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San Andreas “Gotcha’s” for GTA 5 / Online Players

Discover the gotchas when transitioning from GTA 5/Online to the Definitive Edition of GTA San Andreas. Learn about weapon loss, cover system changes, and manual saving.
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Exploring the Gotchas When Moving from GTA 5 to GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has made a comeback with the definitive edition re-release. In this video, we explore some of the factors to keep in mind when transitioning from GTA 5 or GTA Online to San Andreas.

Introduction to the Gotchas

GTA San Andreas marked a significant milestone back in the days and is now back with innovative features, graphics and mechanics. If you are new to the game, it is essential to familiarize yourself with some of the factors that may hinder your gaming experience. To get started, let’s first explore the meaning of gotchas. Gotchas refer to the hidden surprises, hard to spot obstacles, and tricks in a game.


The first gotcha we came across was the issue of weapons. If you get busted or wasted in the game, you will lose all your cash and weapons. Although you can recover some of your cash, it is best to avoid getting busted or wasted in early stages of the game. It is also important to note that the ammo is not persistent, and you cannot interchange ammo between guns. If you swap weapons and switch back, your ammo count will reset to the initial count. However, a significant plus to keep in mind is that you can go for the most powerful weapons right out of the gate without any ranks, levels or mission milestones hindering your access.

Cover System

Another key difference between the newer versions of the game and San Andreas is the game’s cover system. While in GTA 5, you can lock in behind walls; in San Andreas, you can only crouch. This system may not be ideal for cover, but it eliminates the likelihood of accidentally breaking cover and getting into a line of fire.


Saving in San Andreas is also different compared to the newer versions of the game. The game only allows you to save at the end of a mission; hence, you have to take intentional measures to save your progress. You can manually save the game, especially after conquering a gang territory or visiting a dealer to make some cash. Always be on the lookout for save points as these checkpoints are scarce in San Andreas compared to GTA 5 and GTA Online.


Finally, although San Andreas has gotchas, it is still an exciting game to play. Its innovative mechanics, distinct graphics and features will keep gamers glued to their screens for hours on end. If you are considering transitioning from GTA 5 or GTA Online to San Andreas, it is essential to bear in mind the gotchas we have highlighted above. This will ensure the transition is smooth and enjoyable.

hi in this video we’re going through some of the gotchas
when moving from gta 5 or gta online to the definitive edition of gta san andreas
hi and welcome back my name’s dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer san andreas certainly made some waves
in this day and with the definitive edition re-release it’s time to catch up with cj smoke
ryder kendall and the rest of the grow street crew so in this video we’ll be looking at some of the
gotchas when you jump between gta 5 or gta online and the definitive edition of gta san andreas
before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to guides news and giveaways so consider
subscribing ring the bell to stay up to date first up weapons if you get busted or wasted
at any point in the game you will lose your entire weapons cash all of it there are some
ways to get some of your cash back but in the early game just don’t die and don’t get busted
or if you do go back to your last safe and while we’re on weapons ammo isn’t interchangeable and
it’s not persistent the silence pistol for example uses different ammo to the nine mil
also if you swap weapons and then swap back your ammo count starts fresh again and one more on the
weapons front and this is a huge plus in my opinion weapons aren’t locked behind levels
ranks or mission milestones you can go for some of the most powerful weapons in the game right out of
the gate and that is awesome next up the cover system is completely different to gta 5 and gta
online you can’t lock in behind walls instead you can just crouch it’s not good for cover but on the
plus side you won’t accidentally break cover and step into the light of fire finally saving unlike
the newer versions of the games checkpointing is a little different here you’ll only auto save at the
end of the mission this means you need to manually save regularly conquer a gang territory manually
safe buff up in the gym manually save sort out a dealer and make some cash well you get the
idea and that’s it thanks for watching please leave a comment below with any other gotchas
you found in san andreas or any of the other versions of the definitive edition gta games
and check out the video up the top for another san andreas guide or the one down the bottom for some
more old grumpy gamer goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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