__]
right here
officer requesting back up
him done whoops might have punched the
wrong guy there man i know this cat
used to run with a front yard ball of og
from idlewood i know his place it’s just
across the tracks there let’s check it
out hey ain’t that front yard turf man
are you a boss that would be very nice
yonky i’d love to do this uh at least
part-time um yeah a bit maybe a bit more
full timey
all right where’d that cop go
yeah he unspawned that’s okay
all right let’s uh
go and get this next guy
everybody in the hood
we’re taking this guy now
all right now that guy’s gonna be upset
and the cops are after us as well that’s
all right we’ll sort them out
okay so it looks like we’ve got one more
fill the sword out or at least there we
you can smell a crack then a mile away
yeah let’s shoot through and introduce
all right so what’s he using he’s using
all right so baseball bat it is or at
least knuckle dusters for me because i
didn’t want one of those
never noticed that scene up the back
before i don’t know if anyone caught
that down
that’s andy
probably shotgun territory
okay let’s see how we go here
okay yep no she’s fine no dramas there
oh you want this to get nasty
yep he’s gone
fairly confident that’s just about it
i suspect this would have been a lot
harder if i was doing malay
anyone else here
oh yeah
you want some lead in you huh she’s
having a rough day
okay i think that might be it
all right
that was reasonably easy
back up for show homie
oh man they gonna be mad at us
was that a cup a security guard or
something answer up well worried about
him all right shotgun it is gee that was
much much easier than than trying to
beat him up and said early weapons is
the way to go if you can do it
takes a little bit of patience but it’s
well worth the effort
all right where are we heading looks
like we’re heading back home
so that was a nice quick easy one
and where is there it is
now that wasn’t quite as slick as i was
there we go graceful now that the base
ain’t getting pushed up in their faces
maybe these fools should be up for some
real bang yeah grove gonna get back on
his feet now for sure though later homie
all right fantastic so that’s
i’m gonna just do a manual save because
how i roll i’ll get over there cj you
i do like the new animation for getting
over the fences that’s pretty neat
here we go
so that’s cleaning up the hood tagging
turf confirmed done there we go what
time is it seven o’clock in the evening
just gonna skip forward
one in the morning one more should do it
just makes it easier if it’s in the day
and um as i said save scumming is a bit
of a thing with this game you just gotta
do it
all right let’s see how we go
okay great so this is the mission we
need to complete to get to the
just gym
money so what you saying you don’t
respect me what i’m saying is speak up
i’m hungry
man cannot live on bread alone i know i
tried that [__] carl you look a little
thin man you got to be hungry man yeah i
get your fools trying to eat some tacos
tacos again hell no chicken man no
there is a very very famous order in gta
san andreas um about three thousand
burgers i think it worked at like five 6
000 calories in total and this is the
mission that has it
there’s some really really good youtube
videos on people attempting to consume
this much food and it’s just
people like to ridiculous don’t they
can i take your order please carl what
do you want you got to eat to keep your
strength up man
hey i’ll take a number nine
fat boy
give me a number nine just like he is
let me get a number six with extra dip
i’ll have two number nines
a number nine large
a number six with extra dip
a number seven two number 45s one with
cheese and a large soap
that is hilarious
hey sorry bro you know i gotta know
about mine
bit of foreshadowing there from smoke as
oh and a tag
[__] trash can [__] passing my food
hey hey look kilo trey scoping us out
damn right you were jesus [__] the
[__] headed to the hood
all right let’s uh
let’s get a bit serious about this eh
see what that sniper rifle can do
and it took a minute but there’s a
headshot oh they’re upset
and let’s head back to sweet space okay
so that is again early weapons early
weapons make things so much easier
and cops that’s all right we’ll head
back to sweetspace and we won’t need to
worry about the cop set we’ll get past
them pretty easily
next time you better start a blast
though i’m gonna blast you myself smoke
you wide man i mean why
yeah it was getting cold y’all coming in
for a beer nah baby i need to get back
to the crib cj give me a ride all right
smoke let’s go see y’all later
of course ryder works in front of the
cat and they’ve de-spawned oh that’s
what was with you back there smoke man
if you could eat your food all right and
i think we just need to head back to uh
back to smoke’s crib and we’re just
about there what no no
hey smoke tell me why you moved out to
grove man got some money from my aunt
i mean it’s a nice place and all
hey thanks carl hey i miss having you
around baby thanks man i wish we thought
like that he don’t mean to cj he’s still
real tall about your moms man here get
yourself a little smoky smoke on smoke
and relax homie
okay some extra cash there was an auto
save there
and let’s just um
sort this filler out nice and quick as
always handy
that’s another color grand thank you
very much
yeah i guess this gym i go to a couple
blocks out from the grove go check it
out get yourself a gangsta physique i’ll
scope it out later man
