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San Chianski Mountain Range

Fastest approach to the McKenzie Field Hangar San Chianski Mountain Range & Pump Shotgun variant of the GTA 5 Arms Trafficking Ground Mission
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Grand Theft Auto is a truly massive game. Between GTA 5 and the constant updates from Rockstar for GTA Online; there’s no shortage of new content and interesting things to do.

Join me, then, in our continuing series, getting gold in every damn mission, in GTA 5 as we look at getting through the San Chianski Mountain Range & Pump Shotgun variant of the Grand Theft Auto Arms Trafficking Ground Mission.

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While there’s no gold in this one per se, it can be a bit challenging to get through in a reasonable amount of time.

Before starting, I highly recommend making sure Trevor has

So let’s pick it up from as we’re about to jump into the car…

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Know any neat mods we could use to do a bit more exploration in Lost Santos, or North Yankton? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

After finishing Nervous Ron, Trevor can buy the McKenzie Field Hangar for $150,000. Trevor now gets access to the fields hangar and the Dune Buggy off-road vehicle outdoors. When Trevor joins the truck, he will receive radio orders from Oscar Guzman.

Trevor must go to several places to collect up supplies sent by aircraft to Oscar before opposing gangs arrive and pick up the stuff for themselves. There are five ground trafficking missions. To unlock the next, you must first unlock the previous. Trevor receives $5,000 and a firearm for each ground trafficking mission.

This quest counts towards one of 49 Hobbies & Pastimes missions, but not towards the 100% game completion checklist.


Trevor must travel to an ancient train station in the San Chianski Mountain Range in the fourth mission before the Marabunta Grande arrive. This time, the Marabunta members will be very close to the drop zone, so the player will have to hurry to get there before them. Once the arms package has been picked up, it will be required to divert their attention again, possibly employing the same approach as before. To complete the mission, return to McKenzie Field Hangar.

hi in this video we’re going through how to complete the sanchiansky
mountain range and pump shotgun variant of the arms trafficking round mission in gta 5.
hi and welcome back my name’s Dan and i’m an old grumpy gamer grand theft auto is a truly massive
game between gta 5 and the constant updates and rockstar gta online there’s no shortage of new
content and interesting things to do join me then for our series every business in gta 5 as we look
at getting through the san janski mountain range and pumped shotgun variant of the grand theft
auto arms trafficking ground missions before we dive in if you’re new to the channel we do how-to
guides news and giveaways so consider subscribing and ring the bell to stay up to date the ground
trafficking missions are a little different to the others in that the destination and rewards are
fixed but the group of enemies you’ll face seems to be randomly selected and while there’s no gold
in this one per se it can be a little challenging to get through in a reasonable amount of time
before starting i highly recommend making sure trevor has full armor smg ammo and rifle ammo just
in case something goes sideways so let’s pick it up just after we’ve jumped in the buggy so we’ll
get a quick briefing again so there’s the marker all right so that’s the briefing sorted we’re just
going to go a little bit cross country you can already see the flare in the distance there so
no need to set a marker for this one it’s fairly easy to get to this vehicle can be quite lively
and quite tightly so you do have to be a little bit careful where you’re heading over there and
that was probably a bit of a risk but that one seemed to work out all right i can hear the
plane see the flare and there it is so we’ve got a drop coming down in a few moments there it is
and those guys are right on top of us so just sort them out really quickly okay that’s them done and
now we have the marker so we’re good to go so we can just head straight on back more or less
as the crow flies with this one if we get over the drain let alone the highway this time well
that’s not the best work but that’s okay we’ll go around the barriers should just be able to sneak
off the left here all right so we’ve got some more guys here just wait for them to whiz past
and let’s see if they’re going to come back we’ll just hang about and see if they come
back for a second they are off who knows where they’re going all right well that was an easy
one let’s head back to the camp all right that’s where the hangar should be and we’ll do a little
bit of cross-country here where it’s practical should be able to turn left up here actually
looks like we’ll be able to head most of the way back on the roads which would just make it
nice and easy so i don’t know where they’ve gone but they’re gone who knows
where they are and if they’re coming back we’ll just scoot across here off to the
left and yep looks like we’ve cleared him so we can head straight back in to clear this level
and job’s done two minutes and 32 seconds so pretty happy with that got five grand in the bank
and a pump shotgun or some ammo if you’ve already got one so thanks for watching check
out the video up the top for the next variant or the one down the bottom for some more old
grumpy game of goodness stay safe wash your hands and we’ll see you in the next video

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