How did I not know about this?!? GTA 5’s best kept secret

In this video looking at one of the best hidden gems, for GTA completionists.

Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online are insanely large and complicated; with literally hundreds of different mechanics, and quality of life features. Given the vast quantity of things throughout the game, it’s nigh impossible to find and remember them all.

So in this series, we’re taking you through some of the most awesome features in GTA, that you probably might not know about.

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Do you know that Rockstar allow you to see everything you’ve not done in both Story Mode and Online? I’ve been on this game for years, and missed this every time I logged in.

What I’m talking about is the career checklist.

Now, we’ve al likely seen the stats screen, but I’d hazard that only a small percentage of players have ventured beyond there…

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