all right here is what we’re here for
just takes a few extra things but as
long as we stick with the sweet line we
can get all of the good gear uh nice and
early on so
then we’ve got plenty of time to make
some cash and get ourselves bulked up
now it is worth noting with this which
way am i going where is grow street
where is crow street
yeah that’s where we want to be it’s
worth noting as well like we’re going to
get uh cj ripped on in in this round but
it will limit some of your romance
options later on if you stay ripped
throughout the entire game there are
some of his romantic interests who
prefer someone who’s a
a little cuddlier
so what we’ll do is i’m just going to
trot back to the plate of the house do a
hard save
and then we’re going to do some some gym
work and i can really put this
controller to the test
all right not too far out here we’ll see
here we go
probably could have uh could have driven
she said that jump is just something
epic isn’t it
there we are
do a quick save what time is it eight
o’clock at night let’s come back
once more
all right 8 30 in the morning and let’s
go and hit the gym
oops wrong one
let’s go with the map there we are
all right
so this one’s mercifully quick there is
a shortcut around the back but i
couldn’t remember it to start with so
head here the old-fashioned way
and hopefully we’ll be able to uh
go away
we’ll be able to do strength and stamina
training in the one go
all right so we should get a briefing
here in a sec
all right cool there we go
yo you want to learn some new moves
all right so we definitely want to learn
some new moves get yourself some muscles
first keep breathing
all right so muscles first he said
come on i can take it
let’s do the full
full run let’s see if this uh this turbo
thing works
all right
ah cheeky
watch what i’m doing
that’s still working
this is actually pretty easy i’m just
literally holding a single button and
that’s uh that’s doing the job quite
i ain’t pulling any punches
all right this is much easier than just
mashing stuff
all right so i think we can get 28 maybe
a few more
yeah we’re going for 25 or 30.
all right so 22. so limit for the day
now can we go back over to the stamina
all right so that’s that one done that’s
strength done
uh you’ve worked out enough for today
right okay so we need to come back
all right and now we just head back to
cj’s place now there is a little alley
way back here which kind of shortcuts
getting in
there we are
and that gets us back to gross street
nice and quick
get out of the car cj
oh come on
there we go
all right so the next thing we have to
do is save scum our way through to the
next day so
quick drive through confirm okay
turn around
yeah fortunately this is really quick
it’s a bit of a pain in the backside but
it does mean we can max this out pretty
quickly to be honest
all right let’s see if we can get back
straight away we should have had enough
time passed so
all right in
and just a straight shot down to the
corner jim and we should be right to go
from there
i’ll pull up here this time
got a lot of variety in the cars around
here apparently
all right let’s see if it’ll let us work
can we work out
yes we can
all the way down to 320
and let’s try this again
okay again cannot recommend enough
having an aftermarket controller it just
makes life so much easier
no rsi
no no dramas just let it sit there and
just put away
and that means we can speed up you can
already see we’ve seen an increase in
muscle bass there we’re going from about
a quarter to half already almost there
we go there’s another one it just keeps
sticking up so we’ll be through this one
in no time and then we can do some
stamina training
let’s see after this if we can do some
uh some actual fight training too
all right so what did we get 23 at that
okay and you can already see some extra
shoulder work there
so let’s head over and see if we can do
some training
he’s getting walloped
mesh we go attention and you might learn
yo charge in and batter your opponent
hold in lefty
make sure your opponent is down and out
never give your opponent time to recover
all right it’s a double mouse that time
right cool so let’s uh
head back out
and hopefully we can try this out a
little bit
let’s just pick someone at random that
isn’t one of our guys
he’ll do
very nice
okay that works that works quite well
let’s uh
pick another dude
so rush attack
okay yep that definitely works all right
cool handy to know
all right go back to another save and
let’s get this one done again
geez this thing is slow
should probably get a treadly
but here we go so we’ll just sneak
through this little back alleyway here
once the sabers out of the way
must be warm out this time of year
all right cool
and through and we’ll do a quick quick
round of saves so we can do that again
what time is it
nine o’clock in the morning yeah let’s
see if it’ll let us
gee this thing does not ended well
all right i do whoop i do like those low
riders they do look lovely
okay and let’s do some more strength
all the way to the top
and good to go
so i think it’s 23 reps is about the
most we can do but we’re still seeing
increases of two or three points to
muscle every time we do this so
what about this is the third round
plus i’ve done a little bit of running
around before during the uh the weapon
stuff so
yeah i think we’ll be alright
maybe uh four or five goes and and
that’ll be done for that one and then we
can work on the stamina
oh got 24 this time 25.
it’s working certainly getting more
every time there we go
don’t make me mad
okay now can we learn a new move
hey you want to go around with me
oh come to papa
it’s definitely getting quicker
where did he go
right nearly there
that’s the best you’ve got
down to opponent there we go
well that was all right looks like we uh
we got some more stuff hey watch
yourself hey you want to go around with
that looks like we’re not gonna learn
anything out of this guy so
suit yourself but the streaks are mean
can i train in this one no exercise
enough for today
and back we go
look that was graceful
okay i know this seems a little bit
repetitive and a bit monotonous guys
it’s probably not the best content ever
and so we’re doing this kind of stuff
because um
the same reason i do the uh the the
weapons gear and i do some other prep
stuffs because it makes
makes the game a little bit later a
little a lot easier
um so just you know extra half hour of
grinding here and i’ll be honest with
you i grind this is kind of
my way of having fun with the games is
leveling beyond where i should be and
and grinding
then yeah it just it makes it
significantly easier later on
as evidenced by our first fight with
ryder there we raided abala’s house and
um if we had followed the regular
uh it would have ended up in
a proper punch-up or um trying to waste
him with uh with baseball bats instead
we were able to take them out using
uh which of course makes uh make short
work of crackheads so you know that just
it just was it was quicker it was easier
and i still get the same rewards and
still get the same respects um rp’s not
so much a thing here so we don’t have to
worry about that
all right t there we go
oh no that’s the treadmill don’t want to
use the treadmill uh what i want to do
to exit there we are
all right then we’ll pop that up again
all right so last one was was it 27 so
let’s see where he gets through this
keep your fists up and together
all right nearly there
hopefully we’ll get to learn some extra
stuff as well because we’ve cranked up a
bit more a bit more body fat
all right so that was what thirty one
thirty two i don’t know chad i can’t uh
surprisingly was paying attention
all right let’s uh go have a look see if
we can learn something new
hey you want to go around with me
all right let’s see what we got new
instructor this time
all right just keep thumping him
hopefully he’ll go down soon enough
down he goes
there we go got him
learned some new skills
there we go so nearly all of the combat
moves uh are unlocked now
let’s go and uh
health up again because we got clubbing
a bit in that one
it is handy having the gym here as well
because it’s only that you know sort of
30 seconds
trip back and
forth long as you remember not to uh to
miss the turn off
hardly seems worth storing this card
and the safe’s coming again
all right hopefully that’ll be enough
oh sorry mate
oh hang on did she drop some cash
she dropped some cash
they’re off
poor young lady she didn’t deserve that
that’s right
don’t make me mad
all righty let’s see how we go again
so last one i think it was what 31 32.
see how we go with this one i suspect
we’ll probably get up to 35 maybe 40. i
cannot imagine doing this
on a regular controller your hands would
caning oh
reached can do no more body workout
all right do we get a different
with the uppercut
yeah and that’s the same guys last time
that’s her up okay so the next thing we
want is the tr the uh the standing bike
so we want level 10.
don’t leave yourself open
all right and pedal
all right so what we’re doing now we’ve
built the
muscle up is uh we’re working on the
salmon and x
so we want to build uh build cj’s
stamina up and that will allow him to
have more health along with his strength
and it will also mean that he gets he
can ride faster ride longer
and run longer as well which is always
great so the sprinting is pretty
annoying when it’s uh when it’s slowed
right down
but this will let him sprint for much
much much longer
it is of course boring as crap and again
without a an aftermarket controller with
the turbo on it it would give you rsi
very very quickly
come on i can take it
all right so let’s see how far he gets
our level 10
all right cranking that stamina so
that’s all good 2500 meters so not a bad
keep it up
i think you can take me huh still going
how many cases is he gonna do
watch what i’m doing
don’t make me mad
it’s always a nice notification to get
and swimming which is always good as
well because that wasn’t much of a thing
this is taking way longer than i’d like
it to
that’s alright it’ll do the trick
you gotta follow through with the
how many cases you’re gonna ride this
thing’s just going nuts this is
but i do believe it is the fastest way
so that’s what we’re doing
so uh for anyone joining welcome my
name’s dan i’m an old grumpy gamer and
we are doing some grinding on
gta san andreas this afternoon
is it this afternoon it’s quite this
evening where i am but it might be this
afternoon where you are
there we go and what we’re doing is
we’ve just done a couple of missions
we’ve done the the drive through mission
which is the one where
sweet orders that uh ridiculous
order from the the uh
burger shop
which has opened up the gym and then the
plan is to
build up as much stamina and
strength as possible so that cj has
has the best possible health
and can sprint for longer and of course
it also unlocks a bunch of additional
additional fighting moves
so we’ve just finished off the strength
that’s already done get out of the car
just finished off the strength so that’s
already done we’re on to stamina that
takes a little bit longer it is a little
puts you in good stead for later in the
that said
there is
some option or some some uh
romance options which aren’t available
while cj has this buff so you may need
say debuff you may need to let cj go a
little bit uh later in the game but in
the meantime
we want him to be as strong and as fit
as possible
you can already see him bulking up like
quite a bit he’s significantly larger
than he was when he started this
all right let’s see how we go get out of
the way
nearly there
all right oh
thump let’s uh
head back into the gym
all right uh you know let’s try the
treadmill i’ve not actually done that
one before i’m sure it’s the same kind
of caper
level 10
and let’s run flat out
all right so the bike was about five k’s
five and a half k’s before he he topped
out so let’s see what we’re at with the
treadmill and see if that’s going to be
any quicker he does certainly look like
he’s going flat [__]
and the stamina bar is working as well
very very handy we’ll get this up this
will be done in no time this will be
done in absolutely
no time i think
maybe another couple of rounds
and we’ve got a fella back there with is
that blue shorts we’ll have to check to
see if that’s blue shorts because if
that is that means he’s a new guy and
that we can do some extra training with
all right not too far to go i don’t
so yeah give it another 10 or 15 minutes
of of the grind like this and i think
we’ll be at absolute full so that’s
everything unlocked and cj as fit and as
healthy as he can possibly get
so unlike uh yeah some of the other
other games especially online where it’s
all linked to your rp
as well as a few other bits and pieces
yeah it’s straight up
strength and stamina and this one for
your health
so you can upgrade it you can downgrade
it and the great thing is we’re less
than uh if we were doing missions rather
doing all this grindy preppy stuff we’d
be less than an hour in and we’re
absolutely maxed with some stats and
have got a heap of weapons too so
really handy and that’s it for the day
all right let’s head back over to our
boy because he’s got blue shorts now so
that means that we should have there we
go max health
yep let’s accept that
don’t worry you can’t
get out the damn way
oh getting my ass handed to me here boys
where’d he go
that’s a nice little combo
come at me
there we go
all right cool so i can just press stuff
now rather than having to mash keyboards
that seems to be doing the trick quite
he’s nearly done
all right got him
whoa that was gonna be a close that time
and nearly carked it
all right couple more goes and then we
will have everything maxed
doors don’t exist in our universe
that’s all right
okay so back to cj’s place so there’s
this little shortcut behind the uh
the shops here that can get us area with
a bit quicker without having to go up
grove street itself
and here we go again oops sorry about
the mouse guys
mousemat slipped
all right quick save scum
where is it still the same day so we’ll
just skip ahead
two at the morning is no good
that should just about do it there we go
eight o’clock so that’s just a simple
skip and i cannot stress how much better
that saving uh saving mechanic is than
it used to be
it certainly doesn’t hurt that i’m
running you know a uh
a fairly decent sized machine as far as
juice goes on a an ssd so that’s you
know certainly going to make it a little
bit quicker than working on a hard drive
that process used to take maybe three
minutes four minutes ago with the uh the
xbox classic when this first came out
as in the whole thing not each one but
it still it got tedious quickly
all right can i use this
there we go
get back on there
get on there
apparently we’re doing this today
i’m gonna beat you all right there we go
so i’ll just round through this one so
last one was about five and a half k’s
so i reckon we’ll probably get up to six
or seven k’s here so it won’t take too
come on i can take it so not too bad an
hour in including missions and a few few
false starts and
and uh away we go but yeah
putting along and should be
shouldn’t be too much longer so we’ve
already seen significant increases in
max health so once we get the stamina
all the way up i think that will be full
health as well so that would be
absolutely lovely which will go nicely
with uh with a bit of body armor and
some of the additional weapons we have
will keep us going quite nicely into the
next round of stuff to
watch what do doing
don’t make me mad
i ain’t pulling any punches
all right so not far to go here i think
maybe another
another five three three k’s worth
you won’t lay a glove on me
watch your opponent know his moves
you gotta follow through with the
uppercut watch the uppercut
don’t leave yourself open
all right nearly there nearly there
this can’t be uh this can’t be riveting
viewing but i do appreciate your
presence guys i really do
i said i am new to streaming uh so
that’s why i’m not talking all the time
i’m just kind of not quite used to it
most of the videos that i do are short
form tutorials
and it’s all pre-recorded pre-written
i just yeah read the script do the
voiceover and then
can go kango9990 does all of the editing
for us so then that all goes up and it
will we will be making a short form
version of this one as well which will
just take you through precisely what to
do rather than having to sit through
this uh this rather glorious animation
okay so let’s stab it or upgrade it
again so that’s great
but yeah genuinely appreciate your
and uh and sort of helping me along on
my first proper sort of streaming
journey on my own on the rare occasions
i have done some streaming on the rare
occasions that i do sort of jump on it’s
normally gta online i’m normally here
wallaby m
and we’re doing kaio we’re doing um
online heists or something like that to
uh to sort of bounce off each other and
and and make it a bit more entertaining
plus he’s um he’s graceful he’s really
graceful so that’s all good
don’t make me mad
yeah it is it’s a grind it is an
absolute grind there yorkie but it’s all
good fun
and uh again i know i’ve i’ve spoken
about it a number of times on this
streaming on the previous one as well
having a proper aftermarket um
controller with a little turbo
it’s just
it saves my fingers so much i remember
trying to do this trying to do this the
first time around when it was when it
first came out so i did get this out i
did get this game on physical media when
it came out
probably about six weeks after it came
out actually just after the hot coffee
controversy and it all
got dumped and got very very hard to
find in australia
um and yeah that was just not fun on its
own all right so different pair of
shorts so hopefully we’ve got something
to uh got something to learn
all right let’s see how we go here
all right that breaks him
all right whale into him
get out of the way
bring it on
all right let’s see how we go
stop running around the ring and start
hitting him
keep moving
come on
there we go done all right well i’m
certainly getting better at it that’s
for sure
ah no
if if you can yorkie i mean this
controller was
what was it like 20 pounds i’ll chuck a
link in the description or in a comment
below if you want to actually just can
you comment below and uh and that’ll
remind me i’ll drop a link in and tell
me what country you’re from so i’ll see
if i can find something similar
they’re surprisingly affordable
so if you can they’re really really
worth grabbing um you can also do auto
clickers i’ve nev i’ve not found one
that i would trust yet but
i think the spiffing brit
probably has something he might be able
to recommend um i don’t know if he might
have something on his website or discord
but it might be worth pinging
his community as well because the auto
clickers are really really really handy
all right click save scum
clicking too fast for the uh for the pc
uh nine in the morning yeah gold
i said it’s it’s not uh yeah i haven’t
got myself a razor or anything like that
i’ve just i’ve literally just got a gp
off amazon
but it does the trick it does the trick
really nicely so
get them out of the way
get out of the way
okay can we
use the treadmill today there we go
get on there
oh come on
there it is
all right level 10.
and away we go
this is slightly more entertaining to
watch than the bike although the
handlebars are hilarious on the bike
that is funny
oh my i hope your fingers are okay you
don’t get rsi from all of this because
it ain’t fun you know ain’t fun
uh if you have a if you have a
controller even on the keyboard mate
yeah go go two or three fingers
if you can rather than trying to just
mash one
um i find if you’re using a controller
plonking it down onto a hard flat
and then tapping
with alternate fingers um just
left and right pointer fingers will save
save some fingers a bit
uh or if you’ve got a mechanical
keyboard or even a just a regular
keyboard um yeah just
two or three fingers two or four fingers
if you can um so index and um middle
on each um
each hand just sort of in sequence will
make it a bit easier at least you see
you won’t get don’t get rsi
otherwise you have to space it right out
like you have to space it right out
all right so our boys still got red
shorts in the background so that means
that we cannot um
cannot use him again it’ll just be a
case of of button mashing again
we won’t learn anything new but thus far
the main thing here is and this has been
really handy is i’ve unlocked a new
attack which just means that i just now
have to hold
both the left and right mouse buttons at
the same time and that just works
it just automatically does everything
this car is looking a little worse or
so yeah worth the effort
you’ll also notice the last round i went
i lost significantly less health so
always always a bonus
not quite the next day yet
yep we go
uh didn’t like man that’s not cool
that’s not cool at all yorkie’s been
keeping me busy for uh or keeping me uh
entertained and engaged for for some
time mate seriously if you’re gonna be
like that
oh okay i saw a smiley face are you too
good youtube mate so this is that okay
because i don’t want rubbish on the
but if you two are mates and that’s
that’s sarcasm or just ribbing that’s
that’s cool so i’ll shut up
i also have to remember that you guys
have like a minute a half delay as well
so i’ll see stuff and uh
it’ll take a minute for it to come back
out the other way
all right let’s uh go for a run again
level 10.
but uh yeah cool
anyway uh welcome danielle i i
don’t recognize your username so you
probably just jumped on for the first
time so my name’s dan i’m an old grumpy
gamer and we are grinding
unlocks basically and upgrades for cj at
the moment it’s terribly boring but it
a very very handy thing to do because it
will make it a lot easier to
run a lot easier to swim it will mean
cj’s stronger and generally
easier to knock out a few of the early
level bad guys that said what we’re
doing here can limit some of your
romance options too
but uh yeah nearly there i think we just
about maxed our stamina
and if i’m looking correctly the fella
up the back is wearing different shorts
as well
so that means we have something new to
blue shorts this time
hey you want to go around with me let’s
all right while on him
that is getting um
getting significantly wow that was quick
that was quick
all right guys so that’s
that’s everything unlocked
cj’s as buff as you’ll get
health should be at max
i think we’re just about there
so let’s save this one out
driving a skill up which never hurts
and uh well yeah he is
significantly buffer than he used to be
all right so
i think that is
this one just about done so we’ve gone
through uh used the weights to max cj’s
strength we’ve used a combination of the
bike and the treadmill to make cj’s
stamina which has upgraded everything so
it’s upgraded his health it’s upgraded
how long he can run that’s upgraded
uh how hard he can hit
we have also learnt some really neat
little moves instead of just being uh
being a bit punchy
so let’s just go and quickly let’s go
try some out
but someone we don’t like
anyone from our hood who’s not wearing
yep you’ll do
whoop that’s not quite what i was after
all right so let’s
yeah so now i just have to literally
just hold mouse buttons and whoops sorry
you don’t need this no more
all right let’s see how we go here
no way homie
all right let’s see if we can uh we can
wail on our boy
all right so we are running a lot
quicker as well
okay yeah that works
that works quite well
now we’re running the dusters let’s
chuck the brass knuckles on as well so
that’s uh that’s going to well
pretty damn hard
and let’s
okay yeah that works oh cops run away
run away
okay and
there we go all right so i earned a bit
of money off that so i’ll just skip this
as well
well ladies and gents that is it for
this stream that we’ve managed to hit
our goals so um in the previous one we
did weapons to upgrade a whole bunch of
extra bits and pieces for cj to make
make it a bit easier to take out some of
our first enemies
and in this one we have maxed cj’s
so let’s have a look at stats and see
where we’re at so zero percent body fat
stamina is 100
muscles 100
and wherever can we see no
only 15 grand
do we have health
overall health is yeah i mean it’s got
to be 100 if these two are so
but yes so we’ve managed to knock that
over with
uh some with all of the missions
involved in that in about an hour and a
half so it’s a bit grindy but it’s been
a lot of fun
uh yorkie i
yes apparently apparently yes i do
that’s all good so uh we’ll leave it
there uh thank you very much for joining
um again this is only my you know sort
of second stream on my own so i’m kind
of new at this and i really appreciate
you bearing with me yorkie i really
really appreciate you keeping me company
during this one um yeah it’s just nice
to have someone to chat to i’m
still still kind of new with this and
i’m sorry danielle for parking out on
just at the at the last minute
but um
i think that’ll probably do us for the
uh for this one uh the next stream will
covering um getting some early money in
the game uh probably not going to do it
tonight it’s nearly nine o’clock
uk time so i’ll be on to it fairly early
tomorrow morning and we will bring up
this stream in a short form video just
to take you through exactly what it is
without having to actually sit through
the whole thing
but yeah thank you very much for
watching stay safe wash your hands and
we’ll see you in the next video

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